TitleThe Threepenny Opera
AuthorBrecht, Bertolt
Author TwoWeill, Kurt
Author ThreeHauptmann, Elizabeth
Stephens, Simon (new adaptation by)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night5/18/2016
Press Night5/16/2016
Closing Night10/1/2016
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOlivier nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Haydn Gwynne)
Number of Performances83
Performer Roles
ROLE147618Ikediashi; GeorgeThe Balladeer / Pastor Kimball / Understudy: Chief Inspector Brown
ROLE147619Kinnear; RoryCaptain Macheath, AKA 'Mack the Knife'
ROLE147620Holder; NickJonathan Jeremiah Peachum
ROLE147621Amankwah; SarahFilch / Understudy: Lucy Brown
ROLE147622Gwynne; HaydnCelia Peachum, Peachum's Wife
ROLE147623Craig; RosaliePolly Peachum, his daughter
ROLE147624Tighe; DominicRobert, AKA The Iceman
ROLE147625Beddard; JamieMatthias, AKA The Shadow
ROLE147626Buckley; AndrewWalter, AKA The Scholar
ROLE147627Animanshaun; HammedJimmy 'Retail'
ROLE147629Jersey; Peter deChief Inspector 'Tiger' Brown
ROLE147630Small; SharonJenny Diver
ROLE147631Ayedun-Alase; ToyinVixen / Understudy: Jimy / Understudy: Betty / Understudy: Smith
ROLE147632Brewer; RebeccaBetty / Understudy: Polly Peachum
ROLE147633Butt; RickyRuby / Understudy: Celia Peachum
ROLE147634Cross; MattOfficer Smith / Understudy: Macheath
ROLE147635Kurup; DebbieLucy Brown, Brown's Daughter
ROLE147636Carroll; MarkEnsemble / Understudy: The Ballader / Understudy: Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum / Understudy: Pastor Kimball
ROLE147637Neaves; ConorEnsemble / Understudy: Filch / Understudy: Robert / Understudy: Matthias / Understudy: Walter
ROLE147638Somerville; WendyEnsemble / Understudy: Jenny Diver / Understudy: Vixen / Understudy: Ruby
ROLE112840Members of the CompanyOther parts
ROLE147654Shrubsole; DavidPiano / Harmonium
ROLE147655Findon; AndrewFlute / Piccolo / Clarinet / Soprano / Alto & Baritone Saxophones
ROLE147656Forshaw; ChristianClarinet / Bassoon / Soprano & Tenor Saxophones
ROLE147657Hart; RichardTrombone / Double Bass
ROLE147658Campbell; SarahTrumpet 1
ROLE147659Freestone; SarahBanjo / Cello / Guitar / Hawaiian Guitar / Mandolin
ROLE147660Briggs; MartinTimpani / Percussion / Trumpet 2
ROLE147661Watson; IanBandoneon / Harmonium
Creative Roles
ROLE130413Norris; RufusDirector
ROLE114595Mortimer; VickiDesigner
ROLE133568Shrubsole; DavidMusic Director
ROLE147639Knight; ImogenChoreography
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE144191Bown-Williams; RachelFight Director
ROLE140106Cooper-Brown; RuthFight Director
ROLE144473Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Work
ROLE146482McCarron; CathleenCompany Voice Work
ROLE147640Hughes; TomStaff Director
ROLE110315Weill; Kurt (1900-1950)Original Orchestrations
ROLE147641Holmes; JamesExecutive Music Consultant
ROLE147642Scott; MatthewMusic Supervisor (NT)
ROLE104947Hussain; TariqProduction Manager
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE147157Sparrow; JacobCasting
ROLE109016Suffling; JaneStage Manager
ROLE106973Heyes; JaniceDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE147643Cannop; IanAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE144958Redvers-Jones; FranAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE147164Eldridge; TerryOrchestral Management
ROLE139979Shahan; RockyOrchestral Management
ROLE147644Dawes; FrancesDeputy Production Manager
ROLE137490Bain; AlanProject Draughting
ROLE141561Radley-Bennett; DanielDigital Art
ROLE147645Moore; ClaireSinging Coach
ROLE107893Bohan; IreneCostume Supervisor
ROLE144487Holtom; AshleyCostume Buyer
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE140702Winter; CamillaProp Buyer
ROLE145432Turnbull; JeremyLighting Supervisor
ROLE140806Dutton; JaneLighting Programmer
ROLE145433Roebuck; JonasProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE147379Berry; Matt / MatthewSound Operator
ROLE144218Tolhurst; GaryStage Supervisor
ROLE145538Shimmens; NeillRigging Supervisor
ROLE146332Nott; SimonAutomation
ROLE145539Wanklin; PaulArmourer
ROLE147650Kier; SarahScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE133386Hellyer; Matthew / MattAssistant to the Designer
ROLE147651Kelsey; AnnaAssistant to the Designer
ROLE147652Wang; MingluAssistant to the Designer
ROLE128216Bunzl; GeraldineAssistant to the Designer
ROLE147653Hingley; SusanLiteral Translator
ROLE116209Smith; Richard HubertProduction Photographer
ROLE103319Brecht; Bertolt (1898-1956)Playwright
ROLE150598Nield; BarrieConstruction Supervisor
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