TitleThe Front Page
AuthorHecht, Ben
Author TwoMacArthur, Charles
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/4/1972
Press Night7/6/1972
Closing Night1/31/1974
Performance Length2 hours, 20 minutes (including two 15 minute intervals)
Number of Performances110
Performer Roles
ROLE127829Mitchell; AllanWilson
ROLE127830Shrapnel; JohnEndicott
ROLE127831Hayes; JamesMurphy
ROLE127832Grainger; GawnMcCue
ROLE127833Bradley; DavidSchwartz
ROLE127834Ryall; DavidKruger
ROLE127835Whitrow; BenjaminBensinger
ROLE127836Riley; MaggieMrs Schlosser
ROLE127837Henry; DavidWoodenshoes Eichhorn
ROLE127838Greif; StephenDiamond Louie
ROLE127840Watts; JeanneJennie
ROLE127841Lipman; MaureenMolly Malloy
ROLE127842Bauer; DavidSheriff Hartman
ROLE127843Carteret; AnnaPeggy Grant
ROLE127844Griffiths; MaryMrs Grant
ROLE127845Curran; PaulThe Mayor
ROLE127846Lomax; HarryMr Pincus
ROLE127847Merrison; CliveEarl Williams
ROLE127848MacNaughtan; AlanWalter Burns
ROLE127849James; Barry Tony
ROLE127850Mackintosh; KennethCarl
ROLE127851Reid; MalcolmFrank
ROLE127852Essex; MichaelPoliceman
ROLE127853Hetherington; PaulPoliceman
ROLE127854Kincaid; DavidPoliceman
ROLE127855Monk; RogerPoliceman
ROLE127856Waters; HarryPoliceman
ROLE127857Whitman; DavidPoliceman
ROLE127858Gregory; PaulPoliceman
ROLE127859Howard; RichardTony
ROLE127860Kincaid; DavidWoodenshoes Eichhorn
ROLE127861Atkinson; SarahMolly Malloy
ROLE127862Healy; DavidSheriff Hartman
ROLE127863Williams; StephenPoliceman
ROLE127864Purnell; Louise (1942-)Understudy: Peggy Grant
ROLE127865Reid; MalcolmBensinger
ROLE127866Gregg; JohnUnderstudy: Frank
ROLE127867Howard; RichardEarl Williams
ROLE127869Firth; DavidUnderstudy: Tony
ROLE128676Quilley; Denis (1928-2003)Hildy Johnson
ROLE141389Lindow; PhilipPoliceman
ROLE141390Weisselberg; KifferPoliceman
ROLE141391Graham; DavidDiamond Louie
ROLE141392Gregory; PaulFrank
ROLE141393Smith; JamesPoliceman
ROLE141394Forman; JamiePoliceman
ROLE141395Williams; StephenWoodenshoes Eichhorn
ROLE141396Kincaid; DavidSheriff Harman
ROLE141397Kaphengst; Robert vanPoliceman
ROLE141398Murphy; PatrickPoliceman
ROLE141399Howard; RichardKruger
Creative Roles
ROLE104299Hecht; Ben (1894-1964)Playwright
ROLE104022MacArthur; Charles (1895-1956)Writer
ROLE103206Blakemore; Michael (1928-)Director
ROLE122598Annals; MichaelDesigner
ROLE105024Tucker; LeonardLighting
ROLE126396Mackintosh; KennethAssistant to the Director
ROLE115479Webb; RosemaryDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE127686Redgrave; AlisonAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127623Verner; ChristopherAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE121079Baker; SophieProduction Photographer
ROLE122821Markham; ElizabethAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127300Whyte; Simon AAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE109379Boddington; Diana (1921-2002)Stage Manager
ROLE141400Robins; PhilAssistant Stage Manager later Deputy Stage Manager
ROLE127369Oliver; TerryAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE141401Walters; TonyStage Manager later Deputy Stage Manager
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