TitleNeedles and Opium
AuthorLepage, Robert
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963- presented in assosication with Cultural Industry
Opening Night4/30/1992
Press Night4/30/1992
Closing Night11/20/1992
Performance Length1 hour, 25 minutes
AwardsOlivier nomination for The Observer Award for Oustanding Achievement (Robert Lepage for Needles And Opium at the National Theatre Cottesloe, an astonishing solo trip on drugs, jazz and Jean Cocteau with a technologically refined use of film and acrobatics)
Number of Performances21
Performer Roles
ROLE105018Lepage; Robert (1957-)Cast
ROLE144571Caux; RobertMusic and keyboards
ROLE144574Lemay; ClaudeStage Assistant
ROLE112359Lefebvre; DenysStage Assistant
Creative Roles
ROLE105003Caux; RobertMusic
ROLE105005Beauregard; RobertStage Manager
ROLE105007Collin; JacquesMulti-image
ROLE105008Desjardins; PierreMulti-image Assistant
ROLE112360Productions Téléfric Inc.Film Production
ROLE105010Starr; NickAssistant Producer (for NT)
ROLE105011Milling; DavidStage Management (for NT)
ROLE105012Bower; HelenStage Management (for NT)
ROLE105013Ryder; LizStage Management (for NT)
ROLE105014Eastcott; AndrewStage Management (for NT)
ROLE105015King; MilesDesign Assistant (for NT)
ROLE105016Patrick; SueSound Operator (for the NT)
ROLE104724Barnes; JasonProduction Manager
ROLE144572Gillie; IainProduction Manager
ROLE119017Caulfield; JohnStage Manager
ROLE109016Suffling; JaneStage Manager
ROLE105913Stamp; SuzyStage Management (for NT)
ROLE105912Fitt; WendyStage Management (for NT)
ROLE144577Lepage; Robert (1957-)Designer / Playwright
ROLE105168Dewar; IainAssistant to the Lighting Designer
RNT/PP/1/2/163Needles and Opium16 November 1992Lyttelton Programmes
RNT/SM/1/348Needles and Opium1992Prompt Scripts
RNT/PP/1/4/141Needles and Opium30 April 1992Cottesloe Programmes
RNT/PR/4/1/514Needles and OpiumApril 1992 - December 1992Press Production Review Files
RNT/PP/2/4/136Needles and Opium30 April 1992Cottesloe Posters
RNT/PR/3/384Needles and Opium1992Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/SM/2/2/124Needles and Opium1992Cottesloe Show Reports
RNT/PO/1/1/130Needles and Opium1992Cottesloe Production Office Show Files
RNT/PP/2/4/137Needles and Opium30 April 1992Cottesloe Posters
RNT/PP/3/1/1519921992NT Production related printwork
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