TitleMuch Ado About Nothing
AuthorShakespeare, William
Author TwoGraves, Robert (textual revision)
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/16/1965
Closing Night6/19/1965
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including 15 minute interval)
Number of Performances113
Performer Roles
ROLE125335Finney; Albert (1936-)Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon
ROLE125336Jacobi; DerekDon John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
ROLE125337McKellen; Sir; Ian (1939-)Claudio, a young nobleman of Florence
ROLE125338Stephens; Robert (1931-1995)Benedick, a gentleman of Padua
ROLE125339Fitzpatrick; NeilA Lord, attendant on Claudio
ROLE125340James; GeraldLeonato, Governor of Messina
ROLE125341Lomax; HarryAntonio, Governor of Messina's brother
ROLE125342John; CarolineHero, Governor of Messina's daughter
ROLE125343Smith; Dame; Maggie (1934-)Beatrice, Governor of Messina's niece
ROLE125344Burger; ElizabethUrsula, a gentlewoman
ROLE125345Redgrave; LynnMargaret, a serving girl
ROLE125346Petherbridge; EdwardConrade, follower of Don John
ROLE125347Kempinski; TomBorachio, follower of Don John
ROLE125348Purchase; BruceBalthasar, a singer
ROLE125349Byrne; MichaelThe Messenger
ROLE125350Heslewood; JennieWoman of Leonato's household
ROLE125351Taylor; PaulineWoman of Leonato's household
ROLE125352Ridgway; AlanCoffee Boy
ROLE125354Rothwell; MichaelVerges, Dogberry's deputy
ROLE125355Green; ReginaldThe Sexton
ROLE125356John; PeterFirst Watchman
ROLE125357Pember; RonSecond Watchman
ROLE125358Meaden; DanOther Watchman
ROLE125359Pickup; RonaldOther Watchman
ROLE125360York; MichaelOther Watchman
ROLE125361Wylie; FrankFriar Francis
ROLE125362White; PeterTrumpeter
ROLE125363Hutt; AlanTrombonist
ROLE125364Foley; JohnClarinettist
ROLE125365Morgan; LaurieDrummer
ROLE125366Gregory; CharlesGuitarist
ROLE125367Chittell; ChristopherAn Inanimate
ROLE125368Edmett; NicholasAn Inanimate
ROLE125369Ferguson; GillianAn Inanimate
ROLE125370Gallie; KayAn Inanimate
ROLE125371Holder; RoyAn Inanimate
ROLE125372Timothy; ChristopherAn Inanimate
ROLE125393Gambon; Sir; MichaelOther Watchman
ROLE128642Finlay; Frank (1926-)Dogberry, a constable
ROLE141018Tyllsen; KenAn Inanimate
ROLE140965Hargreaves; DavidOther Watchman
ROLE140972Hargreaves; DavidBorachio, follower of Don John
ROLE140966Jacobi; DerekDon Pedro, Prince of Aragon
ROLE140967Pickup; RonaldDon John, Don Pedro's bastard brother
ROLE140968Byrne; MichaelClaudio, a young nobleman of Padua
ROLE140995Marne; Denis deOther Watchman
ROLE140969Marne; Denis deA Lord, attendant on Claudio
ROLE140970Clark; WynneUrsula, a gentlewoman
ROLE140971Jones; CarolynMargaret, a serving girl
ROLE140973Fitzpatrick; NeilBalthasar, a singer
ROLE140974Reynolds; MalcolmThe Messenger
ROLE140975Ashcroft; ChloeWoman of Leonato's household
ROLE140976Griffiths; MaryWoman of Leonato's household
ROLE140977Evans; BarryCoffee Boy
ROLE140978McEnery; JohnA Gentleman
ROLE140993Ryall; DavidVerges, Dogberry's deputy
ROLE140994Pearce; LeonardThe Sexton
ROLE140996Kay; RichardOther Watchman
ROLE141001Kay; RichardConrade, follower of Don John
ROLE140979Crowden; GrahamVerges, Dogberry's deputy
ROLE140980Ryall; DavidThe Sexton
ROLE140981Kemp; RogerFirst Watchman
ROLE140982Belcher; DavidOther Watchman
ROLE140983Hallam; JohnOther Watchman
ROLE140984Curran; PaulFriar Francis
ROLE140985Timothy; ChristopherServer
ROLE141005Timothy; ChristopherA Gentleman
ROLE140986Hall; MalcolmTrumpeter
ROLE140987Adams; AlanAn Inanimate
ROLE141003Adams; AlanThe Messenger
ROLE140988Faye; JaninaAn Inanimate
ROLE141009Hardy; LukeSecond Watchman
ROLE140989Hardy; LukeAn Inanimate
ROLE140990Hoyland; WilliamA Lord, attendant on Claudio
ROLE140991Plowright; Joan (1929-)Beatrice, Governor of Messina's niece
ROLE140992Menzies; LeeCoffee Boy
ROLE141016Freeman; SandraAn Inanimate
ROLE141017Horn; RoderickAn Inanimate
ROLE140997Quenet; YvonneWoman of Leonato's household
ROLE140998Brett; JeremyClaudio, a young nobleman of Florence
ROLE140999Walker; RobertA Lord, attendant on Claudio
ROLE141000Reid; SheilaHero, Governor of Messenia's daughter
ROLE141002Hopkins; Sir; AnthonyBorachio, follower of Don John
ROLE141004Parsons; JohnCoffee Boy
ROLE141006Wylie; FrankDogberry, a constable
ROLE141007Kay; CharlesVerges, Dogberry's deputy
ROLE125287Cotton; OliverDiego de Trujillo, Master of Horse
ROLE141010Flint; JohnOther Watchman
ROLE141011Campbell; StuartOther Watchman
ROLE141012Winter; PeterServer / An Inanimate
ROLE141013Courtney; ColinClarinettist
ROLE141014Bourne; HelenAn Inanimate
ROLE141015Dastoor; SaamAn Inanimate
ROLE141008Cotton; OliverFirst Watchman
Creative Roles
ROLE125373Graves; RobertTextual revision
ROLE124039Hall; Peter JCostumes
ROLE125374Rota; NinoMusic
ROLE124615Grigorova; RomayneChoreography
ROLE105063Freeland; BrianLighting
ROLE118785Haggard; PiersAssistant to the Producer
ROLE125163Pearson; NevilleStage Manager
ROLE125375Holmes; AnthonyRecorded piano music
ROLE108083Dominic; ZoeProduction Photographer
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE141019Zeffirelli; Franco (1923-)Director / Scenery
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