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DescriptionThe first file contains images of Greek motifs, pottery and decorations and a colour chart for Rosco Paints for scenic artists. The second, third and forth files has the sub-title 'National Theatre Olivier'.
The second contains: all relating to Tony Harrison's version of Aeschylus' The Orestia, a cast list; press releases; letters about the production, of note is the proposal to Herbert to design the project, from Peter Hall, director, National Theatre, 28 Apr 1980 and correspondence between Hall and Herbert regarding her concerns including a postcard from Hall to Herbert regarding sound; memos regarding staging; 'problems' lists and draft notes regarding issues from Herbert to Hall; schedules; props and sets and cues listed; notes on masks by Herbert; notes on workshops by Herbert; lighting notes and related memos; sound notes and related memos; fabric sample; design sketches for masks; and research images for reference.
The third contains: the script for Harrison's The Oresteia in three parts [Agamemnon, Oresteia, Eumenides] with some annotations; and cuttings about Agamemnon, c1982.
The fourth file contains: postcards from Tony Harrison, who provided the Oresteia script and was closely involved with the production [this was the first time he and Herbert worked together and the beginning of the most significant professional relationship of the last decades of her career]; prop notes for The Oresteia; rehearsal schedules; production notes; notes on Greek theatre and chorus'; design sketches of on stage action and costumes [some annotated, Agamemnon]; Peter Wiegold's [composer] reactions to rehearsals regarding the chorus, sent in a letter to Herbert, 11 Aug; a copy of 'Aeschylus and Athens: a study in the social origins of drama; by George Thompson and signed to Herbert from D; an advert for The Oresteia trilogy; set design drawings and information for example, a letter from Michael Cass Jones, production manager to Theodore Kritas, 13 Apr 1982, regarding set construction; information on re-doing the production in Epidaurus, Greece; and the final production expenditures, 7 Jan; a carbon copy of Thoughts on the Olivier Stage signed by Herbert and Hayden Griffen, dated February 28 1980; letters from Peter Hall to Herbert; correspondence from other National Theatre staff to Herbert.
A recording of Harrison's The Oresteia designed by Herbert and directed by Hall is available and a documentary film was made of the production.
Extent4 files.
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