TitleWatch on the Rhine
AuthorHellman, Lillian
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night8/22/1980
Press Night9/16/1980
Closing Night2/23/1981
Performance Length2 hours, 30 minutes (including two intervals)
Number of Performances48
Performer Roles
ROLE122418Ashcroft; Dame; Peggy (1907-1991)Fanny Farrelly
ROLE122419Jameson; PaulineAnise
ROLE122420Singuineau; FrankJoseph
ROLE122421Quayle; JohnDavid Farrelly
ROLE122422Grant; DeborahMarthe de Brancovis
ROLE122423Eles; SandorTeck de Brancovis
ROLE122424Angell; DonnaBabette Muller
ROLE122425Ronder; TanyaBabette Muller
ROLE122426Burke; DavidKurt Muller
ROLE122427Godley; AdamJoshua Muller
ROLE122428Engel; SusanSara Muller
ROLE122429Breeze; TimothyBodo Muller
ROLE122430Downer; JamesBodo Muller
Creative Roles
ROLE106037Hellman; Lillian (1906-1984)Playwright
ROLE103415Ockrent; MikeDirector
ROLE113941Diss; EileenSettings
ROLE122431Gwynne; JessicaCostumes
ROLE105024Tucker; LeonardLighting
ROLE109745Muldowney; DominicComposer
ROLE122433Becker; LizziStaff Director
ROLE122434Maher; LindaVoice Coach
ROLE104743Hulley; RodgerProduction Manager
ROLE109379Boddington; Diana (1921-2002)Stage Manager
ROLE109380Stone; KarenDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE122344Bailey; CatherineAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115908Fairclough; AngelaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE121296Haynes; GabbySound
ROLE111396Cox; RonaldAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE115910Usher; SusanAssistant Production Manager
ROLE122435Webb; KayeProgramme notes compiler
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RNT/PO/5/86Watch on the Rhine1980Set Photographs
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