TitleThe American Clock
AuthorMiller, Arthur
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night7/31/1986
Press Night8/6/1986
Closing Night2/18/1987
AwardsOlivier nominations for Director of the Year (Peter Wood), BBC Award for the Play of the Year
Number of Performances64
Performer Roles
ROLE120697Ingham; BarrieArthur Robertson, a financier
ROLE120698Law; StevenStanislaus, a seaman / Joey, Lee's friend / Broadway Tony, the owner of the Speakeasy / Farmer
ROLE120699Adam; EveEdie, a comic strip writer / Charley, a farmgirl / Doris Gross, who marries Sidney
ROLE120700Coke; JudithGrace, an applicant to the Relief Office / Miss Fowler, secretary to Quinn / Mrs Taylor, Henry's wife
ROLE120701Jones; OkonToland, an applicant to the Relief Office / Rudy, a student / Louis Banks, an itinerant worker / Frank, the Baums' chauffeur / A Taylor servant
ROLE120702Haywood; AlanBush, an applicant to the Relief Office / Farmer / Jesse Livermore, a financier of the Speakeasy
ROLE120703Curran; PaulDugan, an applicant to the Relief Office / Judge Bradley / William Durant, a financier of the Speakeasy
ROLE120704Schofield; DavidKapush, an applicant to the Relief Office / Theodore K. Quinn, Company President elect for General Electric / Frank Howard, an auctioneer / The Sheriff
ROLE120705Hunt; MarshaIrene, an applicant to the Relief Office / Isabel, a hooker / A Taylor servant
ROLE120706James; Barry Ryan, Relief Office supervisor / Henry Taylor, a farmer / Sydney Margolies, Fanny's son
ROLE120707Eytle; Tommy (1927-2007)Isaac, the proprietor of a Mississippi lunchcounter / A Taylor servant / Clarence, a shoeshine man
ROLE120708Norton; AdamRalph, a student / Mr Graham, a reporter / Marathon Dancer / Brewster, a friend / Arthur Clayton, a broker
ROLE120709Clifton; RozMarathon Dancer / Lucille, Fanny's daugther / Harriet Taylor, Henry and his wife's daughter / Diana Morgan
ROLE120710Doré; EdnaGrandma Taylor / Dr Rosman, a psychoanalyst
ROLE120712Dexter; SallyFanny Margolies, Rose's sister
ROLE120713Gordon; PeterGrandpa, Rose's father
ROLE120714Daglish; NeilLee Baum, Moe and Rose's son
ROLE120715Bryant; Michael (1928-2002)Moe Baum, a buisnessman
ROLE120716Kestelman; SaraRose Baum, Moe's wife
ROLE143194Lockhart; RobertKeyboards
ROLE120696Roach; DavidClarinet / Saxophone
ROLE106134Babbington; RoyDouble Bass
ROLE106387Gregory; MichaelPercussion
Creative Roles
ROLE103727Miller; Arthur (1915-)Writer
ROLE103699Wood; PeterDirector
ROLE120691O'Brien; TimothySettings
ROLE107327Bryan; RobertLighting
ROLE120692Brindle; KathyDialect Coach
ROLE104643Washington; JoanDialect Coach
ROLE106046Hall; ErnestStage Manager
ROLE104555Greaves; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106083Millin; SueAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE120693Clayton; Laurence / LaurieAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE120597Fitzwilliam; HelenCostume Supervisor
ROLE120694Myerson; JonathanAssistant to the Director
ROLE104724Barnes; JasonProduction Manager
ROLE104626Bissett; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE105782Groothuis; PaulSound
ROLE105805Palmer; AlistairAssistant Production Manager
ROLE118023Mayhew; MichaelProgramme Designer
ROLE117299Workman; RobertProduction Photographer
ROLE120695Goodwin; TimResearcher
ROLE143219Lockhart; RobertMusic Director / Musical Arrangements
ROLE143220Lewis; Stephen BrimsonCostumes / Properties
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