TitleCat on a Hot Tin Roof
AuthorWilliams, Tennessee
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night1/25/1988
Press Night2/3/1988
Closing Night9/17/1988
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including two 10 minute intervals)
AwardsEvening Standard Drama Awards for Best Performance by an Actor (Eric Porter), Best Performance by an Actress (Lindsay Duncan)
Olivier nominations for Designer of the Year (William Dudley), Director of the Year (Howard Davies)
Number of Performances122
Performer Roles
ROLE121632Duncan; LindsayMargaret
ROLE121633Charleson; IanBrick
ROLE121634Steadman; AlisonMae
ROLE121635Leigh-Hunt; BarbaraBig Mama
ROLE121636Masterson; SarahDixie, a little girl
ROLE121637Porter; EricBig Daddy
ROLE121638Jeavons; ColinReverend Tooker
ROLE121639Jesson; PaulGooper
ROLE121640Goodman; HenryDoctor Baugh
ROLE121641Wiley; MajorLacey, a negro servant
ROLE121642Ingleton; DoreenSookey, a negro servant
ROLE121643Campbell; DonBrightie, a negro servant
ROLE121644Tracey; FayTrixie
ROLE121645Welford; RachelPolly
ROLE121646Bunton; P. JBuster
ROLE121647Watson; AnthonySonny
ROLE121649Golland; StuartUnderstudy: Doctor Baugh
ROLE121650Forde; Julie AnnDixie, a little girl
ROLE121651Selby; MargoTrixie
ROLE121652Kruse; EmmaPolly
ROLE121653Weir; DarrenBuster
ROLE121654Ross; JamesSonny
Creative Roles
ROLE103580Williams; Tennessee (1911-1983)Writer
ROLE121605Scally; KevinPoster / Programme Cover Designer
ROLE103477Haynes; JohnProduction Photographer
ROLE121648Brooks; SachaAssistant to the Production Manager
ROLE118023Mayhew; MichaelProgramme Designer
ROLE118050Towler; RoseProgramme Designer
ROLE114203Henderson; MarkLighting
ROLE107661Sekacz; IlonaMusic
ROLE104643Washington; JoanDialect Coach
ROLE104743Hulley; RodgerProduction Manager
ROLE121512Fairclough; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE108022Waldron; AnthonySound
ROLE104752Bayliss; CarrieCostume Supervisor
ROLE121513Ream; SarahStaff Director
ROLE104744Montemuro; TrishStage Manager
ROLE104746Fox; ValerieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104747Quinn; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE111008McLeish; PaulAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE129694Davies; HowardDirector
ROLE130944Dudley; WilliamDesigner / Programme cover design
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