TitleSunday in the Park with George
AuthorSondheim, Stephen (music and lyrics)
Author TwoLapine, James (book by)
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night3/5/1990
Press Night3/15/1990
Closing Night6/16/1990
Performance Length2 hours, 50 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOliviers for American Express Award for Best New Musical, Outstanding Peformane of the Year by an Actor in a Musical (Philip Quast)
Olivier nominations for Best Director of a Musical (Steven Pimlott), Best Set Designer (Tom Cairns), Best Costume Designer (Tom Cairns), Outstanding Performance of the Year by an Actress in a Musical (Maria Friedman)
Number of Performances116
Performer Roles
ROLE120139Quast; PhilipGeorge, an artist
ROLE120140Friedman; MariaDot, George's mistress / Marie, George's grandmother
ROLE120141Ballantine; SheilaAn Old Lady / Blair Daniels, an art critic
ROLE120142Willis; NualaNurse to the Old Lady / Harriet Pawling, a patron of the arts
ROLE120143O'Connor; MichaelFranz, servant to Jules and Yvonne / Dennis, a technician
ROLE120144Charles; KeirBoy Bather
ROLE120145Woodward; SamuelBoy Bather
ROLE120146Line; ChristopherSmall Boy Bather
ROLE120147Bellamy; MarcSmall Boy Bather
ROLE120148Williamson; MarcoSmall Boy Bather
ROLE120149Nyman; JamesSmall Boy Bather
ROLE120150Raymond; GaryJules, another artist / Bob Greenburg, the museum director
ROLE120151Porter; Nyree DawnYvonne, wife of Jules / Naomi Eisen, a composer
ROLE120152Attwell; MichaelA Boatman / Lee Randolph, the museum's publicist
ROLE120153Kelly; MeganCeleste No. 1 / Chromolume Performer
ROLE120154Burt; ClareCeleste No. 2 / Betty, an artist
ROLE120155Huws; AneirinLouis, a baker / Chromolume Performer
ROLE120156Colicos; NicolasA Soldier / Alex, an artist / Understudy: George, an artist
ROLE120157Kerbel; NaomiLouise, daughter to Jules and Yvonne
ROLE120158Gosling; AnnLouise, daughter to Jules and Yvonne
ROLE120159Botcher; DiFrieda, Jules and Yvonne's cook, wife to Franz / Elaine, George's former wife
ROLE120160Atkinson; BarryMan playing the horn / Chromolume Performer
ROLE120161Boyd; AntoniaDancing Girl
ROLE120162Sault; EmilyDancing Girl
ROLE120163Schuylenbruch; Ellen vanWoman looking for a glove / Chromolume Performer
ROLE120164Zimmerman; MattMr (part of an American couple) / Charles Redmond, a visiting curator
ROLE120165Martin; VivienneMrs (part of an American couple) / Billie Webster, friend of Harriet Pawling
ROLE120167Davis; BuffyA Waitress / Understudy: Yvonne
ROLE120168Fielder; SimonA Photographer / Understudy: The Soldier / Understudy: Alex
ROLE120169Hanley; StephenGuest / Understudy: The Photographer
ROLE120170Vincent; ErikaGuest / Understudy: Naomi Eisen
ROLE143363Sowinski; AniaUnderstudy: Louise
ROLE143364Edwards; JacobUnderstudy: Boy Bather
ROLE143365Ayre; StuartUnderstudy: Small Boy Bather
ROLE143366Lawrence; RichardUnderstudy: Small Boy Bather
ROLE143367Monro; NoelUnderstudy: Small Boy Bather
ROLE143368Whiting; MartinUnderstudy: Small Boy Bather
ROLE120132Jansson; JohnConductor
ROLE120128Haslam; MichaelPiano / Assistant Conductor
ROLE110514Wilson; Gregory WarrenViolin II
ROLE116087Wexler; RebeccaViola
ROLE118271Amherst; GabrielCello
ROLE120133Lafontaine; BernieWoodwind I
ROLE120134Jackson; KevinWoodwind II
ROLE120135Roach; DavidWoodwind III
ROLE120136Gladstone; DavidHorn
ROLE120137Hughes; Carys WynHarp
ROLE120138Worrall; BillSynthesisers
ROLE143369Tombling; ChristopherViolin I
ROLE113045Ormrod; NicholasPercussion
Creative Roles
ROLE114008Sondheim; Stephen (1930-)Music and Lyrics
ROLE114312Lapine; JamesPlaywright
ROLE104029Pimlott; StevenDirector
ROLE120122Cairns; TomDesigner
ROLE120123Gobbel; WolfgangLighting
ROLE120124Starobin; MichaelOrchestrations
ROLE120125Sams; JeremyMusic Director
ROLE120126Duncan; MartinChromolume #7
ROLE120127Jansson; JohnAssociate Music Director
ROLE118020Clayton; MikeSound
ROLE105782Groothuis; PaulSound
ROLE104743Hulley; RodgerProduction Manager
ROLE117264Suffling; JaneDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE120129Gillibrand; NickyAssistant to the Designer
ROLE110409Rasmussen; WilliamDesign Assistant
ROLE106085Mildenhall; RichardNT Production Photographer
ROLE107886Barton; ChrisStaff Director
ROLE104866Rankin; AlisonStage Manager
ROLE118021Brooks; SachaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE116095Maccoy; PeterAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE114249Ridley; BrianAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE106253Baird; StephanieCostume Supervisor
ROLE117302Mayhew; MichaelDesigner of Poster and Programme Cover
ROLE118050Towler; RoseProgramme Designer
ROLE143370Collins; AlettaChoreographer
ROLE143371Haslam; MichaelAssistant Conductor
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