TitleThe Ticket-of-Leave Man
AuthorTaylor, Tom
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/5/1981
Press Night2/12/1981
Closing Night3/21/1981
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including interval)
Number of Performances39
Performer Roles
ROLE121376Langdon; AnthonyMaltby, The Landlord
ROLE121377Elphick; Michael (1946-2002)Hawkshaw, a Detective
ROLE121378Landis; HarryMelter Moss
ROLE121379Shepherd; JackJames Dalton, Downey / The Tiger
ROLE121380Copley; PaulRobert Brierly
ROLE121381Saire; RebeccaMay Edwards
ROLE121382Wylton; TimGreen Jones
ROLE121383Carr; JaneEmily St Evremond
ROLE121384Heywood; PatMrs Willoughby
ROLE121385Jayne; KeithSam Willoughby
ROLE121386Dodimead; DavidMr Gibson, a Bill Broker
ROLE121387Gordon; PeterMr Burton
ROLE121388Carpenter; DerekMr Sharpe
ROLE121389Blundell; JohnGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121390Downes; DavidGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121391Doyle; PatriciaGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121392Hawkes; RidgewellGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121393Haywood; AlanGuest at Pleasure Gardens, Navvie, Detective
ROLE121394Ingram; RowenaGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121395Baker; C LetherbridgeGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121396Morley; MarianneGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121397Sadgrove; David (-1981)Guest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121398Sass; LorraineGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121399Stokes; CraigGuest at Pleasure Gardens / Navvie / Detective
ROLE121403Deeks; StuartViolin
ROLE121404Maxwell; PhilippaCello
ROLE141847Scott; MatthewPianoforte / Music Director
Creative Roles
ROLE103382Taylor; TomWriter
ROLE103383Haggard; PiersDirector
ROLE120942Mayhew; MichaelProduction Photographer
ROLE121400Don; RobinThe New Scenery / Costume designer
ROLE121401Tucker; LeonardIlluminations
ROLE109373Hobbs; WilliamFights
ROLE104724Barnes; JasonProduction Manager
ROLE119017Caulfield; JohnStage Manager
ROLE104725Nealon; FrankDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE107437Parkin; SarahAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE107438Pedley; WendyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE120171Price; AmandaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE121402Fortescue; SueSound Effects
ROLE107440Dolby; TomAssistant Production Manager
ROLE120693Clayton; Laurence / LaurieAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE141846Scott; MatthewMusic composed and arranged
RNT/PR/4/1/226The Ticket-of-Leave ManDecember 1980 - April 1981Press Production Review Files
RNT/SM/1/181The Ticket-of-Leave-Man1980Prompt Scripts
RNT/PP/1/4/45The Ticket-of-Leave Man12 February 1981Cottesloe Programmes
RNT/PR/3/181The Ticket-of-Leave Man1981Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/2/4/44The Ticket-of-Leave Man12 February 1981Cottesloe Posters
RNT/SM/2/2/36The Ticket-of-Leave Man1981Cottesloe Show Reports
RNT/PO/1/1/39The Ticket-of-Leave Man1981Cottesloe Production Office Show Files
RNT/PO/5/215The Ticket-of-Leave Man1981Set Photographs
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