TitleAntony and Cleopatra
AuthorShakespeare, William
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night4/3/1987
Press Night4/9/1987
Closing Night2/6/1988
Performance Length3 hours, 40 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOliviers for Outstanding Performance of the Year in a Supporting Role (Michael Bryant), Actress of the Year (Judi Dench)
British Theatre Association / Drama Magazine Award for Best Actress
Evening Standard Drama Awards for Best Director, Best Actress (Judi Dench)
Plays and Players London Critics Awards for Best Actor (Female) (Judi Dench), Best Supporting Actor (Male) (Michael Bryant)
Number of Performances100
Performer Roles
ROLE121762Hopkins; Sir; AnthonyMark Antony
ROLE121763Pigott-Smith; TimOctavius
ROLE121764Bluthal; JohnLepidus / Clown
ROLE121765Dench; Dame; JudiCleopatra
ROLE121766Bottle; MichaelVarrius / Egyptian
ROLE121767Thorndike; DanielSeleucus / Soothsayer / Canidius
ROLE121768Gordon; PeterMenecrates / Schoolmaster
ROLE121769Arnold; Robert (1931-2003)Diomedes / Alexas
ROLE121770Ormsby; Iain KnoxMardian
ROLE121771Fitzgerald; HelenIras
ROLE121772Vinhas; PaulBoy
ROLE121773Corey; PeterBoy
ROLE121774Schofield; DavidSextus Pompey
ROLE121775Quinn; FrancesLady attending on Octavia / Understudy: Octavia, Caesar's sister
ROLE121776Adams; DesmondGallus / Silius / Thidias
ROLE121777Spink; BrianSilius / Gallus
ROLE121779Sinclair; GrahamMaecenas
ROLE121780Henson; Basil ( -19 Dec 1990)Agrippa
ROLE121781Dexter; SallyOctavia, Caesar's sister
ROLE121782Carter; MichaelDecretas / Menas
ROLE121783Flynn; JeremyEros
ROLE121784Hayward; MikePhilo
ROLE121785Bryant; Michael (1928-2002)Domitius Enobarbus
ROLE121786Bolt; IanMessenger / Soldier / Understudy: Gallus
ROLE121787Brennan; PatrickMessenger / Soldier
ROLE121788Levent; HusMessenger / Soldier
ROLE121789Needs; SimonMessenger / Soldier / Understudy: Silius / Understudy: Thidias
ROLE121790Scott; SimonMessenger / Soldier / Understudy: Madrian
ROLE137935Foster; MirandaCharmian
ROLE121792Brain; MichaelBombard / Flute / Pipes
ROLE107705Hawkes; HowardTrumpet
ROLE113258Rae; ColinTrumpet
ROLE116021Hayley; NicholasViolin / Rebec
ROLE105873Tosh; DavidPercussion
ROLE121793Weigand; GeorgeLute / Oud / Archcittern
ROLE115810Skeaping; RoderickViolin / Rebec
ROLE143266Wadsworth; Andrew CScarus / Dolabella
ROLE143267Arnold; Robert (1931-2003)Scarus / Diomedes
ROLE143268Bottle; MichaelDolabella / Varrius
ROLE143269Scott; SimonEgytpian / Messenger / Soldier
ROLE143270Aldwyn; PeterUnderstudy: Egyptian
ROLE106387Gregory; MichaelPercussion
Creative Roles
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE103360Chitty; AlisonDesigner
ROLE106832Wentworth; StephenLighting
ROLE105998Muldowney; DominicMusic
ROLE107308Wilson-Dickson; JuliaVoice Coach
ROLE106046Hall; ErnestStage Manager
ROLE104555Greaves; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105841Lloyd; Emma BAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104379Arditti; PaulSound
ROLE108023Ellerington; GeorgeAssistant Production Manager
ROLE103477Haynes; JohnProduction Photographer
ROLE111774Cohen; AlanStaff Director
ROLE106097Cass Jones; MichaelProduction Manager
ROLE104626Bissett; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE121791Neat; DavidDesign Assistant
ROLE111008McLeish; PaulAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE106253Baird; StephanieCostume Supervisor
ROLE104873Watkins; AnnaCostume Supervisor
ROLE128512Hall; Sir; Peter (1930-)Director
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RNT/SM/2/4/56Antony and Cleopatra1987 - 1988Olivier Show Reports
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RNT/PR/3/280Antony and Cleopatra1987Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/CO/1/206Antony and Cleopatra1987Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/1/3/116Antony and Cleopatra9 April 1987Olivier Programmes
RNT/PP/1/3/118Antony and Cleopatra9 April 1987Olivier Programmes
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RNT/PP/3/9/2/54bAntony and Cleopatra1987Olivier Cast Lists
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