TitleThe Talking Cure
AuthorHampton, Christopher
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night12/6/2002
Press Night1/13/2003
Closing Night2/5/2003
Performance Length2 hours, 25 minutes (including 15 minute interval)
Number of Performances65
Performer Roles
ROLE115347Fiennes; RalphCarl Gustav Jung
ROLE115348Carroll; NancyEmma Jung
ROLE115349May; JodhiSabina Spielrein
ROLE115350Spelman; ValerieNurse
ROLE115351Hazeldine; James (1947-2002)Sigmund Freud
ROLE115352Rowan; DominicOtto Gross
ROLE115353Jackson; SeanOrderly
ROLE115354Jackson; SeanSoldier
ROLE115355Sandelson; AliceRussian Girl
ROLE115356Sandelson; AliceAgathe Jung
ROLE115357Smyth; ChloeRussian Girl
ROLE115358Smyth; ChloeAgathe Jung
ROLE115359Thompson; SamanthaRussian Girl
ROLE115360Thompson; SamanthaAgathe Jung
ROLE115361Rowan; DominicSigmund Freud
Creative Roles
ROLE103380Hampton; Christopher (1946-)Playwright
ROLE113114Hatley; TimSet Designer
ROLE115344Beavan; JennyCostume Designer
ROLE108806Mumford; PeterLighting Designer
ROLE105998Muldowney; DominicMusic
ROLE104389King; TerryFight Director
ROLE104642Shutt; ChristopherSound Designer
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE104724Barnes; JasonProduction Manager
ROLE104744Montemuro; TrishStage Manager
ROLE106614Bardsley; FionaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104746Fox; ValerieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106615Speed; AndrewAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE109309Grimes; ElaineAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE115345Williams; EmmaAssociate Costume Designer
ROLE115346Hauer; DebraAssistant Director
ROLE104872Ward; AndyAssistant Production Manager
ROLE104875Kyncl; Ivan (1953 - 2004)Production and Rehearsal Photographer
ROLE129694Davies; HowardDirector
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RNT/SO/2/1/156The Talking Cure21 December 2002Master Recordings
RNT/SO/2/2/159The Talking Cure21 December 2002Viewing Recordings
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