TitleConnections 2003
Further informationEducation Production
Performance TypeFirst Production
Opening Night7/15/2003
Closing Night7/22/2003
Number of Performances14
Creative Roles
ROLE151194Hytner; Sir; Nicholas (1956-)Director (for the NT)
ROLE151195Starr; NickExecutive Director (for the NT)
ROLE151196Harris; JennyHead of Education (for the NT)
ROLE151197Bailey; AlexisGraphics (for the NT)
ROLE151198Aubrey Kurlansky DesignProgramme design, website design and Shell Connections image (for the NT)
ROLE151199TincanWebsite design (for the NT)
ROLE151200Eldridge; DavidWebsite creation (for the NT)
ROLE151201Annand; SimonAuthor Photos (for the NT)
ROLE151202Hamilton; PaulaConnections Assistant (for the NT)
ROLE151203Luck; JamieConnections Assistant (for the NT)
ROLE151204Coke; JudyActor Associates (for the NT)
ROLE151205Stockwell; JeremyActor Associates (for the NT)
ROLE151206Llewellyn; HuwOlivier Stalls Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151207Jenkins; ArchieOlivier Stalls Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151208McCready; JulianCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151209Grimes; ElaineCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151210Bull; PeteCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151211Parkinson; Jo-AnneCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151212Silver; Catriona / CatCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151213Seaman; MarkCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151214Ferguson; EdOlivier Sound (for the NT)
ROLE151215Walsh; RichOlivier Sound (for the NT)
ROLE151216Alexander; NeilCottesloe Sound (for the NT)
ROLE151217James; ZoeCottesloe Sound (for the NT)
ROLE151218Smethurst-Evans; MatthewTheatre Square Round (for the NT)
ROLE106065Walmsley; LesleyStage Management (for NT)
ROLE114709Connop; IanStage Management (for the NT)
ROLE151219Evans; GarethStage Management (for the NT)
ROLE151220Reddrop; RichardStage Management (for Theatre Square)
ROLE151221Graham-Adriani; SuzyProducer (for Shell Connections)
ROLE151222Prosser; HelenAssociate Producer (for Shell Connections)
ROLE151223Critzman; WilliamAssistant Producer (for Shell Connections)
ROLE151224Case; GeoffLiterary Consultant (for Shell Connections)
ROLE112787Ward; AndyProduction Manager
ROLE151225Maund; JoDesigner
ROLE148014Batory; LucOlivier Lighting
ROLE151226Fraulo; SimonOlivier Lighting
ROLE151227McCutcheon; RachaelOlivier Lighting
ROLE148330Boyd; AlanOlivier Lighting
ROLE148017Ridley; HelenOlivier Lighting
ROLE151228Holbrook; HelenOlivier Lighting
ROLE151229Sutcliffe; LucyOlivier Lighting
ROLE151231Hogg; Sir; ChristopherChairman of the Board (for the NT)
ROLE151232Rodgers; JohnHead of Corporate Development (for the NT)
ROLE151233Ward; MatthewCover Photo (for the NT)
ROLE151234Kinchin; ImogenConnections Assistant (for the NT)
ROLE151235Roberts; OliverCottesloe Lighting (for the NT)
ROLE151236Clarence; JonCottesloe Sound (for the NT)
ROLE151237Fisher; DavidPress at Beetwax (for Shell Connections)
ROLE151238Hamilton-Peters; DavidMarketing (for Shell Connections)
ROLE151239Haywood; HarryOlivier Lighting
ROLE151240Chislett; RachelOlivier Lighting
RNT/PP/1/8/57NT Shell Connections 20032003Education Department Programmes
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