AuthorShaffer, Peter
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night10/26/1979
Press Night11/2/1979
Closing Night6/4/1981
Performance Length3 hours (including interval)
AwardsPlays and Players, Best New Play
Evening Standard Drama Awards: Variety Club of Great Britain, Best Stage Actor (Paul Schofield)
Olivier nominations for Designer of the Year (John Bury), Director of the Year (Peter Hall), Actor of the Year in a New Play (Paul Schofield), Actor of the Year in a Supporting Role (Simon Callow)
Number of Performances129
Performer Roles
ROLE123933Crowley; DermotThe 'Venticelli'
ROLE123934Gee; DonaldThe 'Venticelli'
ROLE123935Locke; PhilipIgnaz Greybig, valet to Salieri
ROLE123936Scofield; Paul (1922-)Antonio Salieri
ROLE123937Henson; Basil ( -19 Dec 1990)Johann Kilian von Strack, Groom of the Imperial Chamber
ROLE123938Cruickshank; AndrewCount Orsini-Rosenberg, Director of the Imperial Opera
ROLE123939Selby; NicholasBaron van Swieten, Prefect of the Imperial Library
ROLE123940Kendal; FelicityConstanze Weber
ROLE123941Callow; Simon (1949-)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ROLE123942Sleigh; WilliamMajor Domo
ROLE123943Normington; JohnJoseph II, Emperor of Austria
ROLE123944Forster; NikServant
ROLE123945Morris; DavidServant
ROLE123946Selwyn; LouisServant
ROLE123947Slater; StevenServant
ROLE123948Baker; GlynCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123949Bellairs; NigelCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123950Dove; LeoCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123951Evers; JaneCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123952Gilmore; SusanCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123953McDonald; RobinCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123954Marshall; PeggyCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123955Meredith; RobinCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123956Sedgwick; AnneCitizen of Vienna
ROLE123957Williams; GlennCitizen of Vienna
ROLE141777Hayes; JamesThe 'Venticelli'
ROLE141778Hicks; GregThe 'Venticelli'
ROLE141779Williams; GlennSalieri's valet
ROLE141780Parry; KenSalieri's cook
ROLE141781Finlay; Frank (1926-)Antonio Salieri
ROLE141782Harding; JohnJoseph II, Emperor of Austria
ROLE141783Kent; Brian (-1985)Johann Kilian von Strack, Groom of the Imperial Chamber
ROLE141784Goddard; WilloughbyCount Orsini Rosenberg, Director of the Imperial Opera
ROLE141785Dignam; MarkBaron von Swieten, Prefect of the Imperial Library
ROLE141786Needham; PeterChapelmaster Bonno
ROLE141787Marshall; PeggyMadame Salieri
ROLE141788Diab; TerryCatarina Cavalieri
ROLE141789Hood; Morag (1942-2002)Constanze Weber
ROLE141790O'Callaghan; RichardWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ROLE141791Hope; GaryMajor Domo
ROLE141792Dawson; PeterServant
ROLE141793Howard; RobertServant
ROLE141794Norton; AdamServant
ROLE141795Williams; KevinServant
ROLE141796Fehr; SandraCitizen of Vienna
ROLE141797Fenner; MichaelCitizen of Vienna
ROLE141798Ralph; RobertCitizen of Vienna
ROLE141799Rutherford; NormanCitizen of Vienna
ROLE141800Whiting; GordonCitizen of Vienna
ROLE141801Harding; PeterServant
ROLE141802Bedford; MelvynCitizen of Vienna
Creative Roles
ROLE103346Shaffer; Peter (1926-)Writer
ROLE115819Bury; John (1925-2000)Design / Lighting
ROLE111858Mozart; Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)Music
ROLE123959Birtwistle; Sir; Harrison (1934-)Music Director
ROLE105026Harrison; JontyTape Realisation
ROLE123960Kite; ChristopherForte-piano player
ROLE106508Block; GilesStaff Director
ROLE123856Sum; RayProduction Manager
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE111227Markham; ElizabethDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104554Bird; CatherineAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106509Ritchie; TrevorAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE123961Stanislaw; MichaelAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105031Green; RicSound
ROLE123047Wentworth; StephenAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE107664Taylor; MarkAssistant Production Manager
ROLE104654Clark; NobbyProduction Photographer
ROLE128512Hall; Sir; Peter (1930-)Director
ROLE104730Jenkinson; SueAssistant Designer
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