TitlePeer Gynt
AuthorIbsen, Henrik
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/9/1990
Press Night2/28/1990
Closing Night6/24/1990
Performance Length3 hours, 20 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances52
Performer Roles
ROLE120069Hammond; MonaAse
ROLE120070Morrissey; DavidPeer Gynt
ROLE120071Beames; DavidA Priest
ROLE120072Simon; CharlesThe Button Moulder / Troll Chamberlain
ROLE120073Quitak; OscarA Norwegian Pastor / Ballon, a French buisnessman / Steward
ROLE120074Voss; PhilipA Strange Passenger / Ingrid's father / Troll King
ROLE120075Darweish; KammyHelmsman
ROLE120076Swift; JeremyShip's Cook / Troll Child / Another Thief
ROLE120077Longmore; WyllieShip's captain / An Egyptian, carrying a mummy / Cotton, an American buisnessman
ROLE120078McDade; SandyHussein, a Quill / Ingrid
ROLE120079Hart; WilliamMikkel, a warder in the Asylum / The Statue of Memnon / Young Man at wedding
ROLE120080Salvage; NeilSchafman, warder in the Asylum / A thief
ROLE120081Donne; JonathanFuchs, a warder in the Asylum / A Moroccan Officer
ROLE120082Shepherd; MerlinSchlingenberg, a warder in the Asylum
ROLE120083Matshikiza; JohnBegriffenfeld, director of the Lunatic Asylum / Mads Moen's father
ROLE120084Syal; MeeraAnitra / Kari / Herd Girl
ROLE120085Harbour; EdwardEberkopf, a German business man / Aslak
ROLE120086Segal; JeffreyTrumpetblast, a Swedish businessman / Solveig's Father
ROLE120087Moore; StephenPeer Gynt
ROLE120088Hunkins; ValerieHelga, Solveig's Sister
ROLE120089Peebles; AlisonWoman in Green / Mads Moen's Mother
ROLE120090Slade; NicolaHerd Girl
ROLE120091Healy; AnnaHerd Girl
ROLE120092Hill; JenniferSolveig's Mother
ROLE120093Mair-Thomas; SaraSolveig
ROLE120094Schneider; DavidMads Moen
ROLE143362The CompanyVillagers / Wedding Guests / Trolls / The Boyg / Slaves / Apes / Desert Maidens / Lunatics / Ship's Crew / All music played live
Creative Roles
ROLE103174Ibsen; Henrik (1828-1906)Playwright
ROLE103946McLeish; KennethTranslator
ROLE104086Donnellan; Declan (1953-)Director
ROLE117945Ormerod; NickDesigner
ROLE104380Cunneen; PaddyMusic
ROLE106610Gibson; JaneDirector of Movement
ROLE109359Fisher; RickLighting
ROLE117844Peat; Andrew / AndyProduction Manager
ROLE104626Bissett; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE120068Shepherd; MerlinAssistant Music Director
ROLE107891Llewellyn; HuwAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE117950Burns; AngieCostume Supervisor
ROLE117662Nealon; FrankStaff Director
ROLE106046Hall; ErnestStage Manager
ROLE104555Greaves; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105841Lloyd; Emma BAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104748Shutt; ChristopherSound (for NT)
ROLE107892Gosney; AnnieDesign Assistant
ROLE118050Towler; RoseProgramme Designer
ROLE110410Annand; SimonProduction Photographer
ROLE117302Mayhew; MichaelDesigner of Poster and Programme Cover
RNT/PO/5/192Peer Gynt1990Set Photographs
RNT/CO/1/259Peer Gynt1990Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/5/220Peer Gynt1990Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PR/4/1/452Peer GyntNovember 1989 - November 1991Press Production Review Files
RNT/PR/3/339Peer Gynt1990Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/2/3/117Peer Gynt28 February 1990Olivier Posters
RNT/SM/1/328Peer Gynt1990Prompt Scripts
RNT/SM/2/4/67Peer Gynt1990Olivier Show Reports
RNT/PP/1/3/147Peer Gynt28 February 1990Olivier Programmes
RNT/PP/1/3/148Peer Gynt28 February 1990Olivier Programmes
RNT/PO/3/1/77Peer Gynt1990Olivier Production Office Show Files
RNT/PR/2/3/7Peer Gynt23 January 1990Press Releases 1990-1999
RNT/PP/3/9/2/64Peer Gynt1990Olivier Cast Lists
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