TitleRichard III
AuthorShakespeare, William
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night9/28/1979
Press Night10/4/1979
Closing Night3/8/1980
Performance Length3 hours, 10 minutes (including interval)
Number of Performances42
Performer Roles
ROLE123968Wood; JohnRichard, Duke of Gloucester, brother to King Edward
ROLE123969Normington; JohnGeorge, Duke of Clarence, brother to King Edward
ROLE123970Kent; Brian (-1985)Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower / Sir James Blunt
ROLE123971Henson; Basil ( -19 Dec 1990)Lord Hastings
ROLE123972Martin; MelLady Anne, widow of Edward, Prince of Wales, son of King Henry VI
ROLE123973Lomax; HarryHenry VI / Scrivener
ROLE123974Gilmore; SusanLady in Waiting to Lady Anne
ROLE123975Tynsley; Dennis (-1981)Gentleman attendant to Lady Anne / Second Citizen / Christopher Urswick
ROLE123976Carteret; AnnaQueen Elizabeth, wife to King Edward
ROLE123977Clarke; OzEarl Rivers, brother to Queen Elizabeth
ROLE123978Norton; AdamLord Grey, son to Queen Elizabeth
ROLE123979Morley; MarianneLady in Waiting to Elizabeth
ROLE123980Hicks; GregMarquess of Dorset, son to Queen Elizabeth
ROLE123981Kemp; JeremyDuke of Bukingham
ROLE123982Cruickshank; AndrewEarl of Derby, Lord Stanley
ROLE123983Bryceland; YvonneQueen Margaret, widow to King Henry VI
ROLE123984Crowley; DermotSir William Catesby
ROLE123985Beint; Michael First Murderer / Lord Mayor / Duke of Norfolk
ROLE123986Needham; PeterSecond Murderer / Lord Lovel
ROLE123987Douse; AnthonyKing Edward IV
ROLE123988Slater; StevenSir Thomas Vaughan / First Messenger
ROLE123989Gartland; RogerSir Richard Ratcliffe
ROLE123990Dove; LeoServant to Lord Derby
ROLE123991Wimbush; MaryDuchess of York, mother to King Edward and his brothers
ROLE123996Dimmick; JeremyRichard, Duke of York, son to King Edward
ROLE123997Addison; JonRichard, Duke of York, son to King Edward
ROLE123998Ewing; JeremyEdward, Prince of Wales
ROLE124000Lee-Osborn; MichaelEdward, Prince of Wales
ROLE124002Whitby; MartynPursuivant / Fourth Messenger
ROLE124003Bellairs; NigelSir John, a priest / Attendant to Queen Elizabeth
ROLE124004Thorndike; DanielJohn Morton, Bishop of Ely / Third Citizen
ROLE124024Morris; DavidPage
ROLE124025Gee; DonaldSir James Tyrrel
ROLE124027Baker; GlynSecond Messenger / Earl of Surrey
ROLE124028Selwyn; LouisThird Messenger
ROLE124031Harding; JohnHenry, Earl of Richmond
ROLE124032Meredith; RobinSir Walter Herbert / First Citizen
ROLE124034Sleigh; WilliamSir William Brandon / Cardinal
ROLE124036Forster; NikMessenger to King Richard
ROLE124037Marshall; PeggyScavenger
ROLE124038Whiteside; JanetScavenger
ROLE137915Evett; LilianMusician
ROLE115886Evans; HowardMusician
ROLE113258Rae; ColinTrumpet
ROLE121238Harrod; JohnPercussion
Creative Roles
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE103142Morahan; ChristopherDirector
ROLE122661Koltai; RalphDesigner
ROLE105998Muldowney; DominicMusic
ROLE105026Harrison; JontyTape Realisation
ROLE123963Thomas; BarbaraVoice
ROLE123964Martin; RogerFights
ROLE122433Becker; LizziStaff Director
ROLE123856Sum; RayProduction Manager
ROLE115246Macfarlane; JillAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115247Speechley; TimothyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115248Walmsley; LesleyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104556Zieba; DerrickSound
ROLE123965Dean; DavidCostume Assistant
ROLE123966Kimm; BuffySet Assistant
ROLE115229Radmore; PeterAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE107664Taylor; MarkAssistant Production Manager
ROLE104654Clark; NobbyProduction Photographer
ROLE105038Beattie; RosemaryStage Manager
ROLE103792Bryant; CourtneyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE110063Hersey; DavidLighting
RNT/PR/3/158Richard III1979Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/5/79Richard III1979Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/SM/1/155Richard III1979Prompt Scripts
RNT/PP/1/3/36Richard III4 October 1979Olivier Programmes
RNT/PP/1/3/37Richard III4 October 1979Olivier Programmes
RNT/PR/4/1/186Richard IIIAugust 1979 - March 1980Press Production Review Files
RNT/SM/2/4/20Richard III1979 - 1980Olivier Show Reports
RNT/PP/2/3/34Richard III4 October 1979Olivier Posters
RNT/PP/2/3/33Richard III4 October 1979Olivier Posters
RNT/PO/3/1/21Richard III1979Olivier Production Office Show Files
RNT/CO/1/119Richard III1979Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/3/9/2/19aRichard III1979Olivier Cast Lists
RNT/PP/3/9/2/19bRichard III1979Olivier Cast Lists
RNT/PP/3/9/2/19cRichard III1979Olivier Cast Lists
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