AuthorMitchell, Adrian
Author TwoWestbrook, Mike (music by)
VenueNew Theatre, London
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/13/1971
Press Night7/20/1971
Closing Night11/20/1971
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances59
Performer Roles
ROLE127771Lucas; IsabelleIsabelle
ROLE127772The CompanyOther parts
ROLE127773Ryall; DavidKlopstock / John Milton
ROLE127774Moffatt; JohnSir Joshua Rat
ROLE127775Kincaid; DavidFirst intellectual
ROLE127776Leary; TonySecond Intellectual / Rudyard Kipling
ROLE127778Riley; MaggieBarmaid
ROLE127779James; GeraldWilliam Blake
ROLE127781Nicholls; AnthonyHome Secretary
ROLE127782Reid; MalcolmCivil Servant
ROLE127783Burford; IanThe Crab / Allen Ginsberg
ROLE127784Wenham; JaneKate Blake
ROLE127785Turner; MichaelThe Reverend Trusler / William Shakespeare
ROLE127786Smart; PeterThe Ghost of a Flea
ROLE127787Barnett; AnthonyPostman / Working man's family
ROLE127788Atkinson; SarahFirst randy woman
ROLE127789Lipman; MaureenSecond randy woman
ROLE127790Ramsay; LouieThird randy woman
ROLE127791Henry; DavidLord Nobodaddy / Geoffrey Chaucer
ROLE127792Hughes; HazelLady Twat
ROLE127793Reid; MalcolmEvelyn Graze
ROLE127794Hayes; JamesRobert Southey / Edward Lear / Third Intellectual
ROLE127795Duncan; PeterMechanical creature / John Keats / Working man's family
ROLE127797Gulliver; JohnSamuel Palmer
ROLE127801Jackson; AlanWilliam Wordsworth / Drums
ROLE127802Wintour; DavePercy Bysshe Shelley / Bass Guitar
ROLE127803O'Hara; RiggsSamuel Coleridge
ROLE127805Beaton; NormanLord Byron
ROLE127807Kincaid; DavidRobert Browning
ROLE127809Gallagher; BernardWalt Whitman / Working Man
ROLE127812Fraser; BillKing George
ROLE127814Griffiths; MaryWorking man's wife
ROLE127819Moody; KevinWorking man's family / Billy
ROLE127820Jones; LewisUnderstudy: Judge
ROLE127821Mackintosh; KennethLawyer
ROLE127822Winstone; NormaUnderstudy: Isabelle
ROLE127823Kincaid; DavidUnderstudy: Captain Stedman
ROLE127824Smart; PeterUnderstudy: Alfred Lord Tennyson
ROLE127825Barnett; AnthonyChatterton (replaced poet Byron due to revisions by author)
ROLE127826Mitchell; AllanCaptain Stedman / Alfred Lord Tennyson
ROLE127827Tully; BrianJudge / Undertsudy: Home Secretary
ROLE128675Quilley; Denis (1928-2003)Scofield
ROLE141352Callaghan; RayHenry Fuseli
ROLE127763Westbrook; MikePiano
ROLE127764Trench; FiachraOrgan and piano
ROLE127766Boyle; GaryGuitar
ROLE127768Kahn; Nisar AhmadTenor Saxophone / Flute
ROLE127769Griffiths; MalcolmTrombone
ROLE127770Holdsworth; DaveTrumpet
Creative Roles
ROLE103211Mitchell; Adrian (1932-)Writer
ROLE103206Blakemore; Michael (1928-)Director
ROLE103203Dexter; John (1925-1990)Director
ROLE103477Haynes; JohnProduction Photographer
ROLE116356Phillips; Andrew / AndyLighting
ROLE127687Trench; FiachraMusical Direction
ROLE127688Michell; JohnMusical Direction
ROLE127689Goddard; MalcolmAdviser on Movement
ROLE127690O'Neill; SheilaAdviser on Movement
ROLE126943Myles; DavidAssistant to the Producer
ROLE109379Boddington; Diana (1921-2002)Stage Manager
ROLE126886Seager; JanetDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE127581Mead; HenryAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE126887Robins; PhilAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE130944Dudley; WilliamDesigner / Programme cover design
ROLE138029Herbert; JocelynDesigner
ROLE141353Westbrook; MikeMusical Direction
RNT/PO/5/37Tyger1971Set Photographs
RNT/PP/5/16Tyger1971Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/SM/2/1/53Tyger13 July 1971 - 8 January 1972Pre-South Bank Show Reports
RNT/PR/4/1/50TygerJune 1971 - December 1971Press Production Review Files
RNT/CO/1/47Tyger1971Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/1/1/235Tyger July 1971Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PP/1/1/233TygerJuly 1971Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PR/3/55Tyger1971Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/1/6/32Tyger - A Celebration of William Blake20 July 1971Touring programmes
RNT/PP/1/1/234Tyger July 1971Pre-South Bank Programmes
JH/4/45Tyger1971Design drawings
JH/6/1/13Tygerc1971Production scripts
JH/10/9Diary - 1971Jan- Dec 1971Diaries
JH/13/1Programmes - Herbert designed productions1956-1992Programmes
JH/2/53/14Correspondence with Jocelyn Herbert after 19661966 - 1980s'Personal Correspondence'
RNT/PP/1/1/235aTyger 1971Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PR/2/1/89National Theatre production of Tyger for New Theatre from 20 July21 June 1971Press Releases 1960-1979
JH/3/35Notebook 1991Notebooks and Sketchbooks
RNT/PR/4/8/2571964 - 1972 Press reviews 1964 - 1972Press General Review Files
RNT/R/1/1/46Tyger T-shirt1971Clothing
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