TitleThe Coast of Utopia: Voyage
AuthorStoppard, Tom
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night6/27/2002
Press Night8/3/2002
Closing Night11/23/2002
Performance Length3 hours (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsEvening Standard Award: Best Designer (William Dudley)
Olivier nominations for The BBC Award for Best New Play, Best Set Design (William Dudley), Best Costume Design (William Dudley), Best Lighting Design (David Hersey)
Number of Performances56
Performer Roles
ROLE113562Carlisle; JohnAlexander Bakunin
ROLE113563Dean; FelicityVarvara, Alexander Bakunin's wife
ROLE113564Best; EveLiubov, the Bakunins' daughter
ROLE113565Emmerson; CharlotteVarenka, the Bakunins' daughter
ROLE113566Whybrow; LucyTatiana, the Bakunins' daughter
ROLE113567Martin; Anna MaxwellAlexandra, the Bakunins' daughter
ROLE113568Malden; Jennifer ScottMiss Chamberlain, an English governess
ROLE113569James; JackBaron Renne, a cavalry officer / Police Commissioner / Pushkin, the poet
ROLE113570Nolan; JohnSemyon, senior household servant
ROLE113571Henshall; DouglasMichael Bakunin, the Bakunins' son
ROLE113572Coulthard; RaymondNicholas Stankevich, a young philosopher
ROLE113573Spencer-Turner; JanetMasha, the maid
ROLE110101Keen; WillVissarion Belinsky, a literary critic
ROLE113574Henry; GuyIvan Turgenev, a would-be writer
ROLE113575Dillane; StephenAlexander Herzen, a would-be revolutionary
ROLE113576Duvitski; JanineMrs Beyer
ROLE113577Slinger; JonathanNicholas Sazonov, one of Herzen's "circle"
ROLE113578Day; SimonNicholas Ogarev, one of Herzen's "circle"
ROLE113579Ritter; PaulNicholas Ketscher, one of Herzen's "circle"
ROLE113580Sampson; NickNicholas Polevoy, editor of the Telegraph
ROLE113581Ferjani; RachelNatalie Beyer, Mrs Beyer's daughter
ROLE113582Mitchell; IainPeter Chaadaev, a philosopher
ROLE113583Troughton; SamStepan Shevyrev, editor of The Moscow Observer
ROLE113584Verrey; DavidDyakov, a cavalry officer
ROLE113585Hyde; JasmineKatya, Belinsky's mistress
ROLE113588Chamberlain; MartinDoctor
ROLE113589Hollis; RichardA Ginger Cat
ROLE113590Arnold; ThomasOther parts
ROLE110130Manton; SarahOther parts
ROLE110133Sylvester; KemalOther parts
ROLE105871Edis; SteveKeyboards
ROLE113591Bentley-Klein; Stephen (Steve)Violin / Mandolin
ROLE113592Bradshaw; PennyCello / Keyboard
ROLE106387Gregory; MichaelPercussion
ROLE113593Grove; BenGuitar / Balalaika / Bass Guitar
ROLE113594James; SarahClarinet / Flute
ROLE114430Bousie; MarkKeyboard
Creative Roles
ROLE104141Stoppard; Sir; Tom (1937-)Playwright
ROLE103765Nunn; Sir; Trevor (1940-)Director
ROLE110062Dudley; WilliamSet, Costume and Video Designer
ROLE110063Hersey; DavidLighting
ROLE110064Rayne; StephenAssociate Director
ROLE110066Bolger; DavidMovement Director
ROLE108080Groothuis; PaulSound Designer
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE110067Read; KatieStaff Director
ROLE110068Robinson; PaulStaff Director
ROLE108135Rankin; AlisonStage Manager
ROLE110069Bardsley; FionaStage Manager
ROLE110070McDevitt; KerryDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE106249Millin; SueDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE110071Bamford; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104746Fox; ValerieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104868Haffenden; NikAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE110072Roud; KateAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106615Speed; AndrewAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE110073Ranson; MalcolmFight Director
ROLE110074Straker; DickVideo & Projection Realisation
ROLE110075Ortel; SvenVideo & Projection Realisation Assistant
ROLE110076Kenyon; Richard3D Animation and Compositing (for Illusion Factor)
ROLE110077Kinley; MatthewAssociate Designer
ROLE110078Richardson; TomAssistant Production Manager
ROLE110079Huish; MeganDesign Assistant
ROLE110080Linford; AdrianDesign Assistant
ROLE110081McCutcheon; RachaelAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE110082Polya; BenjaminAssistant (follow spots)
ROLE110083Rappaport; HelenRussian consultant
ROLE110084Nerdrum; SonjaLanguage coach
ROLE110085Blazdell; TimAssistant Production Manager
ROLE110086Manley; JamesProduction Assistant
ROLE106758Arditti; StephanieCostume Supervisor
ROLE106008Bailey; MargieCostume Supervisor
ROLE110087Goddard; JacquiAssistant Costume Supervisor
ROLE104875Kyncl; Ivan (1953 - 2004)Production and Rehearsal Photographer
ROLE108817Godfrey; KateAssistant Voice Coach
ROLE115606Edis; SteveMusic Director
ROLE128412Bousie; MarkMusic Director
ROLE106613Dakin; MarkProduction Manager
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