TitleTop Girls
AuthorChurchill, Caryl
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night3/26/2019
Press Night4/3/2019
Closing Night7/20/2019
Performance Length2 hours, 25 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsThe Stage Debut Awards nomination for Best Actress in a Play (Liv Hill)
Number of Performances57
Performer Roles
ROLE154132Kingsley; KatherineMarlene
ROLE154133Jonelle; EbonyWaitress / Understudy: Angie / Understudy: Kit / Understudy: Shona
ROLE154134Redmond; SiobhanIsabella Bird
ROLE154135Kweh; WendyLady Nijo
ROLE154136McGuire; AshleyDull Gret
ROLE154137Lawrence; AmandaPope Joan
ROLE154138Ellinson; LucyPatient Griselda
ROLE154139Hill; LivAngie
ROLE154140Rabheru; AshnaKit / Understudy: Waitress / Understudy: Jeanine
ROLE154141Black; LucyJoyce
ROLE154142Williams; NadiaNell / Understudy: Dull Gret
ROLE154143Lucas; CharlotteWin
ROLE154144Yang; NaomiJeanine / Understudy: Lady Nijo
ROLE154145Hadingue; AmandaLouise / Understudy: Pope Joan
ROLE154146Rae; RoisinMrs Kidd / Understudy: Isabella Bird
ROLE154147Brindle; JessicaShona / Understudy: Nell / Understudy: Patient Griselda
ROLE154148Lecky; MarciaEnsemble / Understudy: Joyce / Understudy: Louise / Understudy: Win
ROLE154149Tydman; KateEnsemble / Understudy: Marlene / Understudy: Mrs Kidd
Creative Roles
ROLE154152Hensel; MerleCostume Designer
ROLE154155Kinoshi; CassieComposer
ROLE154156Money; SimonCompany Voice Work
ROLE154158Thomas; SitaStaff Director
ROLE132606Coomer; AlastairCasting
ROLE151341Porter; EmilyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE143817Turner; LyndseyDirector
ROLE112613MacNeil; IanSet Designer
ROLE147288Knowles; JackLighting Designer
ROLE104642Shutt; ChristopherSound Designer
ROLE113694Hurley: MajellaDialect Coach
ROLE151813Quinney; RachelProject Producer
ROLE149554Newton; AnthonyProduction Manager
ROLE152400Jarvis-Taylor; BryonyCasting
ROLE147719Draper; LauraStage Manager
ROLE153231Sunley-Smith; FanaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE151377Stone; HelenAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE154163Millard; TobiasAsistant Stage Manager (Placement)
ROLE137122Yount; BretFight Director
ROLE154164Fraire (Willemoes); JuliDeputy Production Manager
ROLE140015Gage; JefProject Draughting
ROLE150041Ward; NatashaCostume Supervisor
ROLE154165Pugh-Bevan; LucyAssistant Costume Supervisor
ROLE153338Adams; KathyWigs, Hair and Make-Up Supervisor
ROLE154166O'Connell; MoiraWigs, Hair and Make-up Supervisor
ROLE138556Winter; CamillaProp Supervisor
ROLE151987McLucas; MichelleProp Making Coordinator
ROLE151460Patel; BettinaProp Buyer
ROLE141563Clayton; Laurence / LaurieLighting Supervisor
ROLE154167Frost; WillLighting Programmer
ROLE144877Price; JoelProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE153718Cassidy; TomSound Operator
ROLE154168Madge; IsaacProjection
ROLE154169Twiselton; AlexProjection Programmer
ROLE140809Tuff; DaveStage Supervisor
ROLE151402Goodsall; JamesRigging Supervisor
ROLE153342Self; AlexAutomation Programmer
ROLE149835Pink; SimonKey Person
ROLE140717Cotton; DaveConstruction Supervisor
ROLE152121Collie; AliceScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE154170Gaffney; James / JimSet Design Assistant
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE106845Churchill; Caryl (1938-)Writer
ROLE138493Radley-Bennett; DanielDigital Art
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