TitleMy Country: a work in progress
AuthorCreated in collaboration with Citizens Theatre, Curve, Derry Playhouse, Live Theatre, National Theatre Wales, Sage Gateshead, Salisbury Playhouse and Strike A Light, in association with Cusack Projects Limited
Author TwoDuffy, Carol Ann
VenueDorfman Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/28/2017
Press Night2/28/2017
Closing Night3/22/2017
Performance Length1 hour, 30 minutes
Number of Performances20
Performer Roles
ROLE150046Clarke; CavanCompany
ROLE150047Elphinstone; LauraCompany
ROLE150048Layden; PennyCompany
ROLE150049McQuarrie; StuartCompany
ROLE150050Bowri; SeemaCompany
ROLE150051Ewan; AdamCompany
ROLE150052Patterson; ChristianCompany
Creative Roles
ROLE130413Norris; RufusDirector
ROLE133567Lindsay; KatrinaDesigner
ROLE139370Knott; PaulLighting Designer
ROLE131204Shrubsole; DavidMusic
ROLE141764Caplen; AlexSound Designer
ROLE140674Bennett; PollyMovement
ROLE150053Cusack; PadraigCreative Producer
ROLE144473Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Work
ROLE147182McKenna; RosemaryStaff Director
ROLE146510Miller; FranProject Producer
ROLE149877Cowan; SarahProduction Manager
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE150054McEvoy; DavidStage Manager
ROLE150055Burnham; CarrieDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE147459McCormack; NatalieProject Draughting
ROLE141494Holmes; SarahCostume Supervisor
ROLE144360Duddleston; AbiProps Supervisor
ROLE150056Thomas; KareenProp Buyer
ROLE150057Harpur; MichaelLighting Supervisor
ROLE150058Capes; JoeLighting Programmer
ROLE150059Weltman; SarahProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE144561Vernon; BenSound Operator
ROLE140824Harrington; LeeStage Supervisor
ROLE145100Cotton; DavidConstruction Supervisor
ROLE146680Ennis; DainaScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE150060Paris; TomAssociate to the Designer
ROLE149920Lee; SarahProduction Photographer
ROLE150069Thomas; JuliaInterview gatherer
ROLE150070White; RhiannonInterview gatherer
ROLE150061Blowers; SarahInterview gatherer
ROLE150062Casey; GezInterview gatherer
ROLE150063Griffiths; KieranInterview gatherer
ROLE150064Kent; AdamInterview gatherer
ROLE150065Lawrie; CampbellInterview gatherer
ROLE150066Newman; JoInterview gatherer
ROLE150067Rodden; LindsayInterview gatherer
ROLE150068Shaarawi; SaraInterview gatherer
ROLE150071Mullan; JamesGeneral Manager (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150072Bennett; KashProducer (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150073King; LaurenHead of Production (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150074Foster; TheaAssociate General Manager and International Coordinator (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150075Farquhar; DebbieAssociate General Manager (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150076Koranteng; AkosProduction Accountant (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150077Partington; DamianTechnical Director (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150078Epple; HeatherDirector of Marketing (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150079O'Quinn; ChrisHead of Marketing (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150080Spence; MiloMarketing Manager (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150081Zakula; NadaHead of Press and Communications (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150082Fisher; AbigailGroups and Inventory Supervisor (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE150083Arboine; NiellahProduction and Admin Assistant
ROLE150084Shah; AnkeshMarketing and Press Assistant (for National Theatre Productions)
ROLE131153Duffy; Carol AnnWriter
RNT/SM/1/792My Country; a work in progress2017Prompt Scripts
RNT/PP/1/13/16My Country: a work in progress2016Dorfman Programmes
RNT/PP/1/13/19My Country: a work in progress2017Dorfman Programmes
RNT/PR/3/914My Country: a work in progress2017Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/2/14/30My Country: A Work in Progress2017Dorfman Posters
RNT/PL/3/1540Padraig Cusack and Rufus Norris on My Country14 March 2017Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/CO/1/724My Country- A Work in Progress2017Costume Department Production Files
RNT/CO/6/16My Country: A Work in Progress2017Costume Designs and Reference
RNT/PR/4/1/1145My Country: a work in progress2017Press Production Review Files
RNT/CO/5/50My Country: A Work in Progress2017Costume Descriptions
RNT/AE/1/1/390My Country: a work in progress2017Digital Performance Videos
RNT/AE/1/1/391My Country: a work in progress2017Digital Performance Videos
RNT/PR/2/5/703'My Country' Casting16 January 2017Press Releases 2010-2019
RNT/SM/2/7/27My Country: A Work in Progress2017Dorfman Show Reports
RNT/PP/5/641My Country: a work in progress2017Rehearsal Photographs
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