AuthorShakespeare, William
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night4/23/1964
Closing Night2/4/1967
Performance Length3 hours (including 15 minute interval)
Number of Performances89
Performer Roles
ROLE120377Rothwell; MichaelRoderigo
ROLE120379Boddey; MartinBrabantio
ROLE120381Jacobi; DerekCassio
ROLE120382Innes; GeorgeCypriot Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120383Petherbridge; EdwardSenate Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120384Caddick; EdwardGratiano
ROLE120385Mackintosh; KennethLodovico / Understudy: Brabantio
ROLE120386Lomax; HarryDuke of Venice
ROLE120387Knapp; TerenceDuke's Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120388Marsh; KeithCypriot Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120389Kempinski; TomSailor / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120390John; PeterMessenger / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120391Smith; Dame; Maggie (1934-)Desdemona
ROLE120392Hardwicke; EdwardMontano
ROLE120393Hobbs; WilliamCypriot Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120394Heathcott; RogerCypriot Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120395Redman; JoyceEmilia
ROLE120396Fitzpatrick; NeilHerald / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120397Miller; MaryBianca
ROLE120398Clarke; RaymondSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120399Green; ReginaldSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120400John; CarolineSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120401Pember; RonSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120403Rogers; JohnSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120404Russell; RobertSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120406Wylie; FrankSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE120407Reid; SheilaSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE128630Olivier; Lord; Laurence (1907-1989)Othello
ROLE128638Finlay; Frank (1926-)Iago
ROLE140862Mackintosh; KennethBrabantio
ROLE140863Stride; JohnCassio
ROLE140864Wylie; FrankLodovico
ROLE140894Wylie; FrankSenate Officer
ROLE140865Whitelaw; BillieDesdemona
ROLE140866Timothy; ChristopherCyrpiot Officer
ROLE140873Timothy; ChristopherSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140867Turner; MichaelCypriot Officer
ROLE140874Turner; MichaelSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140876Turner; MichaelGratiano
ROLE140868Reid; SheilaBianca
ROLE140869Booth; JanieSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140870Edmett; NicholasSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140882Edmett; NicholasMessenger
ROLE140871Martin; TrevorSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140877Martin; TrevorCypriot Officer
ROLE140872Russell; RobertSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140875Holder; RoyClown
ROLE140887Holder; RoySenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140878Lang; Robert (1934-2004)Roderigo
ROLE140879Nicholls; AnthonyBrabantio
ROLE140880Terris; MalcolmSenate Officer
ROLE140889Terris; MalcolmSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140881Hargreaves; DavidSenate Officer / Herald
ROLE140883Barker; PetronellaSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140898Reynolds; MalcolmSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140897Hoyland; WilliamSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140896Fitzpatrick; NeilSailor / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140895Crowden; GrahamSenator
ROLE140892Pember; RonDuke's Officer
ROLE140884Cellier; PeterSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140885Gambon; Sir; MichaelSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140886Hobbs; WilliamSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140888Jones; LewisSenator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140891Hopkins; Sir; AnthonyMessenger / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
ROLE140893Petherbridge; EdwardSenate Officer / Senator / Soldier / Cypriot
Creative Roles
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE103203Dexter; John (1925-1990)Director
ROLE118665McBean; AngusProduction Photographer
ROLE120376Herbert; JocelynScenery / Costumes
ROLE120354Glannister; SuzanneAssistant Designer
ROLE118797Hampton; RichardMusic
ROLE109373Hobbs; WilliamFights
ROLE118651O'Donovan; DesmondAssistant to the Director
ROLE105024Tucker; LeonardLighting
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