Ref NoJH/3/60
TitleNote and sketchbook
DescriptionThe sketchbook contains notes relating to reading in relation to Israel and Palestine in twnetieth century. Private life sketches of family members, including trip to Paris; family holiday sketches. Quotations from Andrei Tarkovsky. Notes relating to The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht, Lunt-Fortanne Theatre, New York directed by John Dexter, Drawwing noted by Herbert as Stages by David Storey but which stage manager Trish Montemuro believes is a drawing of Storey's The March on Russia photocall, 1989 (play later known as Jubilee); notes relating to rehearsals and production at National Theatre of The March on Russia directed by Lindsay Anderson. Notes relating to a meeting of the English Stage COmpany, play commissioned by Max Stafford Clark frin Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton; some notes for Julius Caesar production at Haymarket Leicester, directed by John Dexter.
Extent1 volume.
SeriesNotebooks and Sketchbooks
1041The March on Russia
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