AuthorHammerstein, Oscar (book and lyrics by)
Author TwoRodgers, Richard (music by)
Author ThreeMolnar, Ferenc (based on a play by)
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night12/1/1992
Press Night12/10/1992
Closing Night3/27/1993
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsDrama Desk Awards (USA) for Outstanding Director of a Musical, Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical (Audra Ann McDonald)
Tony Awards for Best Director of a Musical, Best Revivial of a Musical, Best Choreography, Best Scenic Design, Best Actress in a Musical (Audra Ann McDonald)
Outer Critics' Circle Awards for Outstanding Design for set and costumes, Outstanding Design for lighting
Oliviers for Best Musical Revival, Best Director of a Musical (Nicholas Hytner), Best Actress in a Musical (Joanna Riding), Best Supporting Performance in a Musical (Janie Dee)
Olivier nominations for Best Set Designer (Bob Crowley), Best Costume Designer (Bob Crowley), Best Theatre Choreographer (Kenneth MacMillan), Best Supporting Performance in a Musical (Clive Rowe), Best Actor in a Musical (Michael Hayden)
Number of Performances130
Performer Roles
ROLE119446Milne; StephenCello
ROLE119459Belsher; NikkiLiza Allen
ROLE119461Gabrielle; JosefinaPenny Bentley
ROLE119462Morgan; Sadie AnnVirginia Bentley
ROLE119463MacVicar; DuncanAbner Chase
ROLE119464Robbins; HeatherSusan Frazer / Understudy: Mrs Mullin
ROLE119465Redick; Darren PhillipCyrus Hamlin / Understudy: William Sperry
ROLE119466Clarke; RachelMytrle Hamlin / Understudy: Susan Frazer / Understudy: Arminy Osgood
ROLE119467Harvey; JustinJim Hamlin
ROLE119469Pritchett; BernadineArminy Osgood
ROLE119473Urch; JoshDavid Patten
ROLE119474Skilton; MatthewOrrin Peesley
ROLE119475Charlery; LeroyBuddy Peters
ROLE119476Woodbridge; WendyJenny Peters
ROLE119478Hutchinson; Ruby-MariePrimrose Robbins
ROLE119479Murphy; KatrinaHannah Sanborn
ROLE119480Hope; LukeJonathan Sanborn
ROLE119482Quarcoo; ErnestinaSadie Sears
ROLE119483Bracey; LouiseAbbie Sewall / Understudy: Susan Frazer / Understudy: Snow Child, Group 1 / Understudy: Bessie Patten
ROLE119485Keegan-Dolan; MichaelCharlie Sperry
ROLE119486Jenner; PaulWilliam Sperry
ROLE119487Dee; JanieCarrie Pipperidge
ROLE119488Riding; JoannaJulie Jordan
ROLE119489Nygh; AnnaMrs Mullin
ROLE119490Hayden; MichaelBilly Bigelow
ROLE119491Byrne; ConnorPoliceman / Henry Osgood
ROLE119492Henry; DavidDavid Bascombe
ROLE119493Routledge; PatriciaNettie Fowler
ROLE119494Rice; SimonJune Boy / Peter Livermore
ROLE119495Rowe; CliveEnoch Snow
ROLE119496Daniels; PhilJigger Craigin
ROLE119497Wainwright; KevinCaptain / Ben Osgood
ROLE119498Wright; NatalieHeavenly Friend / Ella Sears
ROLE119499O'Conor; JosephStarkeeper / Dr Seldon
ROLE119500Moore; BonnieLouise
ROLE119501Tchassov; StanislavFairground Boy
ROLE119502Whitfield; MelvinEnoch Snow Jr. / Robert Allen
ROLE119503Shirvell; CharlesPrincipal / Hudson Robbins
ROLE119505Breckell; AnneSnow Child, Group 1 / Bessie Patten
ROLE119506Noh; Jee HyunSnow Child, Group 1 / Ruth Sinclair
ROLE119507Campbell; AshleySnow Child, Group 1
ROLE119508Dadley; MichelleSnow Child, Group 1
ROLE119509Stein; CraigSnow Child, Group 1
ROLE119510James; AshleySnow Child, Group 1
ROLE119511Young; DanielleSnow Child, Group 1
ROLE119512Campbell; MelanieSnow Child, Group 2
ROLE119513Conroy; ShenadeSnow Child, Group 2
ROLE119514Jones; HeatherSnow Child, Group 2
ROLE119515Josephs; AbendegoSnow Child, Group 2
ROLE119516Wood; NeilSnow Child, Group 2
ROLE119517Danaher; LauraSnow Child, Group 3
ROLE119518Hansel; AdrianSnow Child, Group 3
ROLE119519Lombardi; AnthonySnow Child, Group 3
ROLE119520Osagie; ShantelSnow Child, Group 3
ROLE119521Wood; NatashaSnow Child, Group 3
ROLE119455Wilson; Rolf1st Violin (Leader)
ROLE119454Findlay; Gillian1st Violin
ROLE119453Barkham; Gwyneth1st Violin
ROLE119452Tombling; Christopher1st Violin
ROLE119451Staveley; Colin2nd Violin
ROLE119450McLaren; Linda2nd Violin
ROLE119449Cochrane; Helen2nd Violin
ROLE119458McVay; DonaldViola
ROLE119457Bosworth; NorrisViola
ROLE119445Shillito; ChristinaCello
ROLE118271Amherst; GabrielCello
ROLE119443Burnett; SandyDouble Bass
ROLE119441Lafontaine; BernieFlute / Clarinet
ROLE114240Roach; DavidOboe / Cor Anglais
ROLE119439Clarke; SarahClarinet / Bass Clarinet
ROLE117612Harris; PaulBassoon
ROLE119437Gladstone; AnthonyHorn
ROLE116611Smith; MarkHorn
ROLE119435Ballard; JaniceHorn
ROLE109433Callard; AndyTrumpet
ROLE119433Harniess; GeoffreyTrumpet
ROLE119432Groves; RogerTrombone
ROLE119431Saunders; StephenTrombone / Tuba
ROLE119430Marson; JohnHarp
ROLE113045Ormrod; NicholasPercussion
ROLE142928Findon; AndrewFlute / Piccolo
Creative Roles
ROLE110440Rodgers; Richard (1902-1979)Music
ROLE110441Hammerstein; Oscar (1895-1960); IIBook / Lyrics
ROLE114192MacMillan; KennethChoreographer
ROLE109358Crowley; BobDesigner
ROLE119418Brown; JustinMusic Director
ROLE110445Brohn; William DavidAdditional Orchestrations
ROLE107884Pyant; PaulLighting
ROLE119419Elliott; JaneBallet Mistress / Assistant to the Choreographer
ROLE119420Holmes; JamesAssociate Music Director
ROLE104643Washington; JoanDialect Coach
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE119421Wilson; RolfOrchestra Leader
ROLE116546Kemp; EdwardStaff Director
ROLE116827Nicholson; GuyAssistant to the Designer
ROLE104645Calder; StuAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE117202Eastcott; AndrewAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105842Rowland; BrewyeenAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE117265Nelson; JeannetteAssistant Voice Coach
ROLE119422Gillie; IainAssistant Production Manager
ROLE116495Hayes; LesleyRehearsal Pianist
ROLE119423Holmes; ShaunRehearsal pianist
ROLE114215Johnson-Liff AssociatesUS Casting
ROLE110327Leeman; KevinMusic Management
ROLE117302Mayhew; MichaelDesigner of Poster and Programme Cover
ROLE117230Hyde; ShimaProgramme Designer
ROLE110465Le Poer Trench; MichaelProduction Photographer
ROLE107896Barda; CliveProduction Photographer
ROLE119424Burnett; SandyAssistant Music Director
ROLE119425Rice; SimonDance Captain
ROLE106097Cass Jones; MichaelProduction Manager
ROLE105840Walmsley; LesleyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE119426Groothuis; PaulSound / Sound Operator
ROLE119427Patrick; SueSound Operator
ROLE109363Rowland; ChristineCostume Supervisor
ROLE119223Winstanley; Anne-MarieAssistant Costume Supervisor
ROLE119428Smith; SuzanneCasting
ROLE114211Rae; ColinMusic Preparation
ROLE128720Hytner; Sir; Nicholas (1956-)Director
ROLE143445Glaser; Benjamin FAdaptor
ROLE105422Molnár; Ferenc (1878-1952)Writer
ROLE144610Walker; MikeSound
ROLE120041Bryant; CourtneyStage Manager
ROLE143759Mauro; LynetteAssistant to Costume Supervisor
ROLE120693Clayton; Laurence / LaurieAssistant to the Lighting Designer
RNT/PP/2/2/132Carousel10 December 1992Lyttelton Posters
RNT/PP/5/264Carousel1992Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PR/4/1/533CarouselJanuary 1991 - April 1994Press Production Review Files
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RNT/SM/1/576bCarousel1992Prompt Scripts
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RNT/PP/2/6/169CarouselSeptember 1993Other Venue Posters
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RNT/PR/2/3/118Press release: 'Carousel' closes on 28 May29 April 1994Press Releases 1990-1999
RNT/R/1/1/19Carousel T-shirt1992Clothing
RNT/R/1/1/20Carousel sweatshirt1992Clothing
RNT/R/1/2/14Ticket Fobs1898-1992Gifts
RNT/R/1/2/1MugsUndated, 1986, 1992, 2002, 2003Gifts
RNT/PR/4/3/57Carousel (Broadway)18 February 1994 - 15 January 1995Press West End Transfer and Touring Review Files
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RNT/PP/3/1/1519921992NT Production related printwork
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RNT/PP/3/9/3/81bCarousel1993Lyttelton Cast Lists
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RNT/PP/1/12/27Carousel1994West End Transfer Programmes
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RNT/SM/1/910Carousel 1994Prompt Scripts
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