TitleThe Captain of Köpenick
AuthorZuckmayer, Carl
Author TwoMortimer, John (adapted by)
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night3/2/1971
Press Night3/9/1971
Closing Night11/27/1971
Number of Performances60
Performer Roles
ROLE128004Scofield; Paul (1922-)Wilhelm Voigt
ROLE128005Kay; CharlesSuperintendent / General
ROLE128006Gallagher; BernardSergeant / Hoprecht / Inspector
ROLE128007Dale; JimKalle
ROLE128008Harding; MichaelWaiter / Convict / Kutzmann
ROLE128009Moffatt; JohnVon Schlettow / Krakauer / Chief of Police
ROLE128010Dowling; AndrewBillard attendant
ROLE128011Pickup; RonaldDr Jellinek / Field-Marshal / Rosencrantz
ROLE128012Laye; GabrielleTart / Augusta
ROLE128013Wenham; JaneTart / Frau Kessler
ROLE128014Riley; MaggiePolly / Nurse
ROLE128015Kincaid; DavidGrenadier / Warder / Soldier
ROLE128016James; GeraldPoliceman / Governor / Porter
ROLE128017Reid; MalcolmDeltzeit / Convict / Soldier / Police Inspector
ROLE128018Lomax; HarryWabschke / Veteran / Councillor
ROLE128019Turner; MichaelDoss-house keeper / Police Inspector
ROLE128020Henry; DavidZeck / Convict / Corporal
ROLE128021Hayes; JamesHollhuber / Convict / Lieutenant / Officer / Soldier
ROLE128022Lill; DenisGebweiler / Convict / Officer / Soldier
ROLE128023Hardwicke; EdwardButtje / Captain von Schleinitz / Passport Official
ROLE128024Woodward; DerekJupp / Convict / Soldier
ROLE128025Ryall; DavidSergeant / Convict / Kilian
ROLE128026Jones; LewisCorporal / Convict / Policeman / Soldier / Photographer
ROLE128027Mackintosh; KennethWormser
ROLE128028Kay; RichardWilly Wormser / Soldier / Stutz
ROLE128029Fraser; BillObermuller
ROLE128030Griffiths; MaryFrau Hoprecht
ROLE128032Hughes; HazelFrau Obermuller
ROLE128033McCarthy; JuliaFanny / Old Lady / Peasant Girl
ROLE128034Duncan; PeterHellmut
ROLE128035Tully; BrianChaplain / Kessler / Councillor
ROLE128038Flint; JohnBulcke / Soldier
ROLE128039Dowling; AndrewConvict
ROLE128043Jameson; BrianConvict / Soldier
ROLE128052Jones; LewisConvict
ROLE128057Jones; LewisCommissioner
ROLE128059Lapotaire; JaneLieschen / Old Lady
ROLE128062Streader; NormaNurse / Sarah
ROLE128064McCormick; RichardChild
ROLE128065Howe; StephenChild
ROLE128073Sheppard; StephenTrump
ROLE128079Turner; MichaelPolice Inspector
ROLE128095Reid; MalcolmWilly Wormser
ROLE128096Sheppard; StephenSoldier / Policeman
ROLE128098Streader; NormaLieschen
ROLE128099O'Hara; RiggsConvict / Soldier / Stutz
ROLE128100Southern; HowardBulcke
ROLE128101Callaghan; RayWaiter / Gebweiler / Convict / Kutzmann
ROLE128103Burford; IanButtje / Soldier
ROLE128104Kincaid; DavidJupp
ROLE128105Smart; PeterCorporal / Bulcke / Soldier / Photographer
ROLE128106Leary; TonyConvict / Soldier
ROLE128107Gulliver; JohnConvict / Officer / Soldier / Policeman
ROLE128108Hobbs; WilliamConvict / Soldier
ROLE128109Watts; JeanneFanny / Old Lady / Peasant Girl
ROLE128112Dale; JimCaptain von Schleinitz
ROLE128113Lipman; MaureenOld Lady
ROLE128115Nicholls; AnthonyTrump / Commissioner
ROLE128121Mitchell; AllanSoldier / Passport Official
ROLE128129Kincaid; DavidUnderstudy: Jupp
ROLE128130Moody; KevinUnderstudy: Child
ROLE128131Raven; ChristopherUnderstudy: Child
ROLE128132Whitrow; BenjaminDr Jellinek / Professor / Understudy: Rosencrantz
ROLE128133Jameson; BrianConvict / Understudy: Deltzeit / Understudy: Policeman
ROLE128134Sheppard; StephenUnderstudy: Police inspector
ROLE128679Quilley; Denis (1928-2003)Superintendant / General
ROLE128001Lankester; MichaelDrum-Major
ROLE126208Bell; SebastianMusician
ROLE128002Botterall; JackMusician
ROLE128003Fry; MartinMusician
ROLE127681Harris; MichaelMusician
ROLE118660Laird; MichaelMusician
ROLE122747Morgan; LaurieMusician
ROLE126655Wells; NormanMusician
ROLE141345Howey; DavidConvict / Soldier
Creative Roles
ROLE103738Zuckmayer; Carl (1896-1977)Writer
ROLE103739Mortimer; John (1923-)Adaptor
ROLE103221Dunlop; Frank (1927-)Director
ROLE127996Appen; Karl vonDesign
ROLE127997Grund; ManfredDesign
ROLE125618Read; John BLighting
ROLE126885Lankester; MichaelMusic
ROLE127998O'Neill; SheilaDances
ROLE115477Williams; MishaAssistant to the Producer
ROLE109379Boddington; Diana (1921-2002)Stage Manager
ROLE127999Hamer; RichardDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE128000Seager; JanetAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115480Rennison; Michael EAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE112033Wilson; RegProduction Photographer
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