TitleAs You Like It
Further informationPublic Acts
AuthorShakespeare, William
Author TwoTaub, Shaina (adapted by)
Author ThreeWollery, Laurie (adapted by)
VenueQueen's Theatre, Hornchurch
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night8/24/2019
Performance Length1 hour 30 minutes
AwardsIan Charleson Award nomination for Ebony Jonelle
Performer Roles
ROLE154707Hinton-Lever; BethJaques
ROLE154708Reckord; RohanDuke Senior
ROLE154709Folorunsho; OlaideDuchess Senior
ROLE154710Adesanya; HelenChild Rosalind
ROLE154711Adesanya; RachelTeen Rosalind
ROLE154712Young; CurtisDuke Frederick
ROLE154713Moepi; NeoDuchess Frederick
ROLE154714Moepi-Mathanda; NalediChild Celia
ROLE154715Lazarus; MuniraTeen Celia
ROLE154716Mwanje; HumfreySir Rowland De Boys
ROLE154717Barroso; AngelaLady De Boys
ROLE154718Alexandre; LouieChild Oliver
ROLE154719Govera; ShunguTween Oliver
ROLE154720Zayan-Rashid; YasinChild Orlando
ROLE154721Alexandre; CassTeen Oliver
ROLE154722Alexandre; AgapiTween Orlando
ROLE154723Ferary; AnnabelleRoyal Minion
ROLE154724Jones; AdriannaRoyal Minion
ROLE154725Kgatitsoe; ConnieRoyal Minion
ROLE154726King-Kabali; JermaineRoyal Minion
ROLE154728Liddle; JamieRoyal Minion
ROLE154729Morris; NicRoyal Minion
ROLE154730Shirreh; LaylaRoyal Minion
ROLE154731Simpson; AnnRoyal Minion
ROLE154732Johnson; LinfordOrlando
ROLE154733Thomas; ClaudeAdam
ROLE154734Ajayi; KayodeOliver
ROLE154735Akalo-Wacha; JoanneWrestling Manager
ROLE154736Simpson; RobertWrestling Manager
ROLE154737Agwang; MarjorieCelia
ROLE154738Jonelle; EbonyRosalind
ROLE154739Roy; VediTouchstone
ROLE154740Lebbie; JaneHisperia
ROLE154741Checcetto; BillieLady In Waiting
ROLE154742Harris; RachelLady In Waiting
ROLE154743Joseph; AudreyLady In Waiting
ROLE154744Kalumba; NoorLady In Waiting
ROLE154745Wertheim; MiekoLady In Waiting
ROLE154746Lepper; PaulWrestling Announcer
ROLE154747Dowden; NeilReferee
ROLE154748Anosike; BlessingWrestling Spectator
ROLE154749Kite; ChristineWrestling Spectator
ROLE154750Khan; BeenaWrestling Spectator
ROLE154751Maloney; MichaelWrestling Spectator
ROLE154752Savage; DavidWrestling Spectator
ROLE154753Sears; GrahamWrestlers' Bodyguard
ROLE154754Duguid; LouiseWrestlers' Bodyguard
ROLE154755Bannister; DouglasPapa Corin / Arden Singer
ROLE154756Agyakwa; SueMama Corin
ROLE154757Yese; MalungaSilvia
ROLE154758Murphy; MaliniPhoebe
ROLE154759Stenning; HarleighAndy
ROLE154760Vadher; SarojFeast Attendant
ROLE154761Green; GaryFeast Attendant
ROLE154762Gordon; SoraiaArden Dancer / Shadow Puppeteer
ROLE154763Cole; Blossom SandraArden Dancer / Shadow Puppeteer
ROLE154764Nakigagga; SandraArden Dancer / Shadow Puppeteer
ROLE154765Brown; LisaArden Dancer / Shadow Puppeteer
ROLE154766Gordon; StefanHunter
ROLE154767Hewitt-Ibru; SadeHunter
ROLE154768Sanders; VictoriaHunter
ROLE154769Assefa; MequanntGreenwood Soloist
ROLE154770Rene; NadegeDe Boys Dancer
ROLE154771Chilufya; MwilaDe Boys Dancer
ROLE154772Koli; ZebaDe Boys Dancer
ROLE154773Small; OliviaDe Boys Dancer / Arden Singer
ROLE154774Simon; ErmaMadame Martext
ROLE154775Belo-Osagie; ZenaArden Singer
ROLE154776Bockor; ShelleyArden Singer
ROLE154777Jacob; Precious AArden Singer
ROLE154778Lloyd; JaniceArden Singer
ROLE154779Miles; HannahArden Singer
ROLE154780Ranford; FionaArden Singer
ROLE154781Roberts; JacquelineArden Singer
ROLE154782Tollington; CatherineArden Singer
ROLE154783Vilanou; GemmaArden Singer
ROLE154784Chanza; PhillipWilliam
ROLE154785Acharya; ShreyasviYoung Jacques
ROLE154786Nneji; ChikaGrandma Rosalind
ROLE154787Turney; MichaelGrandpa Orlando
ROLE154788Olive; EdrisGrandma Celia
ROLE154789Wertheim; ChrisGrandpa Oliver
ROLE154790Anlin; SandraCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154791Ashby; CarolCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154792Begum; MamatajCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154793Bennett; LilianCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154794Bidecant; Sharon JCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154795Bonham-Cox; AutumnCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154796Camilleri; AlfredCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154797Camilleri; MariaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154798Cearns; LindaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154799Cheng; MartinaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154800Cooper; Carol AnneCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154801Fenelon; StefonCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154802Gilmour; NicholasCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154803Govera; RosyCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154804Honeywell; SandraCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154805Hunt; BrendaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154806Ivers; JenniCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154807Lukenge; RoderickCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154808Manson; SheilaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154809Mohamed; LaylaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154810Paudel Acharya; DurgaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154811Rashid; AlyaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154812Redmond; JackieCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154813Riordan; MikeCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154814Rouse; JackieCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154815Simpson; RowanneCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154816Singh; GurpreetCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154817Smith; HollieCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154818Spratt; LeslieCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154819Thompson; TiaCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154820Verrion; CherylCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154821Williams; EvelineCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154822Wright; KimCitizen of the Court and Arden
ROLE154823Community Gospel ChoirCameo Performance Group
ROLE154824McLeish; KathyCommunity Gospel Choir Director
ROLE154825Collins; BeverlyCommunity Gospel Choir Administrator
ROLE154826Anderson; DeborahCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154827Bridges-Briggs; MelindaCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154828Christian; BrendaCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154829Darkwah; HildaCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154830Hollebon; MarkCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154831Livingstone; KathyCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154832Merchant; SheenaCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154833Olaiya; PaulineCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154834Phillips; YvonneCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154835Smikle; MarciaCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154836Wilkinson; CherylCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154837Yanez; EllenCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154838Parris; TalishaCommunity Gospel Choir
ROLE154839Dhol AcademyCameo Performance Group
ROLE154840Singh Bamrah; JasdeepDhol Academy
ROLE154841Singh Juttla; RanvirDhol Academy
ROLE154842Singh Kallah; BrinderpaulDhol Academy
ROLE154843Jeer; GauruvDhol Academy
ROLE154844Singh Lolay; InderpalDhol Academy
ROLE154845Singh; ManrajDhol Academy
ROLE154846Singh Assi; HarjodhDhol Academy
ROLE154847London School of Lucha LibreCameo Performance Group
ROLE154848Fox; Betty RoseLondon School of Lucha Libre: Frankie Flo
ROLE154849Colyer; FraserLondon School of Lucha Libre: Caveman
ROLE154850Sapsford; BeauLondon School of Lucha Libre: Bronco Internacional
ROLE154889lee rookTechnical Manager
Creative Roles
ROLE154851Rintoul; DouglasDirector
ROLE154852Grindle; HayleySet and Costume Designer
ROLE108927Anderson; PaulLighting Designer
ROLE154853Davies; LeighSound Designer
ROLE154854Perinpanayagam; YshaniMusical Director
ROLE154855Saini; SundeepChoreographer and Movement Director
ROLE154856Tipton; JulesAssistant Director / Public Acts Associate
ROLE154857Trill; JoelVocal Coach
ROLE152245Clark; BethanFight Director
ROLE154858Blower; DaisyCostume Supervisor
ROLE154859Russell; MathewExecutive Producer
ROLE154860Lim; EmilyDirector of Public Acts
ROLE152949Green; ArranDance Captain
ROLE154862Mytton; EmilyDance Captain
ROLE154863Hamilton; DuncanMusic Programmer
ROLE154864Sparrow; JacobCasting Director
ROLE154865Linham; AndrewRehearsal Pianist / Audition Pianist
ROLE154866Waddle; LiamRehearsal Pianist
ROLE154867Whyte; JenniferAudition Pianist
ROLE154868Dawkins; ThomasProfessional Wrestling Choreographer
ROLE154869Evans; GethinPublic Acts Associate
ROLE154870Husbands; KanePublic Acts Associate
ROLE154871Knight; ImogenPublic Acts Associate
ROLE152935Meredith; CorinnePublic Acts Associate / Dance Captain
ROLE152946Morris; PhilipPublic Acts Associate
ROLE152947Mullin; BrianPublic Acts Associate
ROLE154872Terry; RosSenior Producer of Public Acts
ROLE154873Watson; JamesLead Community Producer (Queen's Theatre Hornchurch)
ROLE154874Paul; FloCommunity Producer (National Theatre)
ROLE154875Linnane; AliceAssistant Community Producer, Public Acts
ROLE154876Richardson; LauraEducation & Partnerships Oficcer (Queen's Theatre Hornchurch)
ROLE154877Hudson; WillYouth Theatre Director (Queen's Theatre Hornchuch)
ROLE154878Holdsworth; HollyProducing Co-ordinator (Queen's Theatre Hornchuch)
ROLE154879Bassil; VictoriaAdministrator, Public Acts
ROLE154880Vucane; DianaLead Chaperone
ROLE154881Elcock; PatriciaChaperone
ROLE154882Madlin; LeaChaperone
ROLE154883Wheeler; AdamChaperone
ROLE154884Farina; MaristellaAccess Worker
ROLE154885Singh; GurpreetAccess Worker
ROLE154886Bonham-Cox; AutumnAccess Worker
ROLE154887King-Farlow; AliceDirector of Learning (National Theatre)
ROLE154888Piper; ChristineHead of Production
ROLE154890Pemble; StephenHead of Lighting / LX #1
ROLE154891Falconer; PaulHead of Sound / Sound #1
ROLE154892Bennett; MichaelSound # 2
ROLE154893Crilley; AlexLX #2
ROLE154894Mead; JoshLX Operator
ROLE154895Twist; AlSound #3
ROLE154896Maadza; ThulaniAdditional Sound Support Volunteer
ROLE154897Davis; RachelFollowspot
ROLE154898Mordenti; AlexandraFollowspot
ROLE154899Davis; GeorgeFlyman
ROLE154900Popay; JackFlyman
ROLE154901lauren harveyCompany Stage Manager
ROLE154902Mamo; MarthaStage Manager
ROLE154903Hunscott; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE154904Mason; SophieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE154905Keeble-Watson; LizzieAssistant Stage Manager / Community Support
ROLE154906Eldon-Davis; RhyanAssistant Stage Manager / Prop Maker
ROLE154907Méndez-Piedra Paredes; AmadaAssistant Stage Manager / Prop Sourcer
ROLE154908Bathgate; NickyAssistant Stage Manager / Tech and Performances
ROLE154909Thomas; EvelinAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE154910Thomas; NicolaWardrobe Manager / Costume Maker
ROLE154911Roberts; ClareDeputy Costume Supervisor
ROLE154912Edwards; CarrieWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE154913Rennie-Cook; SachaCostume Buyer / Costume Maker
ROLE154914Dawson; OwenCostume Assistant / Wardrobe Team
ROLE154915Place; NicolaCostume Maker
ROLE154916Coyle; Phoenix-BluWardrobe Team
ROLE154917Crompton; AlisonWardrobe Team
ROLE154918Dawkins; KateWardrobe Team
ROLE154919Donattini; AlessandraWardrobe Team
ROLE154920Fiquitiva; AndreaWardrobe Team
ROLE154921Galea; SamuelaWardrobe Team
ROLE154922Golden; SarahWardrobe Team
ROLE154923Leotta; NaomiWardrobe Team
ROLE154924Malyon; ClaireWardrobe Team
ROLE154925Portway; JasmineWardrobe Team
ROLE154926Pugliese; TizianaWardrobe Team
ROLE154927Ratazzi; CelesteWardrobe Team
ROLE154928Spencer; OscarWardrobe Team
ROLE154929Wilce; RyanWardrobe Team
ROLE154930Wilding; VictorWardrobe Team
ROLE154931Hayden; ChaseWigs, Hair and Make-up Team
ROLE154932Mayhew; ElanorWigs, Hair and Make-up Team
ROLE154933Sansome; AbigailWigs, Hair and Make-up Team
ROLE154934Welch; AmyWigs, Hair and Make-up Team
ROLE154935Smith; HannahSenior Carpenter
ROLE154936Soliman; SarahMarketing Manager (Queen's Theatre Hornchurch)
ROLE154937McParland; SeanMarketing Manager (National Theatre)
ROLE154938Coppin; GraceMarketing Assistant (Queen's Theatre Hornchurch)
ROLE154939Jeetoo; RebeccaMarketing Assistant (National Theatre)
ROLE154940Greenwood; RuthHead of Press (National Theatre)
ROLE154941Pottle; RachelPress and Marketing Officer (Queen's Theatre Hornchurch)
ROLE154942Wilkie; MirandaPress and Marketing Officer (Queen's Theatre Hornchurch)
ROLE154943Bennett; RhianPress Officer (National Theatre Learning)
ROLE154944Parashar; TaraSocial Media Content Editor (National Theatre)
ROLE154945Greenwell; CamillaProduction Photographer
ROLE154946Kotkiewicz; ZbigniewProduction Videographer
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RNT/PP/5/591As You Like It2019Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/AE/1/1/566As You Like It2019Digital Performance Videos
RNT/PR/4/1/1204As You Like It (Public Acts)2019Press Production Review Files
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