TitleTing Tang Mine
AuthorDarke, Nick
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night9/10/1987
Press Night9/23/1987
Closing Night1/30/1988
Performance Length2 hours (including 15 minute interval)
Number of Performances41
Performer Roles
ROLE116099Sharp; LesleyGonetta Bate, Salathiel's sidekick
ROLE116100Halliday; PeterThomas May, Jan's father, a Ting Tang miner
ROLE116101Fiennes; RalphLisha Ball, a Ting Tang miner
ROLE116102Villiers; JayArthur May, Jan's brother, a Ting Tang miner
ROLE116103Wildi; CarolineYsella, a bal maiden
ROLE116104Brown; AntonyRutter, Captain of Ting Tang Mine
ROLE116105Millea; JimRaw, Brigan miner / Hoyle, ship's crew
ROLE116106Morris; WayneSanto, Brigan miner / Soames, ship's crew
ROLE116108McCaffrey; RobinSenara, a bal maiden
ROLE116109Kiernan; PaulTrefusis, a Ting Tang miner
ROLE116110Sands; LeslieHailsham, an adventurer in mines
ROLE116111Langford; DiMaude May, Jan's mother
ROLE116112Glenister; RobertJan May
ROLE116113Grant; JoyceGran, Jan's grandmother
ROLE116114Calland; LauraBetty Elder, the neighbour
ROLE116115Crosbie; CraigColan, Jan's brother
ROLE116116Jefford; BarbaraSalathiel Trenannigan, owner of Brigan Mine
ROLE116117Towner; AlanPreacher / Captain, ship's crew
ROLE116119Hastings; PaulBlake, ship's crew
ROLE116121Radcliffe; GraftonMartyn, ship's crew
ROLE116123Evans; HowardCornet / Trumpet
ROLE116124Hamilton; KennyTrombone
ROLE116125Hayes; LesleyKeyboards
ROLE113904Hopkins; PhilipPercussion
ROLE116126Lamont; Duncan GClarinet / Saxophone
ROLE143130Edis; StevePiano
Creative Roles
ROLE110940Darke; NickWriter
ROLE103420Rudman; Michael (1939-)Director
ROLE116090Toms; Carl (1927-1999)Settings
ROLE116091Hemming; LindyCostumes
ROLE116092Tucker; LeonardLighting Designer
ROLE109045Scott; MatthewMusic
ROLE116093King; TerryMovement
ROLE104643Washington; JoanDialect Coach
ROLE104724Barnes; JasonProduction Manager
ROLE104866Rankin; AlisonStage Manager
ROLE116094Escandell; JuanAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE116095Maccoy; PeterAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106039Smith; David ESound
ROLE109363Rowland; ChristineCostume Supervisor
ROLE116096Butler; RobertAssistant to Michael Rudman
ROLE116097Herrmann; FrankProduction Photographer
ROLE116098Mayhew; MichaelRehearsal Photographer
ROLE115606Edis; SteveMusic Director
ROLE117662Nealon; FrankStaff Director
ROLE117264Suffling; JaneDeputy Stage Manager
RNT/SM/1/284Ting Tang Mine1987Prompt Scripts
RNT/PR/3/291Ting Tang Mine1987Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/4/1/388Ting Tang MineAugust 1987 - January 1988Press Production Review Files
RNT/CO/1/214Ting Tang Mine1987Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/3/1/1019871987NT Production related printwork
RNT/PP/1/4/93Ting Tang Mine23 September 1987Cottesloe Programmes
RNT/PP/5/185Ting Tang Mine1987Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PP/2/4/322Ting Tang Mine1987Cottesloe Posters
RNT/SM/2/2/89Ting Tang Mine1987 - 1988Cottesloe Show Reports
RNT/PO/1/1/88Ting Tang Mine1987 - 1988Cottesloe Production Office Show Files
RNT/PO/5/323Ting Tang Mine1987Set Photographs
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