AuthorShakespeare, William
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night10/22/1963
Closing Night12/4/1963
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including two intervals of 15 minutes and 10 minutes)
Number of Performances27
Performer Roles
ROLE118678Meaden; DanFrancisco, a Soldier
ROLE118679Hampton; RichardBernado, an Officer / Other Player
ROLE118681Stephens; Robert (1931-1995)Horatio
ROLE118682Nicholls; AnthonyGhost of Hamlet's Father
ROLE118683Redgrave; Michael (1908-1985)Claudius, King of Denmark
ROLE118684Wynyard; DianaGertrude, Queen of Denmark
ROLE118685Harris; RosemaryOphelia, Daughter of Polonius
ROLE118686Clark; WynneFirst Gentlewoman to the Queen
ROLE118687Adrian; MaxPolonius, Lord Chamberlain
ROLE118688Knapp; TerenceOsric, a Lord
ROLE118689Boddey; MartinClaudio, a Lord
ROLE118690Martin; TrevorVoltimand, an Ambassador
ROLE118691Green; ReginaldCornelius, an Ambassador / Sailor
ROLE118692Jacobi; DerekLaertes, Son of Polonius
ROLE118693O'Toole; Peter (1932-)Hamlet, Son of the late, and nephew of the present King
ROLE118694Marsh; KeithReynaldo, Servant to Polonius
ROLE118695Cellier; PeterRosencrantz
ROLE118696Clarke; RaymondGuildenstern
ROLE118697Lang; Robert (1934-2004)First Player, Lucianus
ROLE118698Lomax; HarryPlayer King
ROLE118699Rogers; JohnPlayer Queen
ROLE118702Ware; DerekOther Player
ROLE118703Chittell; ChristopherOther Player
ROLE118704Ridgway; AlanOther Player
ROLE118705Stride; JohnFortinbras, Prince of Norway
ROLE118706Blakely; ColinNorwegian Captain
ROLE118709Finlay; Frank (1926-)First Gravedigger / Clown
ROLE118711Heathcott; RogerPriest
ROLE118712Amey; SunnyCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118713Gambon; Sir; MichaelCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118714Beacham; RodCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118715Burger; ElizabethCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118716Chandler; ByronCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118717Fiander; LewisCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118718Hepple; JeanneCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118719Hobbs; WilliamCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118720Landis; JeanetteCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118721Lorimer; EnidCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118722Mellor; James (-1976)Court Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant / Sailor
ROLE118723Purchase; BruceCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118724Purnell; Louise (1942-)Court Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118725Redgrave; LynnCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118726Rogers; JeanCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118727Rothwell; MichaelCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant / Second Gravedigger / Clown
ROLE118728Rowntree; AdamCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118729Russell; RobertCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118730Rust; CliveCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant / Other Player
ROLE118731Rye; AnnCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118732Turner; MichaelMarcellus, an Officer / Court Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118733Willis; MervynCourt Lady / Courtier / Solider / Servant
ROLE118654Bateman; DonMusician
ROLE118655Burke; TonyMusician
ROLE118656Clarke; LeonardMusician
ROLE118657Cumberland; AlanMusician
ROLE118658Hales; RobinMusician
ROLE118659Hutt; AlanMusician
ROLE118660Laird; MichaelMusician
ROLE118661Northcott; RayMusician
ROLE118662Stapleton; RobinMusician
ROLE125420White; PeterMusician
ROLE140850Whitbread; RobinMusician
Creative Roles
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE103728Olivier; Lord; Laurence (1907-1989)Director
ROLE118647Kenny; SeanDesigner
ROLE118648Addison; JohnMusic
ROLE118649Hobbs; WilliamSwordplay
ROLE118650Collison; DavidSound effects
ROLE118651O'Donovan; DesmondAssistant to the Director
ROLE118652Heeley; DesmondCostumes
ROLE118653Pilbrow; RichardLighting
ROLE118665McBean; AngusProduction Photographer
RNT/SM/1/1Hamlet 1963Prompt Scripts
RNT/PP/1/1/11HamletOctober 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PR/3/1Hamlet1963Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/4/1/1Hamlet 1963Press Production Review Files
RNT/CO/1/1Hamlet1963Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/1/1/12HamletOctober 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/CO/3/1Hamlet 1963Costumes
RNT/R/1/4/3/51Hamlet 19631963Postcards
RNT/PP/3/9/1/32Hamlet1963Old Vic Cast Lists
RNT/PP/1/1/11aHamlet 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
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