TitleBarber Shop Chronicles
AuthorEllams, Inua
VenueDorfman Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyCo-production between National Theatre, Fuel and West Yorkshire Playhouse
Opening Night5/30/2017
Press Night6/7/2017
Closing Night7/8/2017
Performance Length1 hour, 45 minutes
AwardsKnight of Illuminations Awards for Lighting Design for a Play (Jack Knowles)
Knight of Illuminations Awards nomination for Lighting Design for a Play (Jack Knowles)
Number of Performances32
Performer Roles
ROLE150599Akinade; FisayoSamuel
ROLE150600Animanshaun; HammedWallace / Timothy / Mohammed / Tinashe
ROLE150601Bankole; PeterKwabena / Brian / Fabrice / Olawale
ROLE150602Eziashi; MaynardMusa / Andile / Mensah
ROLE150603Manyonda; SimonTanaka / Fiifi
ROLE150604Naiambana; PatriceTokunbo / Paul / Simphiwe
ROLE150605Nri; Cyril IEmmanuel
ROLE150606Odoom; KwamiEthan
ROLE150607Rimi; SuleElnathan / Benjamin / Dwain
ROLE150608Salis; AbdulKwame / Simon / Wole
ROLE150609Webber; DavidAbram / Ohene / Sizwe
ROLE150610Welsh; AnthonyWinston / Shoni
Creative Roles
ROLE131216Sheibani; BijanDirector
ROLE113374Smith; RaeDesigner
ROLE147288Knowles; JackLighting Designer
ROLE138326David; AlineMovement Director
ROLE148277Fry; GarethSound Designer
ROLE140125Henry; MichaelMusical Director
ROLE145532McCurdy; KevFight Director
ROLE150611Odunlami; StellaStaff Director
ROLE150612Atakpo; PeterBarber Consultant
ROLE150613Hoare; CharmianCompany Voice Work
ROLE147271Holder; HazelDialect Coach
ROLE150094Miller; FranProject Producer (NT)
ROLE150614Brooke-Taylor; RosProject Producer (NT)
ROLE150615McGrath; KateProducer (Fuel)
ROLE150616Mackie; HarrietProducer (West Yorkshire Playhouse)
ROLE132888Ellams; InuaPlaywright
ROLE137237Eustace; RichardProduction Manager
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE133626Speed; AndrewStage Manager
ROLE106614Bardsley; FionaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE150024Somchit; Surenee ChanAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE150617McCormack; NatalieProject Draughting / Digital Art
ROLE147101Crimp; LydiaCostume Supervisor
ROLE140804Hill; RenataWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE144078Willis; SianProp Buyer
ROLE144491Johnston; RebeccaProp Buyer
ROLE150057Harpur; MichaelLighting Supervisor
ROLE144333Greaves; KateLighting Programmer
ROLE149914Weltman; SarahSound and Video Supervisor
ROLE144561Vernon; BenSound Operator
ROLE140824Harrington; LeeStage Supervisor
ROLE144735Horsburgh; PhillipRigging Supervisor
ROLE140717Cotton; DaveConstruction Supervisor
ROLE146680Ennis; DainaScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE150618Born; SebastianDramaturg
ROLE150619Lyons; TomDramaturg
ROLE136912Brenner; MarcProduction Photographer
ROLE151643Poskitt; MimiProducer (West Yorkshire Playhouse)
ROLE137098Brooks; Naomi BuchananAssistant Stage Manager
RNT/PP/3/8/1Barber Shop Chronicles2017Digital Flyers
RNT/PP/1/13/21Barber Shop Chronicles2017Dorfman Programmes
RNT/PR/3/917Barber Shop Chronicles2017Rehearsal and Production Photographs
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RNT/W/1/2Barber Shop Chronicles2017Wigs, Hair and Make-Up Production Files
RNT/PP/3/8/2Barber Shop Chronicles2017Digital Flyers
RNT/W/3/2Barber Shop Chronicles2017Wigs, Hair and Make-Up Product Lists
RNT/W/4/2Barber Shop Chronicles2017Wigs, Hair and Make-Up Show Notes
RNT/AE/1/1/470Barber Shop Chronicles2018Digital Performance Videos
RNT/AE/1/1/471Barber Shop Chronicles2018Digital Performance Videos
RNT/CO/2/32Barber Shop Chronicles2017Costume Photographs
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RNT/PP/2/14/24Barber Shop Chronicles2017Dorfman Posters
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RNT/AE/1/1/397Barber Shop Chronicles30 May 2017Digital Performance Videos
RNT/PR/2/5/716'Barber Shop Chronicles'23 March 2017Press Releases 2010-2019
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RNT/PP/5/640Barber Shop Chronicles2017Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/CO/1/778aBarber Shop Chronicles2017Costume Department Production Files
RNT/CO/1/778bBarber Shop Chronicles2017Costume Department Production Files
RNT/SM/1/924Barber Shop Chronicles2017Prompt Scripts
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