TitleArmstrong's Last Goodnight
AuthorArden, John
VenueChichester Festival Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/6/1965
Closing Night2/26/1966
Performance Length3 hours (including 15 minute interval)
Number of Performances25
Performer Roles
ROLE125467Reynolds; MalcolmKing James the Fifth of Scotland
ROLE125468Stephens; Robert (1931-1995)Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, Lord Lyon King of Arms
ROLE125469Wylie; FrankAlexander McGlass, Lindsay's secretary
ROLE125470McEwan; GeraldineA Lady, Lindsay's mistress
ROLE125471Byrne; MichaelMartin Eliot / Captain of Highland Infantry
ROLE125472Pember; RonPorter to the Royal household / Highland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE125473Gallie; KayMaid to Lindsay's mistress
ROLE125474Finney; Albert (1936-)John Armstrong of Gilnockie
ROLE125475John; CarolineWife of John Armstrong / Girl of Gilnockie's household
ROLE125476Fitzpatrick; Neil2nd English Commissioner / Highland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE125477Hallam; JohnTam Armstrong
ROLE125478York; MichaelArchie Armstrong
ROLE125479Wilson; JamesPiper
ROLE125480Heslewood; JennieGirl of Gilnockie's household
ROLE125482Taylor; PaulineGirl of Gilnockie's household
ROLE125483Curran; PaulGilbert Eilot of Stobs
ROLE125484Ashcroft; ChloeMeg Eliot, Stob's daughter
ROLE125485Savident; JohnJames Johnstone of Wamphray / The Cardinal of St Andrew's secretary
ROLE125486Ryall; David2nd Scots Commissioner / Highland Soldier and Attendant / Clerk to the English Commissioners
ROLE125487Petherbridge; Edward1st English Commissioner / Lord Johnstone's secretary / Highland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE125488Collins; AlanHighland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE125490Kemp; RogerHighland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE125491James; GeraldLord Maxwell's secretary / Clerk to the Scots Commissioners
ROLE125493Murphy; RobertPiper
ROLE125494Pickup; RonaldKing James the Fifth of Scotland
ROLE125495Crowden; GrahamWillie Armstrong
ROLE125497McKellen; Sir; Ian (1939-)A Protestant Evangelist / 2nd Scots Commissioner
ROLE141040Jacobi; Derek1st Scots Commisioner
ROLE141041Marne; Denis deHighland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE141045Collins; Alan2nd English Commissioner
ROLE141046Kemp; RogerClerk to the English Commissioners
ROLE141047Timothy; ChristopherHighland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE141048Terris; MalcolmHighland Soldier and Attendant
ROLE141043Ryall; DavidA Protestant evangelist / 2nd Scots Commissioner
ROLE141042Fitzpatrick; NeilWillie Armstrong
Creative Roles
ROLE118796Allio; ReneScenery / Costumes
ROLE118653Pilbrow; RichardLighting
ROLE111950Wilkinson; MarcSound
ROLE115476Chagrin; ClaudeMovement
ROLE125463Pisk; LitzDance arrangement
ROLE125163Pearson; NevilleStage Manager
ROLE118665McBean; AngusProduction Photographer
ROLE118655Burke; TonyMusician
ROLE125465Horler; DavidMusician
ROLE118659Hutt; AlanMusician
ROLE122747Morgan; LaurieMusician
ROLE125466Smith; CatherineMusician
ROLE107428Arden; John (1930-)Writer
ROLE141049Melville; PaulineAssistant to the producers
ROLE103203Dexter; John (1925-1990)Director
ROLE103311Gaskill; William (1930-)Director
RNT/SM/1/16Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Prompt Scripts
RNT/CO/1/15Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/1/1/68Armstrong's Last GoodnightOctober 1965Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/SM/2/1/13Armstrong's Last Goodnight12 October 1965 - 26 February 1966Pre-South Bank Show Reports
RNT/PP/1/1/99Miss Julie / Black Comedy / Armstrong's Last Goodnight / Trelawny of the "Wells"July 1965Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PO/5/11Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Set Photographs
RNT/PP/2/5/205Trelawny of the 'Wells' / Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Repetory Posters
RNT/PP/2/5/204Trelawny of the 'Wells' / Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Repetory Posters
RNT/PP/3/6/164Trelawny of the Wells / Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Touring Printwork
RNT/PR/4/1/1209Armstrong's Last Goodnight1965Press Production Review Files
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