TitleA Woman Killed with Kindness
AuthorHeywood, Thomas
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night4/6/1971
Press Night4/7/1971
Closing Night7/31/1971
Number of Performances43
Performer Roles
ROLE126944Bradley; DaiJenkin
ROLE126945Maxwell-Muller; JoSisly Milkpail
ROLE126946Baker; TomSir Francis Acton, brother of Mistress Frankford
ROLE126947Barrie; FrankWendoll
ROLE126948Hopkins; Sir; AnthonyMaster John Frankford
ROLE126949Jacobi; DerekSir Charles Mountford
ROLE126950Barnes; Michael TudorMaster Cranwell
ROLE126951Guyett; LionelMaster Malby
ROLE126952Plowright; Joan (1929-)Mistress Anne Frankford
ROLE126953Curran; PaulNicholas
ROLE126954Dudley; AlanJack Slime
ROLE126955Georgeson; TomRoger Brickbat / Huntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126956Purnell; Louise (1942-)Susan Mountford, sister of Sir Charles
ROLE126957Rocca; PeterSheriff / A jailer
ROLE126958Whitrow; BenjaminSpiggot
ROLE126959Edgar; MichaelA keeper / Master Sandy / Huntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126960James; Barry Master Shafton / Huntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126961Dudley; AlanOld Mountford, uncle of Sir Charles
ROLE126963Dickinson; TomMaster Rodor / Huntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126964Howey; DavidMaster Tydy / Huntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126966Southern; HowardServant / Huntsman / Falconer
ROLE126967Barge; GillianHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126968Burt; DavidHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126969Coleridge; KateHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126972Sheppard; StephenHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126973Wilson; JudyHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE126974Georgeson; TomRoger Brickbat / Understudy: Master Malby
ROLE126975Jameson; BrianHuntsman / Falconer / Servant / Understudy: Roger Brickbat
ROLE126976Greif; StephenSir Francis Acton
ROLE126977Pickup; RonaldSir Charles Mountford
ROLE126979Wilson; JudyUnderstudy: Mistress Anne Frankford
ROLE126980James; Barry Understudy: Sir Charles Mountford
ROLE126981Sheppard; StephenUnderstudy: A keeper
ROLE126982Edgar; MichaelUnderstudy: Master Shafton
ROLE126983Dickinson; TomUnderstudy: Spiggot
ROLE126208Bell; SebastianMusician
ROLE126431Willmott; RodMusician
ROLE141346Hobbs; WilliamHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE141347Hunt; CarolineHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
ROLE141348Waters; HarryHuntsman / Falconer / Servant
Creative Roles
ROLE103459Heywood; Thomas (1573-1641)Playwright
ROLE103203Dexter; John (1925-1990)Director
ROLE108083Dominic; ZoeProduction Photographer
ROLE116356Phillips; Andrew / AndyLighting
ROLE111950Wilkinson; MarcSound
ROLE126800Goddard; MalcolmDance
ROLE109373Hobbs; WilliamFights
ROLE126943Myles; DavidAssistant to the Producer
ROLE104552Harvey; JackieStage Manager
ROLE111952Walters; TonyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE111954Huby; BrianAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE138029Herbert; JocelynDesigner
ROLE111953Duckett; AmandaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127193Mangan; RichardStage Manager
ROLE127515Barnes; JasonDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE122821Markham; ElizabethAssistant Stage Manager
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