TitleThe White Devil
AuthorWebster, John
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/11/1969
Press Night11/13/1969
Closing Night1/23/1971
Performance Length3 hours (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances73
Performer Roles
ROLE126693Petherbridge; EdwardCount Lodovico
ROLE126694Barrie; FrankGasparo
ROLE126695McEwan; GeraldineVittoria Corombona
ROLE126697Coleridge; KateMoorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE126698Atkinson; BarbaraMoorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE126700Maxwell-Muller; JoMoorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE126701Whitrow; BenjaminCamillo, Vittoria's husband / Priest
ROLE126702Godfrey; DerekPaulo Giordano Orsini, Duke of Bracciano
ROLE126703Woodward; EdwardFlamineo, secretary to Bracciano and brother of Vittoria
ROLE126704Lapotaire; JaneZanche, a Moor, servant of Vittoria
ROLE126706Hughes; HazelCornelia, mother of Vittoria, Marcello and Flamineo
ROLE126707Moffatt; JohnMonticelso, a cardinal, later Pope Paul IV
ROLE126708Ryall; DavidChancellor / Carlo
ROLE126709James; Barry Registrar / Pedro
ROLE126710Wenham; JaneIsabella, wife of Bracciano and sister of Francisco
ROLE126711Nicholls; AnthonyFrancisco de Medici, Duke of Florence
ROLE126712Guyett; LionelJacques, servant of Francisco
ROLE126713Hardwicke; EdwardMarcello, brother of Flamineo adn Francisco's secretary
ROLE126714Dorfman; PaulGiovanni, Bracciano's son by Isabella / Acolyte
ROLE126715Guard; DominicGiovanni, Bracciano's son by Isabella / Acolyte
ROLE126716Barnes; Michael TudorDr Julio / Young Lord
ROLE126717Tully; BrianConjuror / Ventian Ambassador
ROLE126718McCarthy; JuliaAttendant to Isabella / Moorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE126719Turner; MichaelLawyer
ROLE126720Jones; LewisEnglish Ambassador
ROLE126721Pyne; FrederickFrench Ambassador
ROLE126722Green; ReginaldSavoy Ambassador
ROLE126723Hayes; JamesMilanese Ambassador / Cardinal of Arragon
ROLE126724Hobbs; WilliamSpanish Ambassador
ROLE126725Burns; HelenMatron of the House of Convertites
ROLE126727Armstrong; HughSoldier
ROLE126728Roantree; SeanSoldier
ROLE126729Trimble; LawrenceSoldier
ROLE126730Vousden; PaulSoldier
ROLE126736Jacobi; DerekCount Lodovico
ROLE126740Lill; DenisChancellor / Cardinal of Arragon
ROLE126741Dowling; AndrewGiovanni, Bracciano's son by Isabella / Acolyte
ROLE126742Duncan; PeterGiovanni, Bracciano's son by Isabella / Acolyte
ROLE126743Rocca; PeterSavoy Ambassador
ROLE126744Henry; DavidMilanese Ambassador
ROLE126745Edgar; MichaelSoldier
ROLE126746Flint; JohnSavoy Ambassador / Carlo
ROLE126747Georgeson; TomSoldier
ROLE126748Reid; MalcolmSoldier
ROLE126749Fagan; JamesMilanese Ambassador
ROLE126751Southern; HowardSoldier
ROLE126753Michael; JanetMoorish servant to Vittoria
ROLE141271Harding; MichaelChancellor
ROLE141272Barnes; Michael TudorGasparo
ROLE141273Herbert; RachelMoorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE141274Barrie; FrankPaulo Giordano Orsini, Duke of Bracciano
ROLE141275James; BarryDr Julio
ROLE141276Howey; DavidFrench Ambassador
ROLE141278Tully; BrianCarlo
ROLE141279Streader; NormaMoorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE141280Wilson; JudyMoorish servant of Vittoria
ROLE141281Flint; JohnSoldier
ROLE126208Bell; SebastianMusician
ROLE126692Waterman; StanMusician
ROLE141277McCarthy; JuliaMatron of the House of Convertites
Creative Roles
ROLE103220Webster; John (c.1580-1634); Writer
ROLE103221Dunlop; Frank (1927-)Director
ROLE106557Ornbo; RobertLighting
ROLE125946Chagrin; ClaudeMime
ROLE109373Hobbs; WilliamFights
ROLE111951Joffe; RolandAssistant to the Producer
ROLE109379Boddington; Diana (1921-2002)Stage Manager
ROLE108083Dominic; ZoeProduction Photographer
ROLE141270Wilkinson; MarcMusic
ROLE141282Gherardi; PieroDesigner
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