TitleThe Marriage of Figaro
AuthorBeaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de
Author TwoWells, John (translated by)
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/3/1974
Press Night7/9/1974
Closing Night11/7/1974
Performance Length2 hours, 30 minutes (including 15 minute interval)
Number of Performances33
Performer Roles
ROLE127201Godfrey; DerekCount Almaviva, Lord Sheriff of Andalusia
ROLE127202Jones; GemmaThe Countess, Count Almaviva's wife
ROLE127203Grainger; GawnFigaro, Count Almaviva's manservant and steward of the castle
ROLE127204Pagett; NicolaSuzanne, lady's maid to the Countess and betrothed to Figaro
ROLE127205Pemberton; AntoniaMarceline, the housekeeper
ROLE127206Whitrow; BenjaminDr Bartholo, a doctor from Seville
ROLE127207Malpas; GeorgeAntonio, gardener at the castle, uncle of Suzanne and father of Fanchette
ROLE127208Relton; WilliamCherubin, the Count's page
ROLE127209Manville; LesleyFanchette, daughter of Antonio
ROLE127210Thomas; HughBasile, music master at the castle
ROLE127211Goorney; HowardBrid 'Oison, a local magistrate
ROLE127212Gregg; JohnDouble-Main, Clerk of the COurt, Brid 'Oison's secretary
ROLE127213Adams; DesmondGripe-Soleil, a young goatherd
ROLE127214Graham-Jones; SebastianPedrillo, the Count's huntsman
ROLE127215Beattie; JamesUsher
ROLE127216Haley; PaulLackey
ROLE127217Dearth; LynnPeasant
ROLE127218Fraser; AlicePeasant
ROLE127219Gibson; MargaretPeasant
ROLE127220McRoberts; BrionyPeasant
ROLE127221Mowlam; CarolePeasant
ROLE127222Collins; GeoffreyPeasant
ROLE127223Deeks; MichaelPeasant
ROLE127224Halstead; RobinPeasant
ROLE127225Hayward; MikePeasant
ROLE141545Liebert; JudyPeasant
ROLE127196Ricketts; MarshaHurdy-Gurdy / Italian Viola / Percussion / Vocals
ROLE127197Moir; JoeCabrette / Hurdy-Gurdy / Portugese Viola / Bombard
ROLE127198Thomas; BobCabrette / Grand Cornomuse / Oboe / Bombard / Fiddle
ROLE141490Morgan; LauriePercussion
ROLE127200Graham-Jones; SebastianGuitar
Creative Roles
ROLE103233Beaumarchais; Pierre-Augustin Caron de (1732-1799)Writer
ROLE103234Wells; JohnTranslator
ROLE103201Miller; Jonathan (1934-)Director
ROLE126652Robertson; PatrickDesigner
ROLE110063Hersey; DavidLighting
ROLE126827Davis; CarlMusic
ROLE127191Thomas; HughStaff Director
ROLE127192Krichefski; BernardDirector's Assistant
ROLE127193Mangan; RichardStage Manager
ROLE122820Smith; JenniferDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE127194McNulty; EmmaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115248Walmsley; LesleyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127195Miskimmin; RobinAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122722Crickmay; AnthonyProduction Photographer
ROLE141547Lefton; SueDances (assistant)
ROLE141548Vercoe; RosemaryCostume Designer
ROLE113416Fazan; EleanorDances
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