TitleBack to Methuselah: Part One
AuthorShaw, George Bernard
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/22/1969
Closing Night8/23/1969
Performance Length3 hours, 15 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances16
Performer Roles
ROLE126613Jacobi; DerekAdam (In The Beginning)
ROLE126614Purnell; Louise (1942-)Eve (In The Beginning)
ROLE126615Wilson; JudyThe Serpent (In The Beginning)
ROLE126616Wylie; FrankCain (In The Beginning)
ROLE126617Lang; Robert (1934-2004)Franklyn Barnadbas (The Gospel of the Brothers)
ROLE126618Locke; PhilipConrad Barnabas (The Gospel of the Brothers)
ROLE126619Watts; JeanneThe Parlour Maid (The Gospel of the Brothers) / Mrs Lutestring (The Thing Happens)
ROLE126620Pickup; RonaldThe Rev William Haslam (The Gospel of the Brothers) / The Archbishop of York (The Thing Happens)
ROLE126621Barge; GillianSavvy Barnabas (The Gospel of the Brothers)
ROLE126622Curran; PaulJoyce Burge (The Gospel of the Brothers)
ROLE126623Lomax; HarryLubin (The Gospel of the Brothers)
ROLE126624James; GeraldBurge-Lubin, President of the British Islands (The Thing Happens)
ROLE126625Barrie; FrankBarnabas, Accountant General (The Thing Happens)
ROLE126627Lucas; IsabelleNegress, Minister of Health (The Thing Happens)
ROLE126588Gallagher; BernardConfucius, Chief Secretary (The Thing Happens)
Creative Roles
ROLE103232Shaw; George Bernard (1856-1950)Writer
ROLE105788Williams; CliffordDirector
ROLE103277MacKechnie; DonaldDirector
ROLE122661Koltai; RalphDesigner
ROLE106557Ornbo; RobertLighting
ROLE111950Wilkinson; MarcSound
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE141236Wilkinson; MarcMusic / Sound
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