TitleSaint Joan
AuthorShaw, George Bernard
VenueThe Old Vic
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night10/30/1963
Closing Night6/4/1964
AwardsEvening Standard Drama Award for Best Actress (Joan Plowright)
Number of Performances32
Performer Roles
ROLE118735Boddey; MartinRobert de Baudricout
ROLE118737Plowright; Joan (1929-)Joan
ROLE118738Hampton; RichardBetrand de Poulengey
ROLE118739Martin; TrevorArchbishop of Rheims
ROLE118740Mellor; James (-1976)Monseigneur de la Tremouille
ROLE118741Knapp; TerenceGilles de Rais
ROLE118742Stephens; Robert (1931-1995)The Dauphin (later Charles VII)
ROLE118743Turner; MichaelCaptain la Hire
ROLE118744Rye; AnnDuchess de le Tremouille
ROLE118745Chittell; ChristopherCourt Page
ROLE118746Ridgway; AlanCourt Page
ROLE118748Stride; JohnDunois
ROLE118750Nicholls; AnthonyRichard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick
ROLE118753Lang; Robert (1934-2004)Peter Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais
ROLE118754Adrian; MaxBrother John Lemaitre, the Inquisitor
ROLE118756Jacobi; DerekBrother Martin Ladvenu
ROLE118758Blakely; ColinEnglish Soldier
ROLE118760Beacham; RodCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118761Burger; ElizabethCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118762Cellier; PeterCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk / Gentleman
ROLE118763Clarke; RaymondEarl of Warwick Page / Court Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118764Gambon; Sir; MichaelCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118765Green; ReginaldCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118766Heathcott; RogerCanon John D'Estivet / Court Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118767Hepple; JeanneCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk / Understudy: Joan
ROLE118768Hobbs; WilliamCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118769Landis; JeanetteCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118770Lomax; HarryCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118771Marsh; KeithSteward / Court Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118772Meaden; DanExecutioner / Court Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118773Purchase; BruceCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118774Purnell; Louise (1942-)Court Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118775Redgrave; LynnCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118776Rogers; JeanCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118777Rogers; JohnDunois Page / Court Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118778Rothwell; MichaelCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118779Rowntree; AdamCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118780Russell; RobertCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE118781Rust; CliveCourt Lady / Courtier / Soldier / Monk
ROLE128635Finlay; Frank (1926-)Chaplain de Stogumber
ROLE140851Fiander; LewisCanon de Courcelles
Creative Roles
ROLE103232Shaw; George Bernard (1856-1950)Writer
ROLE103203Dexter; John (1925-1990)Director
ROLE104164Annals; MichaelScenery / Costumes
ROLE105024Tucker; LeonardLighting
ROLE118734Amey; SunnyAssistant to the Producer
ROLE118665McBean; AngusProduction Photographer
RNT/PR/2/1/3Saint Joan and Uncle Vanya for London7 September 1963Press Releases 1960-1979
RNT/SM/1/2Saint Joan1963Prompt Scripts
RNT/PP/1/1/3Saint JoanOctober 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PP/1/1/2Saint JoanOctober 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/PR/3/1aSaint Joan1963Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/1/1/9The Workhouse Donkey / Uncle Vanya / Saint JoanJune 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/CO/1/2Saint Joan1963Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PR/4/1/1182Saint Joan1963Press Production Review Files
RNT/PP/1/1/1Saint JoanJune 1963Pre-South Bank Programmes
RNT/LI/3/315Saint Joan1963Scripts - Later Drafts
KB/1/1/8/2Saint Joan1963Digital Posters
RNT/PR/3/1a/1Saint Joan1963Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/3/1a/2Saint Joan1963Rehearsal and Production Photographs
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