TitleThe National Health or Nurse Norton's Affair
AuthorNichols, Peter
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night10/13/1969
Press Night10/16/1969
Closing Night3/18/1972
Performance Length2 hours, 35 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsPlays and Players for Best Play
Evening Standard Drama Award for Best New Play
Number of Performances126
Performer Roles
ROLE126657James; GeraldRees
ROLE126658Carter; PatrickTyler, patient
ROLE126659Lang; Robert (1934-2004)Understudy: Ash, patient
ROLE126660Gallagher; BernardFoster, patient
ROLE126661Nightingale; JohnKen, patient
ROLE126662Lomax; HarryFlagg, patient
ROLE126663Kay; CharlesLoach, patient
ROLE126664Oulton; BrianMackie, patient
ROLE126665Griffiths; MaryMatron, nursing staff
ROLE126666Riley; MaggieSister McPhee, nursing staff
ROLE126667Sylvestre; CleoStaff Nurse Norton, nursing staff
ROLE126669Lucas; IsabelleNurse Lake, nursing staff
ROLE126670Fleming; HelenNurse, nursing staff
ROLE126671Dale; JimBarnet, nursing staff
ROLE126672Flint; JohnMichael, nursing staff
ROLE126673Hamilton; JohnPrince, nursing staff
ROLE126674Curran; PaulMr Boyd, doctor
ROLE126675Walker; RobertNeil, Mr Boyd's son
ROLE126676Reid; MalcolmIndian student, doctor
ROLE126677Laye; GabrielleOld Woman
ROLE126678Browne; GeorgeChaplain
ROLE126680Mackintosh; KennethMackie, patient
ROLE126681Adaré; ElizabethNurse, nursing staff
ROLE126682Jonah; WilliePrince, nursing staff
ROLE126683Kincaid; DavidNeil, Mr Boyd's son
ROLE126684Harding; MichaelTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE126685Barnes; Michael TudorTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE126686Murray; ValerieStaff Nurse Norton, nursing staff
ROLE126687Critchlow; CharlotteNurse, nursing staff
ROLE126689Fraser; BillMr Boyd, doctor
ROLE126690Beaton; NormanChaplain
ROLE126691Lipman; MaureenOld Woman
ROLE129042Bennett; FrederickTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE129043Guyett; LionelKen, patient
ROLE129044Ryall; DavidAsh, patient
ROLE129046Streader; NormaTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE129048Wilson; JudyTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141248James; GeraldRees, patient
ROLE141249Barge; GillianDr Bird, nursing staff
ROLE141250Baker; TomTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141251Boht; JeanTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141252Edgar; MichaelTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141256Forbes; RogerNeil, Mr Boyd's son
ROLE141253Forbes; RogerTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141254Dudley; AlanTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141255Harding; MichaelTyler, patient
ROLE141257Dickinson; TomTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141258Hayes; JamesTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141260Barnes; Michael TudorTyler, patient
ROLE141261Burford; IanTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141262Callaghan; RayTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141263Hunt; CarolineTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141269Hunt; CarolineUnderstudy: Nurse, nursing staff
ROLE141264Leary; TonyTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141265Smart; PeterTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141266Tully; BrianTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE141267Bennett; FrederickUnderstudy: Flagg, patient
ROLE141268Wilson; JudyUnderstudy: Nurse, nursing staff
ROLE141259Woodward; DerekTheatre Staff / Other Visitor
ROLE122747Morgan; LaurieMusician
ROLE126655Wells; NormanMusician
ROLE126431Willmott; RodMusician
ROLE128002Botterall; JackMusician
Creative Roles
ROLE108206Nichols; Peter (1927-)Writer
ROLE103206Blakemore; Michael (1928-)Director
ROLE126652Robertson; PatrickDesigner
ROLE107327Bryan; RobertLighting
ROLE115476Chagrin; ClaudeMovement
ROLE126653Goddard; MalcolmCakewalk
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE141270Wilkinson; MarcMusic
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