TitleThe Merchant of Venice
AuthorShakespeare, William
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night4/28/1970
Closing Night7/29/1971
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including 18 minute interval)
AwardsPlays and Players for Best Actor (Laurence Olivier)
Number of Performances100
Performer Roles
ROLE126830Whitrow; BenjaminThe Duke of Venice
ROLE126831Baker; TomThe Prince of Morocco
ROLE126832Kay; CharlesThe Prince of Arragon
ROLE126833Nicholls; AnthonyAntonio, a merchant of Venice
ROLE126834Brett; JeremyBassanio, Prince of Arragon's friend, suitor to Portia
ROLE126835Barnes; Michael TudorSolanio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
ROLE126836Jacobi; DerekGratiano, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
ROLE126837Kay; RichardSalerio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
ROLE126838Reid; MalcolmLorenzo, in love with Jessica
ROLE126840Jones; LewisTubal, a Jew, Shylock's friend
ROLE126841Dale; JimLauncelot Gobbo, the clown, servant to Shylock
ROLE126842Lomax; HarryOld Gobbo, father to Launcelot
ROLE126843Edgar; MichaelSecretary / Officer / Servant
ROLE126844Trimble; LawrenceServant to Antonio / Officer / Servant
ROLE126845Dudley; AlanLeonardo, servant to Bassanio
ROLE126846Harding; MichaelBalthasar, servant to Portia
ROLE126847Carter; PatrickStephano, servant to Portia
ROLE126848Vousden; PaulBarber / Officer / Servant
ROLE126849Plowright; Joan (1929-)Portia, a rich heiress
ROLE126850Carteret; AnnaNerissa, Portia's waiting-maid
ROLE126851Lapotaire; JaneJessica, daughter to Shylock
ROLE126852Walmesley; ClareSinger
ROLE126853Sarti; LauraSinger
ROLE126854Coleridge; KateOfficer / Servant
ROLE126855Roantree; SeanOfficer / Servant
ROLE126856Armstrong; HughOfficer / Servant
ROLE128624Olivier; Lord; Laurence (1907-1989)Shylock, a rich Jew
ROLE137712Barge; GillianUnderstudy: Portia
ROLE125418Mallett; ChuckMusician
ROLE125549Pinkett; NigelMusician
ROLE126829Cruft; BenedictMusician
ROLE141299Barrie; FrankBassanio, Prince of Arragon's friend, suitor to Portia
ROLE141300James; BarrySalerio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
ROLE141301Howey; DavidServant to Antonio / Officer / Servant
ROLE141302Rocca; PeterStephano, servant to Portia
ROLE141319Rocca; PeterOfficer / Servant
ROLE141303Kincaid; DavidBarber / Officer / Servant
ROLE141304Purnell; Louise (1942-)Jessica, daughter to Shylock
ROLE141305Noble; MoragSinger
ROLE141306Georgeson; TomOfficer / Servant
ROLE141310Georgeson; TomLorenzo, in love with Jessica
ROLE141307Riley; MaggieOfficer / Servant
ROLE141308Southern; HowardOfficer / Servant
ROLE141318Southern; HowardLauncelot Gobbo, the clown, servant to Shylock
ROLE141309Whitrow; BenjaminThe Prince of Arragon
ROLE141311Dudley; AlanTubal, a Jew, Shylock's friend / Officer / Servant
ROLE141312Curran; PaulOld Gobbo, father to Launcelot
ROLE141320Curran; PaulThe Duke of Venice
ROLE141313Dickinson; TomBalthasar, servant to Portia / Officer / Servant
ROLE141314Guyett; LionelBarber
ROLE141324Guyett; LionelBarber / Officer / Servant
ROLE141315Maxwell-Muller; JoNerissa, Portia's waiting-maid
ROLE141325Maxwell-Muller; JoOfficer / Servant
ROLE141317Wilson; JudyOfficer / Servant
ROLE141321Greif; StephenThe Prince of Morocco
ROLE141322Pickup; RonaldGratiano, friend to Antonio and Bassanio
ROLE141323Streader; NormaOfficer / Servant
ROLE141326Waters; HarryOfficer / Servant
ROLE127293Trusler; JohnMusician
ROLE141327Lewis; AnthonyMusician
ROLE141328Trory; RobertMusician
Creative Roles
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE103201Miller; Jonathan (1934-)Director
ROLE106557Ornbo; RobertLighting
ROLE122722Crickmay; AnthonyProduction Photographer
ROLE126364Lomax; HarryAssistant to the Producer
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE123704Oman; Julia TrevelyanDesigner
ROLE141329Davis; CarlMusical arrangement / Original music
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