TitleGrand Manoeuvres
AuthorEllis, A.E.
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/29/1974
Press Night12/3/1974
Closing Night2/13/1975
Performance Length3 hours (including two 15 minute intervals)
Number of Performances27
Performer Roles
ROLE127093Rogers; PaulMajor Henry
ROLE127094Reid; MalcolmCaptain Lauth / Major de Breon
ROLE127095Waters; HarryCaptain Matton / Cousin Gustave
ROLE127097Curram; RolandMajor du Paty de Clam
ROLE127098Souza; Edward deMajor Picquart
ROLE127099Dignam; MarkGeneral Mercier, Minister of War 1893-95
ROLE127100Brown; AntonyGeneral Saussier, Military Governor of Paris / Cavaignac, Minister of War 1895-96
ROLE127101Jewesbury; EdwardGeneral de Boisdeffre, Chief of Staff
ROLE127102Murton; LionelGeneral Gonse, Assistant Chief of Staff
ROLE127103Bown; JohnColonel Maurel, President of 1894 Court Martial
ROLE127104Bailey; BillLt Col Echemann
ROLE127105Trewinnard; PhilipMajor Florentin
ROLE127106McCrindle; AlexDeniel, Commandant, Devil's Island / Dupuy, Prime Minister / Steevens, corespondent of the Daily Mail
ROLE127108Lomax; HarryColonel Jouast, President of 1899 Court Martial / Great Uncle Jules
ROLE127110Edwards; RayMember of 1899 Court Martial / Understudy: Deniel, Commandant, Devil's island / Understudy: Depuy, Prime Minister
ROLE127111MacNaughtan; AlanCaptain Dreyfus
ROLE127112Martyn; DonaLucie Dreyfus, Dreyfus' wife
ROLE127113Cave; NicolaJeanne Dreyfus, Dreyfus' daughter
ROLE127114Relevy; JohnPierre Dreyfus, Dreyfus' son
ROLE127115Graham; DavidBertulus, Examining Magistrate / Barres, Correspondence of Libre Parole
ROLE127116Hayes; JamesDemange, Counsel for Captain Dreyfus
ROLE127117Bradley; DavidLabori, Demange's assistant / Anti-Dreyfusard brother
ROLE127119Whitbread; PeterJuares, Socialist Deputy / Major Esterhazy
ROLE127122Hay; AlanMinister / Lemercier Picard
ROLE127124Brown; AlanColonel von Schwartzkoppen
ROLE127125O'Mahoney; RobertColonel's Aide
ROLE127126Jeffries; FredaMadame Bastian
ROLE127130Tudor; JenniferAunt Louise
ROLE127131Stroud; MichaelCousin Emile / Bertillon, an anthropometrician
ROLE127134Churcher; MelEugenie
ROLE127135Miller; PipDreyfusard brother
ROLE127137Knee; StuartJean Paul / Understudy: Steevens, Correspondant of the Daily Mail
ROLE127138Sowerby; VeronicaMaid
ROLE127139Beers; Sara vanMaid
ROLE127141Mara; MichaelM. Lagrange, witness for the prosecution
ROLE127142Tranchell; ChrisCourt Official
ROLE127144Bax; MartinAssassin
ROLE127145Schofield; PeterGribelin / Innkeeper
ROLE127146Harding; CatherineInnkeeper's wife
ROLE127147Dunford; AndrewInnkeeper's son
ROLE125365Morgan; LaurieDrummer
ROLE141556Wells; NormanTrumpeter
ROLE141557Bresslaw; LennyDrummer
ROLE141558Young; GeoffreyFlautist
Creative Roles
ROLE103229Ellis; A EWriter
ROLE103206Blakemore; Michael (1928-)Director
ROLE106505Clancy; DeirdreCostumes
ROLE109624Lefton; SueMovement
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE127047Robins; PhilDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE115797Bissett; AngelaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127048Hall; ErnestAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122821Markham; ElizabethAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127034Carter; SylviaSound
ROLE127092Beers; Sara vanFrench Pronunciation Coach
ROLE141270Wilkinson; MarcMusic
ROLE122597Lomax; HarryStaff Director
ROLE141555Bury; John (1925-2000)Settings / Lighting
RNT/PP/2/1/95Grand ManoeuvresDecember 1974Pre-South Bank Posters
RNT/PP/1/1/303Grand Manoeuvres December 1974Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PO/5/56Grand Manoeuvres1974Set Photographs
RNT/PR/4/1/81Grand ManoeuvresNovember 1974 - January 1975Press Production Review Files
RNT/SM/1/86aGrand Manoeuvers1974Prompt Scripts
RNT/PR/3/80Grand Manoeuvres1974Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/SM/1/86bGrand Manoeuvers1974Prompt Scripts
RNT/CO/1/70Grand Manoeuvres1974Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PR/2/1/132Newly planned Old Vic programme after delays on South Bank sitec.1974Press Releases 1960-1979
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