TitleMy Fair Lady
AuthorLerner, Alan Jay (books and lyrics by)
Author TwoLowew, Frederick (music by)
Author ThreeShaw, George Bernard (writer of 'Pygmalion' from which the play is adapted)
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night3/5/2001
Press Night3/15/2001
Closing Night6/30/2001
Performance Length3 hours, 15 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsVariety Club Awards: Musical Theatre Award.
2002 Olivier for Best Actress in a Musical or Entertainment (Martine McCutcheon), Best Theatre Choreographer (Matthew Bourne) and Hilton Award for Outstanding Musical Production.
2003 Olivier for Best Actress in a Musical or Entertainment (Joanna Riding) and Best Actor in a Musical or Entertainment (Alex Jennings)
2002 Olivier nominations for Best Actor in a Musical or Entertainment (Jonathan Pryce), Best Supporting Performance in a Musical or Entertainment, Best Set Designer (Anthony Ward), Best Lighting Designer (David Hersey)
Number of Performances133
Performer Roles
ROLE110605McCutcheon; MartineEliza Doolittle
ROLE110606Umbers; MarkFreddy Eynsford-Hill
ROLE110607Martin; JillMrs Eynsford-Hill
ROLE110608Moyle; SarahClara Eynsford-Hill
ROLE110609Le Prevost; NicholasColonel Hugh Pickering
ROLE110610Hudson; LincolnA Bystander
ROLE110611Frendo; MarkA Hoxton Man
ROLE113611Stephan; SévanA Selsey Man
ROLE110613Pryce; Jonathan (1947-)Professor Henry Higgins
ROLE110614Shaw-Parker; DavidFirst Costermonger
ROLE110615Burrows; DavidSecond Costermonger
ROLE110616Coulthard; SimonThird Costermonger
ROLE110617Reilly; ToberFourth Costermonger
ROLE110618Frendo; MarkGeorge
ROLE110619Waterman; DennisAlfred P Doolittle
ROLE110620Stacey; JohnJamie
ROLE110621Kelly; TerryHarry
ROLE110622Rowlands; PatsyMrs Pearce
ROLE110623Emery; AnnMrs Hopkins
ROLE110624Sadler; MichaelButler
ROLE110625Barnes; KatherineServant
ROLE110626Burrows; DavidServant
ROLE110627Coombe; DanieleServant
ROLE110628Coulthard; SimonServant
ROLE110629Moyle; SarahServant
ROLE110630Reeve; JeanServant
ROLE110631Toase; SuzanneServant
ROLE110632Blakiston; CarolineMrs Higgins
ROLE110633Reeve; JeanLady Boxington
ROLE110634Shaw-Parker; DavidLord Boxington
ROLE110635Sadler; MichaelSir Reginald Torrington
ROLE110636Thomas; CarrylFlower Girl
ROLE110637Burrows; DavidFootman
ROLE110639Cutko; ValerieQueen of Transylvania
ROLE110640Aiden; PhillipPrince of Transylvania
ROLE110641Jameson; JacquiMrs Higgins' Maid
ROLE110642Brennan; MadelaineOther parts
ROLE110643Donmall; LisaOther parts
ROLE110644Dwyer; TomOther parts
ROLE113613Harbour; Michael NOther parts
ROLE113614Jay; AlexandraOther parts
ROLE110645Johnson; NeilOther parts
ROLE110646Willingham; PhilipOther parts
ROLE110647Chadwick; MargieSwing
ROLE110648Ellis; KerrySwing
ROLE110650Jones; AdamSwing
ROLE110651Logan; FergusSwing
ROLE113615White; DavidOrchestra Conductor
ROLE113616Davies; NickOrchestra Conductor
ROLE113617Broadbent; GilesOrchestra Leader
ROLE110668Trafford; JulianViolin
ROLE110669Bickel; MayaViolin
ROLE110670Harris; JayneViolin
ROLE110671Hunter; JoelViola
ROLE110672Fish; ChristopherCello
ROLE110673Warner; StephenDouble Bass
ROLE113618Harding; ChristopherFlute / Piccolo / Clarinet
ROLE110675Contractor; RuthOboe / Cor anglais
ROLE113619Ashby; DuncanClarinets / Flute
ROLE113620Holland; SimonBassoon / Bass Clarinet / Baritone Saxophone
ROLE110679Lee; DavidHorn
ROLE110680Hutchings; ClareHorn
ROLE113621White; PatTrumpet
ROLE113622Lovatt; MichaelTrumpet
ROLE113623Henry; RichardTrombone / Tuba
ROLE113624Shrubsole; DavidKeyboard
ROLE110529Clifton-Welker; FionaHarp
ROLE110682Morgan; JonathanPercussion
ROLE110638Stephan; SévanZoltan Karpathy
Creative Roles
ROLE110571Lerner; Alan Jay (1918-1986)Book and Lyrics
ROLE110572Loewe; Frederick (1904-1988)Music
ROLE103765Nunn; Sir; Trevor (1940-)Director
ROLE113595Bourne; MatthewChoreographer
ROLE109747Ward; AnthonyDesigner
ROLE110063Hersey; DavidLighting
ROLE110574White; DavidMusical Supervisor
ROLE110575Brohn; William DavidOrchestrator
ROLE113596Walker; ChrisDance-Music Arranger
ROLE110577Davies; NickMusic Director
ROLE113597Shrubsole; DavidAssistant Music Director
ROLE108080Groothuis; PaulSound Designer
ROLE113598Ambler; ScottAssociate Choreographer
ROLE113599Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work and Dialect Work
ROLE113600Kerrison; ShaunStaff Director
ROLE103792Bryant; CourtneyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104649Rowland; BrewyeenDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE108136Green; DarrenAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106004Heyes; JaniceAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE113601Kegan; JennyAssociate Lighting Designer
ROLE113602Atkinson; PaulAssistant to the Designer
ROLE113603Downs; JoAssistant to the Designer
ROLE106007Cunnett; DannyAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE113604Whyte; DouglasRehearsal Pianist
ROLE110462Rae; ColinCopying
ROLE113605Gilpin; NicholasKeyboard Programming
ROLE110327Leeman; KevinMusic Management
ROLE112528Gallagher; DavidMusic Management
ROLE113606Coleman; StephenAssistant to the Orchestrator
ROLE110464Kenton; JohnMusic Assistant
ROLE108816Pink; ColinAssociate Sound Designer
ROLE113607Owens; JohnProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE113608Nelson; JeannetteAssistant Voice and Dialect Coach
ROLE109407Eves-Boland; AnnieDeputy Production Manager
ROLE106757Kinley; MattAssistant Production Manager
ROLE109021Ward; AndyProduction Assistant
ROLE110601Logan; FergusDance Captain
ROLE110602Brennan; MadelaineAssistant Dance Captain
ROLE109363Rowland; ChristineCostume Supervisor
ROLE110465Le Poer Trench; MichaelProduction Photographer
ROLE113609Hill; SerenaCasting
ROLE103674Miller; HannahCasting
ROLE113610Jackson; TrevorCasting (Cameron Mackintosh Ltd)
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RNT/R/1/2/7Badges, Magnets and StickersUndated, 1980-Gifts
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RNT/PP/3/1/2420012001NT Production related printwork
RNT/SO/2/1/220My Fair Lady28 April 2001Master Recordings
RNT/SO/2/2/223My Fair Lady28 April 2001Viewing Recordings
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