TitleA Chorus of Disapproval
AuthorAyckbourn, Alan
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/25/1985
Press Night8/1/1985
Closing Night5/29/1986
Performance Length2 hours, 55 minutes (including a 20 minute interval)
AwardsEvening Standard Drama Award for Best Comedy
Oliviers for Comedy Performance of the Year (Michael Gambon), Outstanding Performance of the Year in a Supporting Role (Imelda Staunton)
Observer Awards for Comedy of the Year: Drama Magazine, Best New Play, Best Supporting Actress (Imelda Staunton)
Number of Performances92
Performer Roles
ROLE124969Norton; JimGuy Jones
ROLE124970Blakely; ColinDafydd Ap Llewellyn
ROLE124971Hemingway; PollyHannah Llewellyn
ROLE124972Hollowood; JaneBridget Baines
ROLE124973Keenan; JohnMr Ames
ROLE124974Jones; DorcasEnid Washbrook
ROLE124975Redmond; MoiraRebecca Huntley-Pike
ROLE124976Guard; PippaFay Hubbard
ROLE124977Cardy; DavidIan Hubbard
ROLE124978Selby; NicholasJarvis Huntley-Pike
ROLE124979Lumley; NicholasTed Washbrook
ROLE124980Gaddas; JamesCrispin Usher
ROLE124981Webster; CarolineLinda Washbrook
ROLE124982Steward; JonathanReginald Bickerdyke
ROLE124983Halliwell; BarbaraGeorgina Coombes
ROLE124984Clark; Mary-LouiseSharon Fitch
ROLE124985Ledgard; NickRaymond Finegan
ROLE124986Crean; TonyTony Mofitt
ROLE124987Parry; TinaAnnie Anderson
ROLE143068Craven; GemmaFay Hubbard
ROLE143058Peck; BobGuy Jones
ROLE143060Gambon; Sir; MichaelDafydd Ap Llewellyn
ROLE143061Staunton; ImeldaHannah Llewellyn
ROLE143062Galloway; JennyBridget Baines
ROLE143064Todd; PaulMr Ames
ROLE143066Wenham; JaneEnid Washbrook
ROLE143074Bentall; PaulIan Hubbard
ROLE143075Ryall; DavidJarvis Huntley-Pike
ROLE143076Hayes; JamesTed Washbrook
ROLE143077Flynn; DanielCrispin Usher
ROLE143078Hunter; KellyLinda Washbrook
ROLE143079Beint; MichaelReginald Bickerdyke
ROLE143080Chester; MaryGeorgina Coombes
ROLE143081Dyson; KateMonica Bickerdyke
ROLE143082Greig; VirginiaSharon Fitch
ROLE143083Ralph; RobertRaymond Finegan
ROLE143084Scott; SimonTony Moffit
ROLE143086Whiteside; JanetAnnie Anderson
Creative Roles
ROLE121729Tagg; AlanSettings
ROLE116091Hemming; LindyCostumes
ROLE124947Todd; PaulMusic Arranger
ROLE124948Keenan; JohnMusic Director
ROLE124949Breeze; OliviaDances
ROLE106097Cass Jones; MichaelProduction Manager
ROLE105840Walmsley; LesleyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE121730Giles; GarySound
ROLE108023Ellerington; GeorgeAssistant Production Manager
ROLE106772Mackintosh; KennethStaff Director
ROLE103792Bryant; CourtneyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE105841Lloyd; Emma BAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105842Rowland; BrewyeenAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE111008McLeish; PaulAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE118023Mayhew; MichaelProgramme Designer
ROLE104654Clark; NobbyProduction Photographer
ROLE104740Hughes; MickLighting
ROLE121921Broadhurst; NicholasStaff Director
ROLE141679Ayckbourn; Alan (1939-)Director / Writer
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RNT/PP/1/12/10A Chorus of Disapproval1986West End Transfer Programmes
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