TitleThe Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi
AuthorWebster, John
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night1/18/2003
Press Night1/28/2003
Closing Night5/27/2003
Performance Length2 hours, 20 minutes
Number of Performances52
Performer Roles
ROLE109411Keen; WillFerdinand, Duke of Calabria, the Duchess of Malfi's twin brother
ROLE109412Edwards; CharlesAntonio Bologna
ROLE109413Richman; StuartFirst Lord
ROLE109414Slinger; JonathanDelio
ROLE109415Cranitch; LorcanBosola
ROLE109416Stevenson; RayThe Cardinal, the Duchess of Malfi's brother
ROLE109417McTeer; JanetThe Duchess of Malfi
ROLE109418Rogers; SallyCariola
ROLE109419Howard; JamesFirst Officer
ROLE109420Westfield; AndrewSecond Officer
ROLE109421Bernardin; MichaelThird Officer
ROLE109422Flynn; KeiranFourth Officer
ROLE109423David; EleanorJulia
ROLE109424Ball; JulienDoctor
ROLE109425Chamberlain; MartinPescara
ROLE109426Arcari; AbigailThe Duchess' child
ROLE109427Hooton; ClemmieThe Duchess' child
ROLE109428Goodall; PadraigThe Duchess' child
ROLE109429Thomas-Davies; MatthewThe Duchess' child
ROLE109430Hilder; MargaretOther parts
ROLE109431Lumley; ElizaOther parts
ROLE109432McGhie; PenelopeOther parts
ROLE104651Berry; DavidDouble Bass
ROLE109433Callard; AndyTrumpet
ROLE109434Shade; PeterFlute / Keyboard
Creative Roles
ROLE103220Webster; John (c.1580-1634); Writer
ROLE103541Lloyd; PhyllidaDirector
ROLE106749Thompson; MarkDesigner
ROLE105997Henderson; MarkLighting Designer
ROLE106751Yershon; GaryMusic
ROLE109404Keegan-Dolan; MichaelDirector of Movement
ROLE104389King; TerryFight Director
ROLE109405Baker; SimonSound Designer
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE109406McDevitt; YvonneStaff Director
ROLE106046Hall; ErnestStage Manager
ROLE104626Bissett; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104555Greaves; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105841Lloyd; Emma BAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE109407Eves-Boland; AnnieDeputy Production Manager
ROLE108352Mulholland; SteveAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE105681Atkinson; PaulAssistant Production Manager
ROLE109408Mauro; LynetteCostume Supervisor
ROLE109409Mitchell; ClaireAssistant to the Costume Supervisor
ROLE109410Miller; CarlTextual Adviser
ROLE104875Kyncl; Ivan (1953 - 2004)Rehearsal Photographer
RNT/PP/2/2/228The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi28 January 2003Lyttelton Posters
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RNT/PP/2/2/233The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi28 January 2003Lyttelton Posters
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RNT/PP/1/2/250The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi28 January 2003Lyttelton Programmes
RNT/SM/1/685The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi2003Prompt Scripts
PC/1/47The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi5 February 2003Set Photographs
RNT/CO/1/469The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi2002Costume Department Production Files
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RNT/PR/4/8/3002002 Theatre reviews of the year and 2003 previews2002Press General Review Files
RNT/SO/2/2/164The Tragedy of The Duchess of Malfi22 February 2003Viewing Recordings
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