TitleThe Elephant Man
AuthorPomerance, Bernard
VenueTheatre Royal, Brighton
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/11/1980
Press Night7/15/1980
Closing Night6/6/1981
Performance Length2 hours (including interval)
AwardsOlivier nomination for Actor of the Year in a New Play (David Schofield)
Number of Performances80
Performer Roles
ROLE122436McEnery; PeterFrederick Treves
ROLE122437Howell; PeterCarr Gomm, administratot of the London Hospital
ROLE122438Blake; ArthurRoss / Bishop Walsham How / Snork, another porter
ROLE122439Schofield; DavidJohn Merrick
ROLE122440Cavell; DallasPinhead Manager / English Policeman
ROLE122441Knight; KarinaPinhead / Princess Alexandra
ROLE122442Tobias; HeatherPinhead / Nurse Sandwich / Countess
ROLE122443Bourke; PeterBelgian Policeman / Lord John
ROLE122444Falkingham; AnthonyConductor of boat train / Porter at London Hospital
ROLE122449Stoller; JennieMrs Kendal
ROLE122450Noble; AudreyDuchess
ROLE122453Meaden; DanCast
ROLE122454Rattray; IainCast
ROLE122455Ryder; PennyCast
ROLE122456Spicer; CharlesCast
ROLE122457Wegner; CharlesCast
ROLE141814Henson; NickyFrederick Treves
ROLE141815Brown; AntonyCarr Gomm, administrator of the London Hospital
ROLE141816Ryder; PennyPinhead / Nurse Sandwich / Countess
ROLE141817Wegner; CharlesBelgian Policeman
ROLE141818Rattray; IainLord John
ROLE141819Gillard; LindaCast
ROLE141820Meaden; DanCast
Creative Roles
ROLE107130Pomerance; BernardWriter
ROLE107131Rees; RolandDirector
ROLE121159McCallin; TanyaSettings
ROLE116091Hemming; LindyCostumes
ROLE114245Jenkinson; GerryLighting
ROLE122458Arrowsmith; PatMusic
ROLE115774Muldowney; DominicMusic Director
ROLE112038Hess; AndreaCello
ROLE122459Farrall; DavidStaff Director
ROLE104743Hulley; RodgerProduction Manager
ROLE104552Harvey; JackieStage Manager
ROLE104553Hall; ErnestDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE122460Simon; BillAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122279Wilsher; JemAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104556Zieba; DerrickSound
ROLE114249Ridley; BrianAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE115910Usher; SusanAssistant Production Manager
ROLE103477Haynes; JohnProduction Photographer
ROLE122278Leach; JamesAssistant Stage Manager
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