AuthorJonson, Ben
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night1/16/1968
Closing Night6/7/1968
Performance Length3 hours, 15 minutes (including two 20 minute intervals)
Number of Performances27
Performer Roles
ROLE126028Blakely; ColinVolpone (Fox), a magnifico
ROLE126029Wylie; FrankMosca (Fly), Volpone's parasite
ROLE126030Barnes; Michael TudorNano (Dwarf), Volpone's child
ROLE126031Barker; PetronellaAndrogyno (Hermaphrodite), Volpone's child
ROLE126032Ryall; DavidCastrone (Eunuch), Volpone's child
ROLE126033Petherbridge; EdwardVoltore (Vulture), an advocate
ROLE126034Curran; PaulCorbaccio (Raven), an old gentleman
ROLE126035Lang; Robert (1934-2004)Corvino (Crow), a merchant
ROLE126036Crowden; GrahamSir Politick Would-be (Parrot), an English tourist
ROLE126037Whitrow; BenjaminPeregrine (Falcon), a gentleman traveller
ROLE126038Barge; GillianCelia, Corvino's wife
ROLE126039Penry-Jones; PeterBonario, Corbaccio's son
ROLE126040Laye; GabrielleLady Would-be, Sir Politik's wife
ROLE126041Green; ReginaldClerk of the Court
ROLE126042Kay; CharlesJudge
ROLE126043Cellier; PeterJudge
ROLE126046Adams; AlanCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126047Belcher; DavidCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126048Bourne; HelenCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126049Cotton; OliverCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126050Cunningham; MargoLady Would-be's waiting woman / Court Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126051Dastor; SamCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126052Flint; JohnCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126053Freeman; SandraCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126054Griffiths; MaryCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126055Hardy; LukeCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126056Hobbs; WilliamCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126057Horn; RoderickCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126058Hoyland; WilliamCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126059James; Barry Court Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126060Lambert; NigelCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126061Pigot; IanCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126062Pyne; FrederickCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126063Reynolds; MalcolmCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126064Riley; MaggieCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126065Rowe; JeremyCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126066Vasey; SuzanneCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126067Waldhorn; GaryCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126068Walker; RobertCourt Officer / Servant / Citizen
ROLE126073Vasey; SuzanneAndrogyno (Hermaphrodite)
ROLE127820Jones; LewisUnderstudy: Judge
ROLE141181Campbell; StuartMonk / Understudy
ROLE141184Reynolds; MalcolmMerchant
ROLE141183Pyne; FrederickMerchant
ROLE141182James; BarryMerchant
ROLE126045Pearce; LeonardJudge
Creative Roles
ROLE103339Jonson; Ben (1572-1637)Playwright
ROLE103340Guthrie; Tyrone (1900-1971)Director
ROLE124202Moiseiwitsch; Tanya (1914-2003)Designer
ROLE106557Ornbo; RobertLighting
ROLE111950Wilkinson; MarcSound
ROLE125413Browne; LouisaAssistant to the Producer
ROLE109379Boddington; Diana (1921-2002)Stage Manager
ROLE118798Morley; LewisProduction Photographer
ROLE126364Lomax; HarryAssistant to the Producer
RNT/CO/1/28Volpone1968Costume Department Production Files
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RNT/PP/1/1/154VolponeJanuary 1968Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/SM/2/1/26Volpone14 January 1968 - 7 June 1968Pre-South Bank Show Reports
RNT/PR/3/28Volpone1968Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/4/1/25VolponeJanuary 1968 - February 1968Press Production Review Files
RNT/PR/4/8/2561967-1970 Press reviews 1967-1970Press General Review Files
RNT/PP/3/9/1/61Volpone1968Old Vic Cast Lists
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