TitleGuys and Dolls
AuthorSwerling, Jo
Author TwoBurrows, Abe
Author ThreeLoesser, Frank (music and lyrics)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/26/1982
Press Night3/9/1982
Closing Night10/15/1983
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including 15 minute interval)
AwardsOlivier for Outstanding Achievement of the Year in a Musical, Director of the Year (Richard Eyre), Designer of the Year (John Gunter), Actress of the Year in a Musical (Julia McKenzie), Actor of the Year in a Supporting Role (David Healy)
Plays and Players, Best Director, Best Designer: Evening Standard Drama Awards, Best Director
Drama Magazine, Best Designer, Best Actor (Bob Hoskins)
Variety Club of Great Britain Award for Stage Actress of the Year (Julia McKenzie)
Number of Performances289
Performer Roles
ROLE123576Rutter; BarrieBenny Southstreet
ROLE123577Healy; DavidNicely-Nicely Johnson
ROLE123578Williams; KevinRusty Charley / Waiter in the Hot Box
ROLE123579Sinclair; BelindaSarah / Hot Box Girl
ROLE123581Izen; RachelAgatha, the Mission Band / Hot Box Girl
ROLE123582Ralph; RobertCalvin, the Mission Band / Regret, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123583Rolfe; GailMartha / Hot Box Girl
ROLE123584Paterson; BillHarry the Horse
ROLE123585Towb; HarryLieutenant Brannigan
ROLE123586Peacock; TrevorNathan Detroit
ROLE123587Oates; RobertAngie the Ox, the Crap-Shooters / Voice of Joey Biltmore
ROLE123588Warwick; NormanBrandy Bottle Bates, the Crap-Shooters / Drunk
ROLE123589Walsh; RichardScranton Slim, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123590Quarmby; KevinJoey Perhaps, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123591Walker; LarringtonLiverlips Louis, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123592Pickering; VincentHot Horse Herbie, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123593Bartholomew; IanSky Rocket, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123594McKenzie; JuliaMiss Adelaide
ROLE123595Ball; CarolHot Box Girl
ROLE123596Cooper; SallyHot Box Girl
ROLE123597Hendley; FionaHot Box Girl
ROLE123598Jones; PaulSky Masterson
ROLE123600Armstrong; WilliamMaster of Ceremonies / Society Max, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE123601Staunton; ImeldaMimi
ROLE123603Carter; James Big Jule
ROLE123604Hoskins; BobNathan Detroit
ROLE123298Hall; IrlinGeneral Cartwright
ROLE142194Covington; JulieSarah
ROLE142195Sharpe; BernardHot Horse Herbie, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE142196Bond; MarkSky Rocket
ROLE142197Charleson; IanSky Masterson
ROLE142198Sinclair; BelindaSarah
ROLE142199Ryall; DavidNicley-Nicely Johnson
ROLE142200Hendley; FionaSarah
ROLE142201Warwick; NormanArvide Abernathy
ROLE142202Parry; TinaAgath, the Mission Band / Hot Box Girl
ROLE142204Armstrong; WilliamHarry the Horse
ROLE142205Rimmer; ShaneLietenant Brannigan
ROLE142206Worthy; JohnnyBrandy Bottle Bates, the Crap-Shooters / Drunk
ROLE142208George; BenScranton Slim, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE142209Simmonds; StephenJoey Perhaps, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE142210Bartholomew; IanSociety Max, the Crap-Shooters / Master of Ceremonies
ROLE142212Wade; JohnnyLivelips Louis, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE142213Tebb; RogerSky Rocket, the Crap-Shooters
ROLE142214Irwin; MichaelNick the Greek
ROLE142216Staunton; ImeldaMiss Adelaide
ROLE142217Collier; TracyHot Box Girl
ROLE142218Williams; FionaHot Box Girl
ROLE142219Downey; JackieMimi
ROLE142220Pierre; OlivierBig Jule
ROLE142221Williams; KevinWaiter in the Hot Box
ROLE117660Davies; TerryKeyboards
ROLE108111Dalton; MitchBanjo / Guitar
ROLE116506Drover; MartinTrumpet
ROLE108112Evans; HowardTrumpet
ROLE140360Findon; AndrewPiccolo / Flute / Alto Saxophone
ROLE123273Wagstaff; TonyPercussion
ROLE142287Harle; JohnClarinet / Saxophone
ROLE142289Nieman; PaulTrombone
ROLE120647Orr; BobbyDrums
ROLE142291Sydor; RobertClarinet / Saxophone / Flute
ROLE142292White; DavidSaxophone / Bass Clarinet / Flute
ROLE116510Bush; LennieDouble Bass / Bass Guitar
ROLE142296Green; IanPercussion
ROLE142297Warleigh; RaySaxophone / Clarinet / Flute
ROLE142290Saunders; SteveBass Trombone
ROLE116516Normington; JohnArvide Abernathy
Creative Roles
ROLE111942Swerling; JoWriter
ROLE111943Burrows; AbeWriter
ROLE111944Loesser; Frank (1910-1969)Music / Lyrics
ROLE107658Gunter; JohnSettings
ROLE116489Blane; SueCostumes
ROLE108243Townsend; ChrisAssistant Designer
ROLE104643Washington; JoanDialect Coach
ROLE106097Cass Jones; MichaelProduction Manager
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE104554Bird; CatherineAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115229Radmore; PeterAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE116098Mayhew; MichaelRehearsal Photographer
ROLE116510Bush; LennieDouble Bass / Bass Guitar
ROLE123274Davies; TerryAssistant Music Director / Keyboards / Music Arrangement
ROLE106772Mackintosh; KennethStaff Director
ROLE123276Bird; AntoniaAssistant Director
ROLE104626Bissett; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE123277Roberts; MichaelAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115853Ware; Neville Assistant Stage Manager
ROLE108233Zieba; DerrickSound Designer
ROLE105031Green; RicSound
ROLE123278Izen; RachelAssistant to David Toguri
ROLE128513Eyre; Sir; Richard (1943-)Director
ROLE107664Taylor; MarkAssistant Production Manager
ROLE142167Runyon; DamonBased on story and charatcers by
ROLE142282Britten; TonyMusic Direction and Arrangements
ROLE142283Haynes; JohnProduction and Rehearsal Photographer
ROLE108076Toguri; DavidMusical Staging
ROLE110063Hersey; DavidLighting
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