TitleMother Clap's Molly House
AuthorRavenhill, Mark
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night8/22/2001
Press Night9/4/2001
Closing Night11/24/2001
Performance Length2 hours, 20 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances43
Performer Roles
ROLE113872Findlay; DeborahMrs Tull
ROLE113873Mitchell; IainStephen Tull / Edward
ROLE113875Redford; IanPrincess Seraphina
ROLE113876McCarthy; MaggieAmelia
ROLE113877Tilley; DanielleAmy / Tina
ROLE113878Chazen; DebbieMary Cranton
ROLE113879Secombe; KatyMary Bolton
ROLE113880Simpson; JayKedger / Charlie
ROLE113882Cooper; DominicThomas, their apprentice / Josh
ROLE113883O'Neill; ConGabriel Lawrence / Phil
ROLE113884Redmond; DanielGod
ROLE113885Medford; Paul JEros
ROLE113887Osborne; WilliamWill / Philips
ROLE113890Ready; PaulTom / Martin, their apprentice
ROLE113893Asante; DeborahCast
ROLE113894Chamberlain; MartinCast
ROLE113895Hardman; PamelaCast
ROLE113896Jardine; LukeCast
ROLE113897McKay; TomCast
ROLE113898Pearson; IainCast
ROLE113899Ralph; PhilipCast
ROLE113900Sichilongo; AliCast
ROLE113901Frankish; PaulMusic Director / Keyboard
ROLE113902Bowles; ThomasSaxophone
ROLE113903Grove; BenGuitars
ROLE107933Haram; SimonSaxophone
ROLE113904Hopkins; PhilipPercussion
Creative Roles
ROLE108792Ravenhill; MarkPlaywright
ROLE109045Scott; MatthewMusic
ROLE113759Gillibrand; NickyCostume Designer
ROLE104863Fisher; RickLighting Designer
ROLE113865Frankish; PaulMusic Director
ROLE106610Gibson; JaneDirector of Movement
ROLE104865Alexander; NeilSound Designer
ROLE108130Pink; ColinSound Designer
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE113866Carter; Crispin BonhamStaff Director
ROLE103792Bryant; CourtneyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104649Rowland; BrewyeenDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104645Calder; StuAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE109050Vowles; ThomasAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE113867O'Leary; PaulProduction Consultant (Mother Clap's Molly House)
ROLE113868Atkinson; PaulAssistant Production Manager (Mother Clap's Molly House)
ROLE106613Dakin; MarkProduction Manager
ROLE106618Eves-Boland; AnnieAssistant Production Manager (Lyttelton)
ROLE113870Simpson; JulietAssistant to the Designer
ROLE111008McLeish; PaulAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE113871Carroll; EmmaAssistant to the Costume Supervisor
ROLE104370Douet; MarkProduction Photographer
ROLE128720Hytner; Sir; Nicholas (1956-)Director
ROLE128732Cadle; GilesSet Designer
ROLE109021Ward; AndyProduction Assistant
ROLE117265Nelson; JeannetteAssistant Voice Coach
ROLE110331Murphy; ClaireCostume Supervisor
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RNT/PP/5/399Mother Clap's Molly House2001Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PR/3/565Mother Clap's Molly House4 September 2001Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PL/3/707Nicholas Hytner and Mark Ravenhill on Mother Clap's Molly House3 September 2001Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/PR/4/1/715Mother Clap's Molly House4 September 2001Press Production Review Files
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RNT/PP/3/1/2420012001NT Production related printwork
RNT/SO/2/1/124Mother Clap's Molly House27 October 2001Master Recordings
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