TitleThe Pied Piper
AuthorMitchell, Adrian
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/8/1986
Press Night11/8/1986
Closing Night2/17/1987
Number of Performances49
Performer Roles
ROLE122928Leighton; DeborahCosima Beamer, who keeps a sweet stall / A Rodent / The Iced Knight
ROLE122929Darrell; JohnDoctor Mungadory, a learned seller of potions
ROLE122930Prince; SarahArianalla Skiller, who runs a toy stall / A rodent
ROLE122931Hayward; MikeNutter Mausenheimer, a miller and baker / The Rampant Umbrage
ROLE122932Gidden; YvonneTwessa Twangalang, who runs a junk and antique stall
ROLE122933O'Callaghan; RichardBoko Bandy, a wandering Australian magician
ROLE122934Sinclair; GrahamBoggle, a heavy security person
ROLE122935Johnson; SammyGoggle, a heavy security person
ROLE122936Curry; ShaunBaron Dennis Saveloy, Mayor of Hamelin
ROLE122937Blackman; NicolaLady Lucy Saveloy, Mayoress and Principal of her own private school
ROLE122938Moody; BillThe Honourable Egbert Saveloy, the Mayor and Mayoress' only son
ROLE122939Lordan; ElaineBobby 'Gravy' Browning, cub reporter on the Hamelin Herald / A rodent
ROLE122940Morgan; WendyToffee Jenkins, a young girl with a bad leg
ROLE122941Platt; RichardKing Rat / Captain 'Salty' Flowerdew, Skipper of the Merry Masionette
ROLE122942McCoy; SylvesterThe Pied Piper, a stranger
ROLE122946Dulwich Hamlet SchoolThe Massed Rats, a swarm of rats / Pupils at the Mayoress's school
ROLE122952TashaCoffee, the dog
ROLE143194Lockhart; RobertKeyboards
ROLE143252Aldridge; AnthonyElectric violin
ROLE122954Findon; JuliaTrumpet
ROLE106387Gregory; MichaelPercussion
ROLE122956Roach; DavidLyricon / Oberheim Xpander / Saxophone
ROLE143253Stewart; DavidBass trombone
Creative Roles
ROLE103211Mitchell; Adrian (1932-)Writer
ROLE116088Cohen; AlanDeviser / Director
ROLE105998Muldowney; DominicMusic
ROLE112154Gibson; JaneCompany Director of Movement
ROLE106598McLeish; PaulLighting
ROLE106097Cass Jones; MichaelProduction Manager
ROLE106082Rankin; AlisonDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE105782Groothuis; PaulSound
ROLE104654Clark; NobbyProduction Photographer
ROLE106081Parkin; SarahStage Manager
ROLE116095Maccoy; PeterAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE111395Suffling; JaneAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122924Nicolson; RobinaMusic Assistant in schools
ROLE122925Cross; IanMusic Computer Synthesis
ROLE122926Fabeck; WalterMusic Computer Synthesis
ROLE108023Ellerington; GeorgeAssistant Production Manager
ROLE122927The Great SoprendoMagic Adviser
ROLE108109Lockhart; RobertMusic Director
ROLE140144Francis; DecimaAssistant to the Director, Arts Council Director Scheme
ROLE121655Glossop; RogerSettings
ROLE107659Gardner; SallyCostumes
ROLE143254Buckman; JennieMovement assistant in schools
ROLE123205Hoddinott; BradleyAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE106100Jenkins; ArchieAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE107481Gwillym; AdrianCostume Supervisor
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RNT/R/1/1/11The Pied Piper T-shirt1986Clothing
RNT/R/1/2/7Badges, Magnets and StickersUndated, 1980-Gifts
RNT/R/1/4/3/129The Pied Piper1987Postcards
RNT/PP/3/1/919861986NT Production related printwork
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