Ref NoJH/2/53/14
TitleCorrespondence with Jocelyn Herbert after 1966
Date1966 - 1980s
DescriptionGeneral correspondence to and from Jocelyn Herbert originally kept together, dating from 1966 to the 1980s, divided into two folders. Includes personal and professional correspondence, containing references to Andrews Farm [Herbert's residence with George Devine], her work on O Lucky Man, invitations to events and retrospective comments on other previous work. See below for a detailed breakdown of folder contents.
Folder 1/2 contains:
Postcard from 'Ken', dated 2 July 1975; note from Suria St Denis, 26 March 1976, attached to review about Royal Court Theatre; letter from Peter Sacks; letter from Karel [Reisz]; letter from Royal York hotel 15 September 1976 with photo attached, from 'M and Ralph' [probably Ralph Richardson and his wife Muriel]; letter from 'Don', December 10 1985; JH's letter to 'Donald' [probably Donald Howarth] September 18 1972, JH refers to making film [O Lucky Man!] and to Tony Richardson not speaking to her; JH's letter to Dr Somerville about A.P. Herbert, October 22 1971; letter from Peggy Ashcroft; letter from Suria St Denis, October 19 1988?; postcard from Valda June 26 1981; letter from 7 Chester Square in which writer recalls first time JH and George Devine saw Andrews Farm, signature unclear, possibly Colin?; letter from John Gielgud January 9 1988 in response to JH's letter about death of Suria St Denis; letter from Dick Guyatt, Royal College of Art; letter from Richard Findlater attached to letter from Bill Gaskill; letter from Croydon College of Art; letter from Patrick Garland; correspondence with Geoffrey Sharp, 1975; letter from David [Hare] regarding Teeth 'n' Smiles attached to letter from Nicholas Wright attached to JH's letter to David Hare; letter from 'Richard' on The Observer notepaper, [probably Richard Findlater]; JH's letter to 'Michael' explaining she can't design his play; letter from Jim Hiley; letter from Neil Hartley, September 19 1969; synopsis of Virgil Thomson opera, Lord Byron; letter from The Julliard School from John Houseman September 27 1971, JH's letter to Houseman; two letters from Ralph Central School of Art and Design, 1971; JH letter to Paddy Donnell, National Theatre, December 8 [year not stated], refers to JH not having got involved... 'if I had not thought that if the Company had been closed down, as you intimated, that it might well have killed Larry', attached to JH letter January 8 about JH's ideas for a design at Old Vic [year not stated but probably 1971 as refers to Long Days Journey into Night; JH designed A Woman Killed with Kindnes and Tyger for Old Vic that year] about agreement for permanent surround for the Old Vic, possibly this letter is to Laurence Olivier; JH's letter to Peter Brinson of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; letter from John Dexter on Metropolitan Opera House paper, July 8 1981; three letters from Michael Bunn 1971 and 1975; three letters from Berliner Ensemble, regarding Brecht-Dialog 1968; letter from Marcus Tschudin, April 1968; letter from Michelle Bellavance, 1970; correspondence with Gerardo Vera attached to letter from Ralph Koltai, October 30 1970; correspondence relating to Covent Garden Community, 1971; correspondence with Peter Gill relating to Royal Court's collection for workers of Clydebank Shipyards, 1971; JH letter August 1 1971 to Benedict Nightingale regarding his review of Tyger; correspondence with Lottte Eisner of Cinematheque Francais, 1971; letter from Michael Bath, New Theatre Magazine, 1971; correspondence with 'Jon' at Royal Court, 1971; JH's letter to The Editor of the Times in relation to London School of Economics student protests; letter from Helene Weigel October 1 1968; 1976 correspondence with Jordan Young in relation to 1958 production of Endgame; correspondence with P.W. Matthers; JH letter to and further letter from Michael [Bunn]; letter from Gordon Davidson, Music Center Mark Taper Forum, September 26 1978; letter from Bettina [Jonic], reference to Samuel Beckett; JH's letter to the Department of the Environment December 1971 on subject of the neighbouring charity, Release [note 68 Princedale Road is the same property as JH's Pottery Lane address, the property was between two roads]; invitation to Royal Academy of Arts annual dinner, 1972; correspondence with the British Council April 1966 re exhibition, Ten British Designers; birthday note from Penelope [Gilliatt]; letter from Penelope Gilliatt from 31 Chester Square, refers to spending time with Nabokov in Switzerland; letter from Laurence Olivier, November 4 1974; letter from Denys Lasdun November 7 1973; letter from Diccon [Richard Hughes] and two letters from his wife, Frances?
Folder 2/2 contains:
Three letters from Ralph Richardson dated 1975, 1976, 1980 plus two Christmas cards; letters from Durham, sender unclear; letter from unclear sender about bad behavior of person who bought JH's Alvis car [could be linked to Joan Plowright letter and if so is from Laurence Olivier]; letter from Joan Plowright, 1981; letter on behalf of prime minister, May 7 1981 regarding JH declining honour; letter from New York from 'Anthony' [Anthony Page]; card from John Osborne, Edenbridge regarding Max Stafford Clark; card from Peter Hall; telegram inviting JH to design Ron Eyre's Falstaff at Metropolitan Opera, New York; letter from Richard Eyre; letters from Lillian Gish, February and October 1987; letter from 161 W75th Street New York, 1988, possibly signed Fritz, refers to death of Suria St Denis; letter in French, undated, signature unclear; letter from 'Adrian', from Lancaster; letter from 15 Chalcot Gardens, England's Lane, London NW3, in response to letter from JH about a film from Karel Reisz; letter from Denys Lasdun, October 22 1976, in response to letter from JH about the Olivier theatre; letter from Dorothea, Blomfield Terrace, London SW1; letter from 'Michael' with Welsh address [Michael Bunn], July 4 1971; letter from 'New York' May 7 1977 unclear signature; letter from Suria St Denis with review of Lulu attached; two cards and two letters from Glen Byam Shaw, 1974, 1975, 1976; letter from 'Dosia'; letter from Peggy Ashcroft from Blandford Forum, Dorset; letter from Peggy Ashcroft from Manor Lodge, London; card from Lizzie Gyuatt; letter from John Catty and Company; letter from 'John B', Woodlands Road, Barnes, London asking JH to join Equity; letter from Pauline Spender of Maldon, Essex, April 19 1977; letter from Ann Jellicoe, April 21 1977; letter from Dicky Chopping Evelyn Gardens, London SW7; further letter from Dicky Chopping missing back page; letter on pages torn from ring bound pad, from Suria St Denis; card from Glen Byam Shaw; letter from Jeremy [Hutchinson] May 25 1977; refers to death of his mother, Mary Hutchinson; three further letters from Suria St Denis March 26 1977, 20 September 1978.
Extent2 folders
Series'Personal Correspondence'
DS/UK/210Olivier; Laurence (1907-1989); Sir; Actor, director, and producer1907-1989
DS/UK/210Olivier; Laurence (1907-1989); Sir; Actor, director, and producer1907-1989
DS/UK/315Eyre; Richard (1943-); Sir; Director1943-
DS/UK/315Eyre; Richard (1943-); Sir; Director1943-
266A Woman Killed with Kindness
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