TitleThe Ocean at the End of the Lane
AuthorGaiman, Neil
Author TwoHorwood, Joel (adapted by)
VenueDorfman Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night12/3/2019
Press Night12/11/2019
Closing Night1/25/2020
Performance Length2 hours (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOlivier nomination for Best Lighting (Paule Constable), Best Supporting Actress (Josie Walker), Best New Play
What's on Stage Awards nominations for Best Supporting Performer in a Female Identifying Role in a Play (Penny Layden), Best New Play, Best Direction (Katy Rudd), Best Set Design (Fly Davis)
Number of Performances56
Performer Roles
ROLE155206Blenkin; SamuelBoy
ROLE155207Croot; JadeSis / Ensemble
ROLE155208Davis; FredEnsemble
ROLE155209Gwynn; OwainPoliceman / Ensemble
ROLE155210Nixon; PippaUrsula / Skarthach
ROLE155211Peer; CarlyssGinnie Hempstock
ROLE155212Salinger; JustinDad
ROLE155213Sangalang; JeffreyLodger / Ensemble
ROLE155214Siu; MarliLettie Hempstock
ROLE155215Walker; JosieOld Mrs Hempstock
ROLE155216Williams; JessPolicewoman / Ensemble
ROLE155217Hurley; ParisViolin 1
ROLE155218Falcone; MadelineViolin 2
ROLE155219Honer; Marta SofiaViola
ROLE155220Drane; CaleighCello
ROLE155221Farrell; MichaelPiano
ROLE155222Bischoff; JherekKeyboard / Percussion / Electronics / Strings / Ukelele
ROLE155223Lacey; JoshuaVoice
ROLE155224Hahn; KelciVoice
ROLE155225Landau; JodieVoice
ROLE155226Schubert; AnnaVoice
Creative Roles
ROLE155227Rudd; KatyDirector
ROLE155228Davis; FlySet Designer
ROLE155229Wyer; SamuelCostume and Puppet Designer
ROLE151468Hoggett; StevenMovement Director
ROLE155230Bischoff; JherekComposer
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE129743Dickinson; IanSound Designer
ROLE155231Harrison; JamieMagic and Illusions Director and Designer
ROLE139971Caldwell; FinnPuppetry Director
ROLE154156Money; SimonCompany Voice Work
ROLE113694Hurley: MajellaDialect Coach
ROLE155233O'Cathain; MollySet Design Associate
ROLE155234Vicki Manderson Associate Movement Director
ROLE155235Bullied; JohnMagic and Illusions Associate
ROLE151871Moniram; SophieStaff Director
ROLE151813Quinney; RachelProject Producer
ROLE139465Moore; MartyProduction Manager
ROLE132606Coomer; AlastairCasting
ROLE155236Downham; NaomiCasting
ROLE132600Thom; ShaneStage Manager
ROLE138975Taylor; RuthDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE151588Perkins; RobertAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE155237Edwards; Sean JohnAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE154164Fraire (Willemoes); JuliDeputy Production Manager
ROLE155238Gwynn; OwainPuppet Captain
ROLE155239Williams; JessMovement Captain
ROLE151945Winters; JohnProject Draughting
ROLE141561Radley-Bennett; DanielDigital Art
ROLE139376Parker; FionaCostume Supervisor
ROLE141495Cannas; GiuseppeWigs, Hair & Make-Up Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE152019Walsh; JessProp Making Coordinator
ROLE153808Whitemore; LouieProp Buyer
ROLE149992Beattie; DaisyPuppet Supervisor
ROLE150057Harpur; MichaelLighting Supervisor
ROLE148402Choules; LauraLighting Programmer
ROLE150059Weltman; SarahProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE151345Lord; JackSound Operator
ROLE154358Stiven; MarkAutomation Programmer
ROLE140816Sheppard; PaulConstruction Supervisor
ROLE155240Hickey; EmerScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE108819Harlan; ManuelProduction Photographer
ROLE155241Spitfire AudioMusic Software Development
ROLE144735Horsburgh; PhillipRigging Supervisor
RNT/CO/6/31The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Costume Designs and Reference
RNT/PR/3/1037The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Production Photographs
RNT/PP/2/14/40The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Dorfman Posters
RNT/PP/5/606The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PP/3/10/4The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Play Synopses
RNT/PP/1/13/44The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Dorfman Programmes
RNT/PP/1/13/43The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Dorfman Programmes
RNT/PR/2/5/975'The Ocean at the end of the Lane' Rehearsal Photos 18th November 2019Press Releases 2010-2019
RNT/PR/2/5/979'The Ocean at the end of the Lane' Production Photos 9th December 2019Press Releases 2010-2019
RNT/PR/4/1/1217The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Press Production Review Files
RNT/E/6/3/98Neil Gaiman on The Ocean at the End of the Lane18 December 2019Talks and Events Audio Recordings
RNT/E/6/3/99Katy Rudd and Joel Horwood on The Ocean at the End of the Lane24 January 2020Talks and Events Audio Recordings
RNT/E/6/3/100Creating the Puppets for The Ocean at the End of the Lane25 January 2020Talks and Events Audio Recordings
RNT/M/6/10The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Digital Publicity Material
RNT/PP/2/6/423The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Other Venue Posters
RNT/PP/2/6/424The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Other Venue Posters
RNT/PP/2/6/425The Ocean at the End of the Lane2019Other Venue Posters
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