TitleOn the Ledge
AuthorBleasdale, Alan
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyCollaboration between National Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse
Opening Night4/22/1993
Press Night4/27/1993
Closing Night8/21/1993
Performance Length2 hours, 10 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances43
Performer Roles
ROLE119125McGann; MarkUpright
ROLE119126Abraham; JacobUpside Down
ROLE119127Molloy; DearbhlaMal
ROLE119128Ross; DavidMan-on-the-Ledge
ROLE119129Broughton; PaulFirst Brute
ROLE119130Igbon; AlanSecond Brute
ROLE119131Mulville; JimmyShaun
ROLE119132Olsen; GaryMoey
ROLE119133Ryan; ChristopherMartin
ROLE119134Brogan; MichaelUnderstudy: Upright / Understudy: First Brute
ROLE119135Codman; PaulUnderstudy: Upside Down / Understudy: Second Brute
ROLE119136Curbishley; DavidUnderstudy: Man-On-the-Ledge / Understudy: Martin
ROLE119137Gilmore; PaulUnderstudy: Shaun
ROLE119138Kinghorn; SallyUnderstudy: Mal
Creative Roles
ROLE103632Bleasdale; AlanWriter
ROLE103757Lefevre; RobinDirector
ROLE112114Chelton; NickLighting
ROLE113953Rebbeck; StephenProduction Manager
ROLE119123Finch; AlanProduction Manager
ROLE104867Milling; DavidDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE119124Johns; ChristopherSound Operator
ROLE117226Root; CarlAssistant Production Manager
ROLE104654Clark; NobbyProduction Photographer
ROLE117302Mayhew; MichaelDesigner of Poster and Programme Cover
ROLE117230Hyde; ShimaProgramme Designer
ROLE119107Georgeson; RichardStaff Director
ROLE104866Rankin; AlisonStage Manager
ROLE106496Rhodes; GuyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105680Mills; PhilAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE109363Rowland; ChristineCostume Supervisor
ROLE130944Dudley; WilliamDesigner / Programme cover design
ROLE113762Leonard; JohnSound Designer
ROLE105166Reddrop; RichardAssistant Stage Manager
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RNT/PR/2/3/99Co-production with Nottingham playhouse of new Alan Bleasdale play: 'On The Ledge'c. January 1993Press Releases 1990-1999
RNT/PP/1/6/273On the Ledge23 March 1993Touring programmes
RNT/PP/1/6/272On the Ledge19 February 1993Touring programmes
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RNT/PP/3/9/3/83On the Ledge1993Lyttelton Cast Lists
RNT/PP/1/2/168On the Ledge27 April 1993Lyttelton Programmes
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