TitleAn Entertainment for the testing of the Acoustics of the Lyttelton Theatre
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/4/1976
Closing Night2/4/1976
Number of Performances1
Performer Roles
ROLE150097Finney; Albert (1936-)Compere / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business)
ROLE150098Grainger; GawnCompere / Cast (Sound Effects) / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business)
ROLE150099Graham-Jones; SebastianCast (Nicholas Tomlin Reports)
ROLE150100Landen; DinsdaleCast (Nicholas Tomalin reports)
ROLE150101Hunt; GarethSinger / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business) / Cast (Last Acoustic Detail)
ROLE150102Mallett; ChuckPianist
ROLE150103Cotton; OliverGuitar
ROLE150104Ashcroft; Dame; Peggy (1907-1991)Read extract from Two Poems, Dante and The Lobster, Still
ROLE150105Locke; PhilipPoetry Readings / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business)
ROLE150106Myers; DeniseSinger / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business)
ROLE150107Denman; AlexandraSinger
ROLE150108Serfontein; PeterSinger
ROLE150109Hall; Peter JPianist
ROLE150110Byatt; AndrewCast (Last Acoustic Detail)
ROLE150111Keating; MichaelCast (Last Acoustic Detail) / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business)
ROLE150112Monckton; PatrickCast (Last Acoustic Detail)
ROLE141700Newark; DerekCast (Last Acoustic Detail)
ROLE150114Manning; JaneSinger
ROLE150115Quilley; Denis (1928-2003)Singer / Cast (There's No Business Like Show Business)
Creative Roles
ROLE150116Graham-Jones; SebastianDeviser / Cast
ROLE105024Tucker; LeonardLighting
ROLE104625Rothenberg; JohnStage Manager
ROLE111227Markham; ElizabethDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE115797Bissett; AngelaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122767Gadd; JeremyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE127048Hall; ErnestAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE104798Ayliff; Sue / SusannaSound
ROLE105031Green; RicSound
ROLE150117Pate; TomTheatre Manager
ROLE150118McEntee; TerryAssistant Theatre Manager
ROLE150119Flood; TimAssistant Theatre Manager
ROLE150120Kustow; MichaelAdaptor
ROLE150121Douglas; JimSound / Devisor and writer of Sound Effects
ROLE150123Dewhurst; KeithWriter of the Last Acoustic Detail
ROLE150124Bryden; Bill (1942-)Director of the Last Acoustic Detail
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