Ref NoRNT/SM/1/206
TitleWay Upstream
DescriptionCast, Credits and Understudies
SM Activity List 3pp
Composite Boat/Pivot/Bank Plot
Lighting Cue Synopsis 2pp
Sound cues 5 Oct 1982 11pp
Flying Cues Synopsis
Flys Hanging Plot
Iron Curtain Cue Synopsis
Music Cue Synopsis
Music Score for: Clarinet in B sharp, Horn in F, The Gingernut Dong
Plan of Cue Light and Headset Position
Boat Q 'A' Cue Synopsis
Boat Q 'B' Synopsis
Aft Cue Synopsis
Bow Cue Synopsis
Boat Pivot Plot
SR Bank Plot
Sl Bank Plot
Understage Reed Operator Cue Synopsis: SL and SR
SL Pub Arch Cue Synopsis and Rain Cues
Curtain Calls
SM Desk Cueing Strip
SL: ASM's Q List
Running Props
Personal Props List
Off Stage Setting list
Acts 1 and 2: pre-set 10 pp
Costume List 2pp
Dressers' Calls
Costume Plot 4pp
Cueing Script: Revised February 1982
Boat Script Revised February 1982
X3 plans
Extent1 file
SeriesPrompt Scripts
528Way Upstream
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